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September 03, 2021

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METRO — Classrooms have come a long way since the days when pioneering settlers would send their children to single-room schoolhouses. Modern classrooms might be technical marvels, but one less flashy learning tool remains as valuable as ever. Newspapers might not be as glamorous as tablets or other gadgets, but they are still an invaluable resource to educators and students. The following are seven ways in which newspapers in the classroom can benefit students. 1. Newspapers build vocabulary. Numerous studies have found that reading can improve young- sters' vocabulary. Each day, newspapers are filled with fresh stories that can intro- duce kids to new words, helping them to strengthen their vocabularies and make them more effective communicators. 2. Newspapers improve reading skills. Like the old adage says, "Practice makes perfect." Reading newspa- pers each day can help kids develop their reading and comprehension skills. 3. Newspapers promote critical thinking. Newspa- per reporters are trained to objectively report the news, sharing facts without allowing their own opin- ions to influence their sto- ries. Educators can choose stories from the newspaper to serve as catalysts for discussions that focus not just on the facts listed in the story, but what might be behind them. Such discus- sions can help youngsters develop their critical think- ing skills. 4. Newspapers bring ideas and current events to life. Many children are aware of major world events, even if they don't know or understand the details. Newspaper articles about world events can be used as avenues to discus- sions about what's going on in the world. 5. Newspapers build global awareness. Cus- tomized newsfeeds funneled through social media out- lets can make it hard for young people to recognize and understand the world beyond their own communi- ties and interests. Each days, newspapers include local, national and interna- tional stories that can illus- trate to kids that there's a world beyond their own. 6. Newspapers promote social consciousness. Without newspapers, young people may never be exposed to the social issues facing their own communi- ties or those issues that are affecting people across the country and the world. Newspapers provide unbi- ased exposure to such issues, potentially leading youngsters to explore topics that are shaping their world and even encouraging them to form their own opinions. 7. Newspapers make learning fun. Newspapers provide a welcome break from tablets, smartphones and computers, and kids may have fun flipping pages and getting a little ink on their hands. Newspapers remain invaluable resources that can benefit students in myriad ways. 2 • WASHINGTON COUNTY POST • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2021 GMTODAY.COM ACROSS 1. It governs Federer and Nadal's sport 4. Golden apple tree 8. Central Mexican river 10. Horn 11. Egg-shaped 12. With tooth 13. French modernist painter 15. Disprove 16. Painful intestinal obstruction 17. Baby shoes 18. Make the grade 21. Type of screen 22. Christian fraternal organization (abbr.) 23. Computer giant 24. When you hope to get there 25. Corporate executive title (abbr.) 26. Shout of welcome or farewell 27. Imaginary awards for good deeds 34. A citizen of Iran 35. It can be sounded 36. Making dirty 37. Romanian city 38. Baking ingredient 39. Share a common boundary with 40. Succulent plants 41. Penny 42. Jr. U.S. Senator Paul 43. "Laurie Partridge" actress Susan DOWN 1. A type of bomb 2. Pacifi c island country 3. Earth is one 4. A place to gather around 5. Expressed opposite views 6. Group that lives near Siberia 7. Ore deposit 9. Language related to Eskimo 10. Narrative piece of music 12. The distance covered by normal stride 14. Glycoprotein hormone (abbr.) 15. Mathematical term (abbr.) 17. Popular beer 19. Jabbing 20. Historic Swedish castle 23. Humorous expressions 24. Christmas and New Year's Day each have one 25. Filled up 26. Nerve that serves the forearm (abbr.) 27. One of British descent 28. A way to get at 29. Food-related allergic reaction 30. Group of arteries near the pelvis 31. Picked up 32. Being three in one 33. Obscene 34. Dravidian language 36. Growl ANSWERS FOR THIS WEEK'S CROSSWORD 7 ways newspapers benefit students

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