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Young at Heart June 2021

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Donald Dimitruk • 831-464-6464 donald@countrysidefinancial.com • www.ReverseMortgageOpportunity.com Registered Financial Consultant® Registered Mortgage Advisor DRE#10902537 NMLS#232493 Professional Mortgage Associates Established in 1978. YOU CAN SHARE THE DREAM Reverse Mortgage Questions answered on the phone FREE • No Obligation • Just Answers Celebrating 42 Years in Business! Are you ready to age in place? Clear explanations of exactly how a Reverse Mortgage can work for you! Call for information and a quote! What Can a Financial Planner Tell Me About My Retirement That I Already Don't Know? I've been a Registered Financial Consultant and a Registered Mortgage Advisor since 2006 and in the mortgage business for over 40 years and I still use the services of my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) every year because his expertise on tax issues, investment options and retirement fund management are invaluable in keeping me on track and aware of current changes to almost everything financial! The simple answer to the above question is he can tell me Exactly when I will run out of money! Will I outlive my money OR will my money outlive me? That is the question! And what to do about it, either way, is the answer! Planning for retirement is one of those things that most people start but don't finish. There are many good books on the subject and most will give you some direction and a possible blueprint to follow; a good place to start, especially if you are young enough to contribute to your new plan. If you have already retired and are feeling comfortable about your monthly spending, cash flow and cash reserves, congratulations! I would say "You have arrived! ". You may want to give a copy of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki to your children and just enjoy your golden years in peace. You made it! But for all the rest of us there still may be work to be done and adjust- ments to be made. Home ownership has been the traditional "Nest Egg" and it has never been more important to any generation than the Baby Boomers, to use that wealth wisely to make their retirement plan work. We've had to go through so many boom- and-bust economic cycles and changes in pension plans, 401 contributions, stock options, most of which have simply dis- appeared or limped along with management plans that don't hardly keep up with inflation. Around the world, many countries besides the U.S.A. have reverse mortgage type financial plans that are designed to assist their aging population "Age in place" including Austra- lia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the U.K., South Korea, China and India. Reaching out to a professional who has been educated, trained, tested and earned the designa- tion of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a smart way to ensure for the best retirement success possible. Donald Dimitruk is a Registered Financial Con- sultant ® and a Registered Mortgage Advisor and is available for a FREE consultation about how a Reverse Mortgage may benefit you at Countryside Financial Services. Please call 831-464-6464 By Donald Dimitruk RFC ®,RMA Summertime Care It's summertime! As the weather warms up, we begin to find ourselves outdoors more and more. From walks or hikes among the redwoods, kay- aking or lounging at the beach, or gardening, we're ready to be outdoors once again. Make sure your hearing aids are tuned up and ready to go. As your audiologist has explained, these medical devices need regular maintenance to ensure they work optimally. On a weekly schedule, I advise my patients to wipe down or gently brush their hearing aids to remove any build up of dust or debris. A vi- sual inspection and, when necessary, a changing of the wax filters is also a good idea. The build up of dust in the hearing aid microphones or wax in the speakers can cause the device to sound weak or not as loud. During the warmer months, regular care for hearing aids may include some time in a dehumid- ifier. We often refer to these as "dry and store" kits or containers. These dehumidifiers can be as simple as a container with a desiccant packet to a box that plugs in and has a fan and UV lighting. If you have a dry and store kit, make sure to read the instructions or ask your audiologist how to use it. For many, summer may mean more time around the water … and hearing aid accidents. Most new- er hearing aid have the highest water resistance rating (IP68). So a quick drop in the pool or soak in the shower won't do too much, if any, dam- age. Simply dry off the hearing aids and use your dry and store kit. If the hearing aid sounds weak or not quite right, let your audiologist know. We will check it, replace any necessary parts, or send it in for further repair. Additionally, keep a carrying case with you. Sometimes, there is a need to remove your hearing aids (like when you go surfing!). Keeping your hearing aids in a safe place is always a good idea (think about that retainer you accidently threw out because it was wrapped up in a napkin!). I like to suggest a hard case. Turn the hearing aids off (not mute!) and place them inside the case, preferably in a cooler location - not a hot, parked car. If you are not sure how to turn off the hearing aids, ask your audiologist. If they are left on and enclosed in a case, it will not only use up the battery but also likely make the hearing aids "whistle" or "squeal." Finally, make sure to schedule your 6 month or annual hearing aid check and cleaning. A general hearing aid check and clean usually involves a cleaning, maintenance check, and updating of firmware (just like your mobile phone or laptop, hearing aid need to be updated, too). For some, a monthly cleaning is ideal. This is a good idea if you tend to be on the very waxy side or if general maintenance is difficult because of vi- sion or dexterity issues. If you have questions about hearing aid care, just ask! A well-func- tioning hearing aid means a happy and healthier you! By Harmony Audiology

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