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August 15, 2021

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Brainerd Dispatch • August 15 - 21, 2021 •11 BROOM BUCKET CHORES CLEAN CLOTHES CLOTHS COOK DETERGENT DIRT DISHES DRYER DUSTING DUSTPAN FEED PETS FLOOR WAX GLOVES GRIME HELP IRON LAUNDRY LINENS MAKE THE BED MOPPING PLUNGER RAKE THE LEAVES REPAIRS ROUTINE SOAP SPONGE TIDY TO-DO LIST TOWELS VACUUM WASHING WIPES Housework From the list, find each word and circle its letters in the puzzle to reveal a message relating to this week's theme You're Next for Your First Lose at least 2 inches in 32 minutes, guaranteed! Non-invasive, FDA cleared FAT LOSS treatment UltraSlim® uses a patented type of LED light to empty the contents of fat cells. Releasing all of that stubborn fat in areas you just can't seem to get rid of with dieting or exercise. The light also stimulates collagen production, helping to restore the youthful look of your skin, and reduce the appearance of scars, and blemishes. UltraSlim® is an FDA cleared device for noninvasive body contouring with no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time. The UltraSlim® treatment is slightly warm and very pleasant, the light is positioned over you, never touching your body. Relaxing in the light of UltraSlim® is like treating yourself to a mini spa day. • No dieting • No drugs • No exercise • No surgery • No pain/discomfort • Non-destructive photonic energy • Pain Management Treatment • Immediate Fat Loss • Skin Rejuvenation Book your free consultation today. Limited availability of 20 appointments. DON'T WAIT, CALL NOW! (218) 656-9130 Dr. Dillon Remmick, DC 7818 Excelsior Road, Suite 100, Baxter, MN 56425 TRUSTEDFORSERVICE-TRUSTEDFORQUALITY 218.829.1491 EMERGENCYAFTER HOURS: 218.820.8732 171713 th St.SE.Brainerd,MN56401

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