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August 25, 2021

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Sweet's Column By Barb Sweet REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Rhea M. Jones Price, Black and Jones-Price and Jew- el Fulcher convey to Jack Fulcher, real estate as record- ed in Pike County. Hilda Hazelton conveys to Groundhog Enterprises, LLC, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Howard Ray Heseman conveys to Chris A. Luton, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Curt D. Russell and Stacy M. Russell quitclaim to Curt D. Russell, real estate as recorded in Pike County. David Hume conveys to David Kizlin, real estate as re- corded in Pike County. Deborah L. Hale and Mark A. Reneer convey to Thom- as W. Evans and Amy L. Evans, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Joshua R. Ward conveys to April Dawn Marie Jones, re- al estate as recorded in Pike County. Kaleb Cole Claridge conveys to Kaleb Cole Claridge and Maya Nicole Frederick, real estate as recorded in Pike County. David M. Rottet, Sr. and Brenda L. Cook convey to Chris- tian M. Jones, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Robert E. Perry conveys to Matthew G. Perry, real es- tate as recorded in Pike County. Darrell R. Satterfield conveys to Mark Wedekind and Travis D. Wedekind, real estate as recorded in Pike Coun- ty. Jones Group Enterprises, LLC conveys to Stacey R. At- kins, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Maddelynne G. Gamble conveys to Mackinzee Lynne Dotterweich and Chase Andrew Dotterweich, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Eric A. Hayes and Theresa F. Hayes convey to Dennis West and Marilyn West, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Michael C. McLain and Judith A. McLain convey to Quentin J. Hauri, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Pike County Sheriff, Maggie A. Armstrong and Randall Armstrong convey to U.S. Bank National Association, Mer- rill Lynch, Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust and Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Se- ries 2007-4, real estate as recorded in Pike County. My So Called Millennial Life By Stephanie Hayes How do we handle the hopelessness? Hi stars and welcome to the big stage all lit up in bright, colorful lights, and decorated to help celebrate with all our stars who will have a birthday or anniversary in the week of August 26 -September 1. Come up onto this stage and take a bow. BIRTHDAYS August 26 -Logan Lombar- do turns 25; Crystal Weisheit turns 30 ; Cory Lemond turns 32. August 27-Amy Ice; Brynn Snyder Hayes turns 6; Adam and Lerie Ridenour celebrate 5 years. August 28 -April Goodman turns 44; Erica Dove turns 23; Jacob King turns 36. August 29 -Adan Joseph Meyer turns 15; Stephanie Gilmour; Jacelynne Hall turns 26; Greg and Lisa Poehlein celebrate 40 years; Matthew and Cynthia Raney celebrate 34 years. August 30 -Zander Green turns 15; Amber Jones turns 34; Nicky and Vikki Miller cel- ebrate 8 years. August 31-Annabelle Head turns 75; Tammy Richardson McKinney turns 57; Thomas Richardson turns 57; Laura Messmer Sherman; Ronnie Coonie Hayes turns 67; Rod- ney, Sr. and Karen Dixon cel- ebrate 22 years. September 1-Mary Rus- sell; Kyle and Laura Sherman celebrate 9 years; Brandon and Robyn Weyer celebrate 3 years. May all our stars have a re- ally great day and may all your wishes come true. Keep in your heart and in your prayers all our stars who have come down with the Del- ta variant of COVID-19, those going through therapy, test- ings, surgeries and then re- covery, and those with the aches pains of everyday life: Patty Ann, Katy, Mick and Te- resa. Our Meyer family has just lost another cousin, Darrell Wayne Meyer, who passed on August 12 at the age of 69. To Darrell's family and to all our cousins, remember all the great times we had grow- ing up and share those mem- ories with others, and more fond memories will be added. Darrell will be missed. EVENTS September 2-Winslow Lions Club at 6 p.m. September 3-6 -Gibson County will host the 135th La- bor Day celebration, with a pa- rade on Monday, September 6 at 9 a.m. in Princeton. September 6 -Labor Day. September 11-32nd Poe- hlein Fall Bass Tourney from 5 a.m.-5 p.m. Con- tact Greg at 812- 789 -3778. September 12-Grandpar- ents Day; 47th Meyer Family Reunion at Tem- ple Hills at noon, with a bring-in meal. We all hope to see all our cousins there and also remember our family members who are not with us, but in our memories form the family of George and Laura Meyer. September 17-18 -Winslow High School alumni weekend. Chili supper on Friday at 5 p.m. at the Snyder Communi- ty Center. Dinner at the Hunt- ingburg Event Center, Olinger room at 5 p.m. on Saturday. September 18 -15th Winslow Community Festival and Light-Up Winslow Parade on Main St., Center St. and Riv- erside Park, where all kinds of family fun will be going on. There will be games for kids, plus rides, food, music, a trac- tor show, Clog the Patoka, a frozen t-shirt contest and a whole lot more. When it turns dark, the Light-Up Winslow Parade begins. It will line up on Union St. and travel north on Main St. to the sports field. Winslow senior citizens are meeting again on Mon- day and Tuesday at the Com- munity Center. Petersburg se- niors meet in the courthouse basement. Pike County's Farmers Market will set up every Sat- urday from 9 a.m.-noon on 8th St. by the courthouse in Petersburg until September. There were no postcards this week at Sweets Column, Winslow, IN 47598. Thank you, Janie, for the Gettysburg postcard and it must have been an amaz- ing sight to view. You have a great summer also. Glad to hear from you again. Winslow Patoka River is quite low with no rain in our ar- ea of Winslow. The White Riv- er has gone down a little more, and the east fork of the White River and the Patoka River in Martin and Dubois counties are also low. The temps have risen again and also brought with it the humidity, but with 85 -90 last week, the heat in- dex rose to under 95. I have heard that next week or when you are reading this, the heat index will rise to 100 -105, with temps 91-95. Last Saturday, August 14, was Kyana's birthday. She is 16, but we all celebrated it on Friday with Lau- ra, Daniel, Norm, me and, of course, the birthday girl. We ate pizza and then the 1 and 6 candles were lit on the chocolate and white cake, with icing of blue and white swirls that said "Happy Birthday." Pic- tures were taken of her mak- ing a wish and blowing out the candles to make it come true after we all sang to her. She cut the cake and what a big piece of cake we all got. The presents came next, with eight choker of all kinds, a heart necklace, cards, glow- in-the-dark stars and mon- ey. Kyana and I played a few games of Yahtzee and we both rolled five of a kind, but she rolled one more Yahtzee than I did. On Saturday, she cele- brated more with her two girl- friends. They ate cheesecake and played card games. Friday, we almost got elec- tric hooked up to the barn, but that didn't happen until Mon- day, with the help of Gary. We are so happy to have electric. We went out and got some LED lights that can be posi- tioned to point up, down or angled to light up in different spots. Wow, it's bright! We were out again for a drive in southwestern Indi- ana, as we took Highway 231 from Jasper to Dale, then went through Santa Claus and past Holiday World. They were crowded with cars on both sides of the road. Highway 66 was a nice drive through Troy, Tell City, Cannelton and then onto Highway 37 to I-64 at Doolittle Mills. Then we went through Ferdinand to Jasper to eat a pasta meal. We stopped to check in with Tim and Jea- nette, where we saw Tim cut down some trees. They landed just where he said they would, but the wasps didn't like it, so Tim got stung several times. Then the wasps came back for another few stings. Tim is okay though. I had a project to do and Norm helped by wire brush- ing the iron chair that sits on the porch. We do have more chairs, but they will be done later. I had bought two cans of spray paint, with help from Sherry, and I wanted a two- tone chair. So, the back is a coral and the seat is a blue, but the arms and legs are split up into the two colors. A fter the paint was done drying, I said to Norm, "You can see this chair from outer space." It's bright, but it looks great. The other chairs will be in differ- ent colors, but not to figure out what colors to use so they can also be seen from outer space. Norm's guitar playing has gotten better each time he plays, so as he was taught, he is now showing someone else to play. There is more to know than to just start playing the right notes. It takes lots of practice. Francisco has a detour to deal with and you can take the long way around by using Ind. 168 or you can take the backroads if you know which one to take. Francisco is get- ting a newly paved main road and the project will last into next year. Mom needed to get out for a ride, so we drove to Mitch- ell to see the Grissom Muse- um, but we missed the exit, so we drove past Holiday Drive Inn in Orleans, where they have gone all out with potted flowers all over the town. De- tours were everywhere, so we passed through Dubois and Celestine on our way to Highway 231 in Jasper. Ter- ri and Ted needed to get out and paid a few bills, so we took Mom. We were almost late for the Lions meeting, but to our surprise, we were on time and had a great meeting. All along the drives, we have seen the fields of beans and corn grow taller, and now some cornfields are changing from green to brown as they begin the drying process be- fore the harvest. Lots of yards look great with mowed lawns and flower gardens in all types of shapes. Laura has been helping out at her work for a few months and she loves her work. So, one of her bosses gave her a compliment and that has made her appreciate what she does and know it is all worth it. Ev- eryone needs to know what a great job they do. It was meter reading day in Winslow, where I spoke to Terry Bolin and Alisha Ward- low. I said "congrats" to Ali- sha on her job with the Town of Winslow. I haven't seen Ray Bolin or the new guy, except for one day around town. I guess it's time to dim the lights for this week, but keep an eye on family and friends. Slow down and see all the wonders in your area. Stop for school buses and children walking to school. Wear your mask inside places to keep others safe. As always, smile, wave and say "hi" to everyone you see this week. SATURDAY, AUGUST 28 • 10am EDT 9042 S. St. Rd. 61, Oakland City Auction pick-up available! KALEB CLARIDGE AU11700062 Follow on • ID# 46613 • Call Today to schedule your auction! No Buyer's Premium. THEIRING ESTATE AUCTION This auction is featuring the real estate and personal property of the old Altos General Store on Enos corner. We will be offering up for auction the house/store and 8.8 acres. The personal property is consisting of all types of antiques, collectibles, all types of advertising signs and thermometers, large vintage Coke chest, all types of Texaco items, primitives, local advertisement pieces, vintage toys, crocks/ pottery, vintage Pyrex, Jadeite, and other glassware, jewelry, all types of furniture, Craftsman lawnmower and much more! ONLINE ESTATE AUCTION Items Located in Otwell, IN ~ Address will be given to winning bidders at the close of auction Tuesday, August 31, 2021 The first lot scheduled to end at 7:00 PM (Soft Close) This is a well-kept online auction with over 500 lots! Highlights include: John Deere LT160 Riding Mower, Tell City Furniture, Tools, Uhl Butter Churn, Furniture, Hatchets, M. Schulz Piano, Hull, Uhl, Antiques, and Collectibles & MORE! PICK UP ON: Thursday, Sept 2, from 10:00am-5:00pm. At Otwell REGISTER AND START BIDDING TODAY! OWNER: Estate of Mary Davis Graber Auctions ~ 812-254-2220 Remember back in 1870 when we rode in horse-drawn carriages and wrote letters with quills and the coronavirus pandemic start- ed? We said stuff like, "If we get through this year, it'll be a miracle! " And we made bread and wore stretch pants, which was cute for a bit. Not anymore! Each morn- ing, my eyes pop open and I ask the heavens: Is this a tick- le in the back of my throat or a breakthrough case? Who is going to die today that didn't have to? What plans require a risk analysis? Are the kids safe? Which friend will issue a disappointing social media screed? Should I open the in- ternet or stick hot needles un- der my fingernails? We've entered a new echelon of de- spair, different from 2020. Hope loomed then, the promise of a scientific rem- edy. And vaccines arrived. Remember waking up early to get an appointment? Remember the peo- ple who stood in line, hoping to get an extra dose? Maybe we could stop sort- ing laundry into socks, un- derwear and masks. Maybe we could retire "another grim milestone." Maybe we would never attend another Godfor- saken Zoom baby shower. Pat- ty still does not know how to mute! Yet here we are at anoth- er grim milestone. The delta variant is walloping the coun- try. In states like Florida and Texas, leaders issue edicts against safety. More children are being hospitalized, coin- ciding with the start of school. This new anxiety? It comes when the test is open-book, but we would rather fail. If you get by with a little morning existential dread, like me, congrats. Think of the hospital workers bagging bodies or listening to people deny reality on deathbeds. Think of those with serious mental illness. Vaccine holdouts cling to an obsession with being judged. The "can't we all just get along" sentiment is emp- ty, like rejecting public health measures is the same as or- dering a burger medium-well. They think positivity and opti- mism will end this. Jeezum Crow, optimism is low. There's a small reserve, the one for emergencies in the coin pocket. It's too late to stop this wave, but not the next. Peo- ple are coming around. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says vaccina- tions have increased by about 70 % nationwide. There's a way to go, but this is the way. We still have to believe. If you changed your mind, thank you, thank you, thank you. If you're still on the fence, it's not too late. Get really hon- est, sleep on it, let your eyes pop open and see what hap- pens. Stephanie Hayes is a colum- nist at the Tampa Bay Times in Florida. Follow her at @ stephhayeswrites on Facebook, @ stephhayes on Twitter or @ stephrhayes on Instagram. D-2 Wednesday, August 25, 2021 The Press-Dispatch To enter the Birthday Club, email your name, ad- dress, phone number and birthdate to birthdayclub@ Only the person's name, town and birth- day will appear in the paper. As an added bonus, one lucky person each month will re- ceive a free three month Press-Dispatch subscription. This month's birthdays have a chance to win a $25 gift certifi- cate from Jay C Food Store, in Petersburg. THIS WEEK'S BIRTHDAYS Jackie Schwarz .......................... Petersburg ...........8/25 Marcia Hathaway ......................... Winslow .............8/26 Lacy Drew ................................. Petersburg ...........8/28 Shane Randolph .......................... Winslow .............8/29 Charles Edrington ................... Oakland City .........8/29 THIS MONTH'S SPONSOR 323 W. Main Street, Petersburg 812-354-9077 MARRIAGE LICENSES Dakota Sean Anderson, 21, of 4516 S. SR 66, English, son of Susan Anderson and Michael Anderson, to Amanda Nicole Line, 20, of 4633 N. CR 500 E., Petersburg, daugh- ter of Joy and Craig Line.

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