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October 13, 2021

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B-2 Wednesday, October 13, 2021 The Press-Dispatch Knight's Tree Farm 1282 South Road 61, Winslow, IN 47598 October 23 9a.m. - 4p.m. EDT Call 812-228-7681 for Vendor Information Food and drinks will be available for purchase 2021 • 35+ Vendors • Food Truck• Kettle Corn Monday 8-7 • Tuesday 8-noon • Wednesday 10-7 • Thursday & Friday 8-5 eye exams • dry eye solutions prescription lenses • eye disease treatment Call to book your appointment today for safe in-offi ce treatment. Don't Neglect Your Eye Health. We're Open to See You Now! Dr. Clint Shoultz 715 S. 9th St., Petersburg 812-354-9400 Locally Owned and Operated King arrested for OVWI, prior By James Capozella David A. King, 60, of 1342 E. CR 550 N., Petersburg, was arrested for OV WI (prior) by Indiana State Trooper B. An- germeier on October 10 when King exhibited signs of intoxi- cation while walking out of the store and riding a moped from Trade Mart on SR 57. Angermeier witnessed King swaying and walking unsteadily while leaving the store and then getting on his moped, according to the re- port. King activated his left run signal and then turned right onto Lakeview Drive. Angermeier witnessed King pull into a private drive at 201 Lakeview and turn back out of the drive with his lights off. While Angermeier was parked in the DCS parking lot, he saw King fall off his moped. Homeowners con - fronted King and then sig- naled Angermeier, who then spoke with King. It was re- ported that there was a case of beer on the driveway near where King fell off his moped. King told Angermeier that he had a few beers and wanted the homeowner to allow him to stay long enough to sober up a little. The homeowner advised Angermeier that she did not want him there and An- germeier then had King follow him to the front of his vehicle. Sheriff Deputy Bryce Man- ning arrived at the scene to assist while Angermeier con- ducted field sobriety tests, which King failed. Tests at Da- viess County Hospital indicat- ed the presence of THC, Oxy- codone and also a BAC of .151. King was then transported to the Pike County Jail. She said after the stabbing, she dropped Carpenter off at his residence at 1230 Second Ave., Jasper, where she dis- carded a light blue shirt with blood on it. State police had done a pro- tective sweep Shelton's res- idence, but did not find Car- penter. Police said they had secured the Jasper residence and were waiting on search warrants to be issued before entering it. Search warrants were is- sued for three residences: Chad and Cory Norris' resi- dence at 1868 N. SR 257, Ot- well; Emily Shelton's resi- dence at 4555 Wrights Ln., Birdseye; and Carpenter's residence at 1230 Second Ave., Jasper. The warrants includeed all vehicles and outbuildings. Indiana State Police issued a press release following their investigation. According to the release, Shelton drove Carpenter to Otwell, parked near an Otwell gas station and they walked to the Norris residence with the intent to rob the Norrises. The release states once in Norris' bedroom, Shelton "alleged- ly struck Chad Norris before Carpenter allegedly stabbed Chad and Cory." They then fled the scene. Shelton, 24, was arrested on charges of attempted mur- der, a Level 1 Felony, battery, a class B misdemeanor, and con- spiracy to commit robbery, a level 3 felony. Carpenter was arrested at about 4:55 p.m. Monday by Det. Werne after Carpenter walked out of a wooded area near CR 300 N. and CR 175 E. in Dubois County. He was arrested on the same charges as Shelton. They are both being held with- out bond in the Pike County Jail. The investigation is ongo- ing. STABBING Continued from page 1 By Andy Heuring There are several activities planned for the area in this and upcoming weekends. HALLOWEEN GOLF CART PARADE IN THE PARK A lighted Halloween golf cart parade in Prides Creek Park is scheduled for Satur- day, Oct. 16. The parade will be at dark. Sunset on Satur- day will be 7:10 p.m., with lineup 30 minutes earlier at the Beach parking lot. The parade will run throughout the park and across the golf course, near Highway 61. CRUISE-IN, OCT. 17 IN PETERSBURG Timeless Classics Car Club is having a cruise-in Sunday, October 17. It will start at 2 p.m. Members will be driv- ing their vintage cars around town, through the nursing home parking lots and by shut-in members' houses. A f- ter the cruise around town, they will go to Eighth St. in Petersburg, between Main and Walnut Sts., and have their cars on display from 3 to 4 p.m. LOCKHART TWP HALLOWEEN PARTY SATURDAY, OCT. 23 Lockhart Township will have their annual Halloween Party in Stendal at the Com- munity Center on Saturday, October 23. They will have a costume judging and nu- merous other events, such as piñatas, a haunted house, cakewalk and door prizes. The doors will open at 4 p.m. They will be selling hamburg- ers, chili, pie and soft drinks. The costume judging, door prizes and piñatas are free. Costume categories are: Best Overall, Most Original, Best Makeup, Best Couple, Best Superhero, Prettiest, Scariest, Funniest, Movie/ Cartoon girl, Movie/Cartoon boy, and Cutest (2 years and under). It starts at 6:30 p.m. The haunted house will start at 4 p.m., with a no-scare time until dusk, but after sun- down, monsters and freaks will appear. Cart parade, cruise-in, Halloween party events coming up Hudson charged with operator never licensed By James Capozella Phillip Hudson, 37, of 6224 S. 259, Westview, Ky., was ar- rested for false informing and operator never licensed fol- lowing a dispatch about a man at the Petersburg Hardware. It was reported that a man was confused and attempting to get to Henderson, Ky. Pike County Deputy Buck Seger and Petersburg Police Chief Kyle Mills responded to the call and found Hudson, who said he and his girlfriend were trying to get to Henderson and that she was driving. An inquiry by officers indi- cated that Hudson was mak- ing up the story. Dispatch confirmed that Hudson had only an identification card and camera footage from Pe- tersburg Hardware later con- firmed Hudson had driven in- to the parking lot by himself. Hudson was arrested by Deputy Seger and transport- ed to the Pike County Sheriff's Office by Chief Mills. Two arrested for OVWI last week By James Capozella Bradley Clauss, 52, of 1302 McLeod Ln, Madisonville, Ky., was charged with OV WI on October 8 when Deputy Sheriff Jared Simmons made a traffic stop on a vehicle that crossed the centerline for ap- proximately 100 feet on SR 61. Once a traffic stop was made on CR 400 N., Simmons no- ticed the strong odor of an al- coholic beverage, according to the report. Deputy Simmons spoke with Clauss, noting bloodshot and watery eyes, extremely slurred speech and extreme- ly poor dexterity in retriev- ing his wallet. When asked if he had anything to drink and how big they were, Clauss stat- ed he had three and they were "pretty big." A fter failing field sobriety tests, Clauss blew a .126 in a Portable Breath Test (PBT). The certified Breath Test at the Pike County Jail was a result of .153 BAC. Clauss was arrested for oper- ating a vehicle with an ACE of 0.15 or more. Winslow Deputy Marshal James T. Harrington made a traffic stop on Sydney Elaine Wilhite, 30, of 5938 S. Old State Road 64, Winslow, a lit- tle after midnight on October 6 on CR 300 E. Wilhite was charged with operating while intoxicated, endangering a person. Harrington reports seeing Wilhite travel to the right of the fog line at least twice and then into a grassy area on the passenger side, once off SR 61 and then on CR 300 E. When speaking with Wil- hite, Harrington noticed glassy, red and watery eyes, constricted pupils and an odor of an alcoholic beverage. Be- fore field tests, Harrington was told by Wilhite that she and passenger Jarid Clay Cun- ningham, 25, had left the Fra- ternal Order of Eagles and that Wilhite had consumed two beers. When asked, Wil- hite said her level of intoxica- tion was a two and a half on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most she has ever been in- toxicated. Wilhite failed one field so- briety test but passed two others. Harrington had Pike County Sheriff Deputy Mike Willis administer a PBT, which indicated a BAC of 0.089, which is above the le- gal limit. Consent for a certi- fied chemical test at the Pike County Jail resulted in 0.085 BAC. By Andy Heuring COVID-related funding was a frequent topic during Tues- day morning's County Council meeting as the board learned about funding the county is going to receive. The Pike County Health De- partment has already received $ 69,000 for insurance reim- bursements related to COVID vaccinations they have given. Auditor Judy Gumbel said it was her understanding Pike County will eventually get a total of $172,000. However, Pike County Health Nurse Amy Gladish said they might not get all of that. She explained that while Pike County has 4,746 peo- ple fully vaccinated, not all of those people were vaccinated in Pike County. She also said Pike County has also vaccinat- ed a lot of people who aren't Pike County residents. "I'm not sure how all of that is go- ing to work out." In other COVID-related funding matters, Gumbel said Pike County got $100,000 to pay for the operation of the lo- cal testing site until June of 2022. She said they only ex- pected to get $50,000, but got $100,000. Greg Willis gave a report to the council about a prelim- inarily meeting on how the American Rescue Plan Act committee meeting went. He said they talked about poten- tial projects to use the mon- ey on. He said they are also looking at compensating front- line employees who worked through the pandemic. He said who and how much are yet to be determined. Willis said a plan for the money has to be submitted by October 31 to the state. Coun- cil president Jon Craig said, "I think it is to let the state know you are working in that direc- tion." He added it doesn't' have to be finalized by October 31. Craig also gave an update on two solar farm projects in Pike County. He said Invenergy Solar project, which is the Cato-ar- ea project, has had their pro- fessionals engage the coun- ty council's committee that deals with solar projects. But no official negotiation has tak- en place. He said Invenergy's legal counsel has talked with the Pike County Economic Development Corporation's legal counsel. "The company was asking for an abatement deal similar to what the Capital Dynamics project received," said Craig. He added, that since that deal was reached, the Indiana Gen- eral Assembly has stepped in and set guaranteed land val- ues. Consequently, he said the county and EDC would not be considering abatement at the same level or length of time as they did with Capital Dy- namics. He also added that Arevon and their Ratts 1 project has withdrawn a request to amend some setbacks distances in the original agreement. At the last council meeting, the council rejected their request and voted to table it. "We were glad to hear that," said Craig. In other business, the coun- cil voted 7-0 to appropriate $7,000 into the county audi- tor's general fund to pay for an early hire. Gumbel said long- term Deputy Auditor Cathy Traylor is retiring. Gumbel said she wanted the money to hire a person to replace Tray- lor before she retires so that person can work with Traylor and do on-the-job training. "Cathy is going to be diffi- cult to replace," said Gumbel. Gumbel said she is going to need $5,800 to pay Traylor for her accumulated time off and other benefits when she retires. "I'm a fan of this. It is just good business to allow her to do this onboard," said Craig. Also a transfer of $75,000 from overtime to part-time was approved in the E911 bud- get. It was to cover part-time employee wages for the re- mainder of the year. The part- time employees were filling in for full-time staff who had COVID, and other employees who were off for surgery and maternity leave. It was approved by a 7-0 vote. Council discusses COVID-related funding to be received COVID Continued from page 1 Pike County was reported on April 11, 2020. Statewide, the new cases number on Oct. 5 was at 2,620. It dropped to 2,267 on Oct. 6, then jumped to 3,562, before for falling more than 1,000 cases on Oct. 8, and nearly another 1,500 to 1,088 on Oc- tober 10, before jumping up to 1,680 on Oct. 11. Pike County added one new death on October 8. That brings the total to 43. It is the seventh death since early Sep- tember. Statewide, deaths have al- so declined. There were 28 on October 6 and that dropped to 13 on Oct. 8, then 12 on Oct. 9, 10 on October 10 and eight on Oct. 11. Hospitalizations dropped from 1,878 on Oct. 5 about 50 a day until it hit 1,707 on Oct. 9, when it then jumped slightly to 1,746 on Oct. 10 and ended at 1,729 on October 11. Model airplane flyer Ryley Messmer took advantage of the warm, sunny weather Saturday morning in Prides Creek to fly his mod- el plane.

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