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Young at Heart June 2021

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Premium Hearing Healthcare Dr. Jeannine is the only board- certified audiologist in the Santa Cruz and Monterey area. She diagnoses and treats hearing loss and specializes in tinnitus. At Harmony Audiology, solutions are tailored to your needs and values with a focus on patient- centered care. www.harmonyaudiology.com (831) 854-2882 820 Bay Avenue, Suite 210 Capitola, CA 95010 JeanneAnne ("Jeannine") Ramacho-Talley, Au.D., CCC-A, CH-TM American Board of Audiology Certified 4450 Capitola Road, Suite 103 Capitola CA 95010 Office- (831) 249-9454 www.ContinuumHospice.com "Because You Deserve More" Services include • Home Health Aid assistance up to 5x/week • Collaborative approach to care • Physician and Nurse oversight • Medication Management • Emotional Support services • Virtual Reality (see article on our use of VR) • Art Expression • Music Therapy • Pet Therapy • We Honor Veterans Comfort-focused Care for your Loved One view them as poison. You've heard 'a spoon- ful of sugar makes the medicine go down' but the truth is, it can make you more depressed and reduce your immune response. When COVID hit, the main goal (as in any pandemic) was to keep immunity high, but what were many doing? Baking bread! Bread turns into glucose which raises blood sugar levels and can decrease immune response. What we need to be doing is planting gardens with lots of greens in them and learning more about whole foods, both of which are immune sup- porting." 5. Drink more water. "It truly is the elixir of life. It hydrates our cells, it's the transport mechanism for getting fat out of our body and it's needed for every function in our complex system. For most people, 64 ounces is ideal which is eight 8-oz. glasses a day. Get a container that helps you know how much you've consumed. Add lemon to it. We have a variety of great-tasting water drops in our store to enhance flavor." 6. Continue educating yourself on nutrition. "My book 'Good Hearted Guid- ance The Healthy Way' was rewritten in 2019. It's full of up-to-date tips and strategies to live your healthiest life." As The Healthy Way's website states, whole nutri- tion and a healthy lifestyle are the basic fundamentals of preventative medicine. "The Healthy Way has pioneered a cutting-edge weight loss and lifestyle management program based on proven principles that truly enhance well- ness," says Cheri. "Our team of professionals are experts at helping to de- velop winning strategies in achieving long term weight success, while stabilizing and balancing individual body chemistry. We teach life sustaining habits and a more positive body image that results in improving the quality of one's life." Goals that Cheri and her staff help seniors with: 1. Steady Inflammation 2. Strengthen Friendly Gut Bacteria 3. Stabilize Blood Sugar 4. Support Detoxification Pathways, and 5. Achieve long term weight loss "Motivation, accountabil- ity, support and guidance is available six days a week to help you stay focused on your goals," says Cheri. "Clients consistently achieve an average weight loss of two to four pounds per week. Our long-term success rate speaks for itself." Santa Cruz resident Mon- ica Payne is a client. "I walked in the door weigh- ing 265 and now I'm a fit, healthy, 70-year-old grand- mother," she says. "Being able to finally overcome my lifelong sugar addiction and learning to eat what works best for my body are just some of the benefits I received at The Healthy Way." She has maintained a 90-pound weight loss for 11 years. The Healthy Way client Sharon Hada, an 80-year-old Santa Cruz resident, has maintained a 100-pound weight loss for over a decade. 77-year-old Don Walker, from Felton, lost 154 pounds through The Healthy Way and has been maintaining his weight since 1997. "If I can do it, anybody can!" The Healthy Way Market, a "mini grocery store" inside The Healthy Way at 3251 Mission Drive, carries a line of fresh and frozen all-natural foods and specialty products The Healty Way... continued from page 1 (Contributed photo) including many low-gly- cemic selections. These aren't required for program participation, but many clients utilize this option. Anyone can shop here; you don't have to be a Healthy Way client. "Our entrees, salads and desserts are custom-made to our spec- ifications. Seniors love the convenience of not having to cook, especially if it's just for one person," says Cheri. The non-perishable packaged and bottled products they sell, like salad dressing and protein powder, have no sugar and are low-fat and low in salt. "You'll often see products like these that are low in fat but then more sugar and/or salt were added. Not the ones we sell! I am so proud of the products we carry: 1,000-plus items to choose from. We strive to find the best-tasting foods with the least ingredients." Cheri loves helping senior clients because they feel so much better in a short period of time. "We recently had a 90-year-old woman come in to lose some weight. Many people might say, 'Oh heck at that age, she should eat whatev- er she wants.' She wanted to improve her lifespan and healthspan and she did just that! Having been a newly diagnosed diabetic, with just a 12-pound loss she was able to get off her meds and become dietarily controlled." Cheri encourages folks seeking improved health to contact The Healthy Way for a free consultation. "It is never too late to make positive behavior and life-enhancing changes. Within a few days of beginning our program, clients report a rise in ener- gy and improved sense of well-being. Within a week or two, joints feel more flexible, blood pressure readings improve, as does digestion. Our knowledge- able, well-trained counsel- ors truly care about each person's success. They get to know the person they are working with. Our senior clientele often receives special attention for their specific issues or health challenges." Website/contact informa- tion: https://thehealthyway.us/ (831) 462-5900 3251 Mission Dr., Santa Cruz (near Dominican Hospital) (Contributed photo) (Contributed photo) Healthy Quinoa Citrus Salad Recipe Serves 1 Ingredients 1 cup quinoa 2 cups water 2 tsp. sesame oil 3 scallions 1/2 cup tangerine or mandarin orange sections 2T. fresh mint leaves, chopped 2 tsp. orange zest grated Combine quinoa and water in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove pan from heat and spread the mixture out on a baking sheet. Let it cool completely. In large bowl, combine the quinoa with all the remaining ingredients. Toss gently and serve. Courtesy of The Healthy Way, who describes it as "A hearty salad that fills you up and is at the same time healthy, low fat and low in carbs… perfect for weight loss, those with diabetes, and those who just want to feel good by making healthy choices."

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