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July 22

The Smoky Mountain Trader a free Classified paper serving 12 counties in 3 states. Hamblen, Knox, Jefferson, Cocke, Grainger, Sevier, Hancock, Hawkins, Claiborne and Greene Counties in Tennessee. Plus Lee County Virginia and Bell County Kentucky.

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645 Guns BUY-SELL-TRADE-PAWN Guns-Knives-Guitar/amps, Quality Band Instruments, Gold jewelry, and Coins. 423-587-3277. The Trade Center 8:30 to 5:30 Mon.-Fri. 8:30 to 2 Saturday. FOR SALE: 32 calibre Wad- cutter ammo, 50 count. 100 9 R L e a d Wa d c u t t e r, $ 3 0 each. Have 2 boxes. Call or t e x t 7 2 5 - 2 1 0 - 4 5 11 (Sneedville) NRA.jpg CAMERON CONNECTION. TN Concealed Handgun Carry Permit Classes! August 21, 2021 September 18,2021 Call for Wednesday Classes Contact Mike Cameron 865-919-3260 Cell 865-919-5553 Brenda's Cell 865-674-0251 Home Phone Guns, Ammo, Eye & Ear Protection Provided! Indoor shooting Range Opening Soon website to register FREEDOM. TO BE YOU. If you think oxygen therapy means slowing down, it's time for a welcome breath of fresh air. Introducing the Inogen One family of portable oxygen systems. With no need for bulky tanks, each concentrator is designed to keep you active via Inogen's Intelligent Delivery Technology.® Hours of quiet and consistent oxygen flow on a long-lasting battery charge enabling freedom of movement, whether at home or on the road. Every Inogen One meets FAA requirements for travel ensuring the freedom to be you. • No heavy oxygen tanks • Ultra quiet operation • Lightweight and easy to use • Safe for car and air travel • Full range of options and accessories • FDA approved and clinically validated Call 1-877-691-9468 for a free consultation and info guide. MKT-P0253 Truths ruths Outdoor utdoor Truths ruths Outdoor utdoor Truths ruths Outdoor utdoor Truths ruths Outdoor utdoor By: By: Gary Miller Gary Miller By: Gary Miller Something that happens to me quite oen, is I wake up in a hotel and forget where I am. It may be that I'm on a hunting trip or away at a speaking gig, but I wake up and before my eyes open, my mind tells me I'm home. There's been a few times I've woken up in the dark and made my way to the bathroom. In my mind, however, I'm at home, so I go down the hallway or make a le turn, or something like that. And there have been other times I have walked into a mirror or tried to grab a doorknob on a window or opened the door to the hotel hallway thinking it was the door to that bathroom. As quick as possible, I must get my wits about me, snap out of it, and realize where I am in order to make the right adjustments. I am in an area that is home to a university. Students move here from all parts of the country. They're finding out important things like how we communicate, our customs, and what soup beans are. While they are here, they will make new friends and have new directions. And they will adapt their living because of the new place they have been transplanted. Most of them will spend a few years here while planning to either return home or to some other desirable destination. But what if they could never go back? What if that option was off the table? And what if one day, I woke up in a place that was my new home? And I could never go back. What if that happened to you?What could you do? Well, you might grumble, but what good would that do? You might long for days gone by. You might become a hermit and never associate with anyone. You might even try to change the people around you, so they become more like you. There is one more option. You could change and adapt. And if you are a Christian, you could see this as the hand of God and could say, "Alright Lord, I get it. I'll change. I'll adapt. I'll live as your follower in a land that is different than my own."Did you know that several stories in the Bible give us this scenario? I think of people like Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego. All of these woke up to another country and culture. And if you look at each of these stories you will notice some similarities. Namely these. They embraced their new culture while keeping their convictions and their commitment to God. Here's another way to put it. You can adapt to your culture and still keep your commitment and your convictions. So here we have these men who woke up in a place that was all new to them. Here's what they didn't do.They didn't grumble.They didn't long for days gone by.They didn't complain about the government.They didn't sit and sulk. They didn't condemn everybody and everything.Instead, they kept their commitment. They followed their convictions. They embraced their culture.And They allowed God to use them to change their new world.Maybe you feel like you are waking up to a country that is new. It's not home. It's different. You may not even like it. You can grumble, complain, sit, sulk, blame and condemn. Or just maybe you can believe God wanted you to be alive now, for such a time as this, and embrace the culture as your new place of ministry. Gary has three books that are compilations of the articles he has written for over 15 years. He also speaks at game dinners and men's groups for churches and associations. Gary Miller For more information about Outdoor Truths OutdoorTruths Outdoortruths Page 22 - The Smoky Mountain Trader - July 22 - July 28, 2021 The Smoky Mountain TRADER is published EVERY Thursday and circulated throughout the Lakeway & Tri-State areas. The Smoky Mountain TRADER offers classified listings for five dollars for every 30 words per week for all individual entries. Call for commerical rates. Classifieds must be mailed to The Smoky Mountain Trader or brought to our office at 5063-1 Andrew Johnson Hwy., Morristown, TN 37814. Classifieds will be taken over the phone only by credit card (each classified is $5.00 per week for 30 words or less). For more information please feel free to call our office at 423-587-1700. The Smoky Mountain TRADER does not knowingly accept fradulent or misleading advertising. Any such advertising should be reported to our office. We reserve the right to edit, condense, determine duration of ads or refuse ads that are contrary to our policies. We are not responsible for errors in compostion or for condition of articles listed. Nor are we responsbile for malicious or prank ads. Please report these ads immediately! No part of parts of this publication may be republished without the express written consent of the publisher. ©2021, Smoky Mountain Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved. 5063-1 W. Andrew Johnson Highway Morristown, TN 37814 Office: 423-587-1700 • Fax: 423-587-2906 DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIEDS IS EVERY TUESDAY BY 5:00 PM Publisher: Charlotte Earls Graphics/Classifieds: James Cunningham Account Reps: Social Media: Cayla Huddleston Hours: Mon. - Wed. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Ken Frazier Lynn Earls The Smoky Mountain WEEKLY TRADER Association of Community Publishers Smoky Mountain Trader TN

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