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May, 2021

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I t's not the most glamorous part of a home improvement proj- ect, but a contract and permits are crucial. Both contain important details that can save significant time, money and headaches down the road if they're addressed properly upfront. Instead of feeling intimi- dated by these documents and the process, feel empowered with a solid understanding of their pur- pose and protections. Contract details "Before embarking on any proj- ect, professional remodelers will provide you with a contract," says Diane Welhouse, CKBR, executive director of NARI Milwaukee. "A contract is designed to protect both you and the contractor. Just because you talk about something with your remodeler doesn't mean it's agreed upon. Make sure to get everything you discuss included in a written contract." Upon receipt of the contract, review it thoroughly, including the fine print. Don't be afraid to ask clarifying questions to ensure all details are clear and under- standable before signing. Never sign an incomplete contract or a contract without reading it com- pletely. And, always get a final copy with both parties' signa- tures. Make sure the contract includes the items listed below. If it doesn't and the contractor won't add them, step back and consider whether or not they're the right contractor to work with. ■ The contract should include: the contractor's name, address, telephone, license number (if applicable) and the start and com- pletion dates. This sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. ■ Study the design plans care- fully. Insist on final plan approval and make sure the correct version is identified in the written con- tract. ■ Think about the scope of the project and make sure all items requested are included. If a spe- cific item isn't in the contract, consider it not included. ■ A detailed list of materials for the project should be included, along with information such as product name, size, color, model number and brand name. ■ Warranties covering materi- als and/or workmanship must be included and identified as either "full" or "limited." The name and address of the party who will honor the warranty (contractor, distributor or manufacturer) must be identified. Make sure the time period and terms are speci- fied. ■ Make sure financial terms are understood and spelled out in the contract. Total price, payment schedule, change order process and fees and any cancellation penalty should be clear. ■ A dispute resolution clause should also be included in the event a disagreement occurs. Con- sider ways to resolve a dispute without costly litigation. For example, NARI Milwaukee offers a grievance resolution process. Lien rights Another important contract ele- ment is the lien rights because it's C O N T E N T S The NARI spring show is coming May 21-23 Sizing up DIY spring air conditioning work Is lead-based paint a hazard in your home? The bugs you want, the ones you don't want A publication of the Waukesha Freeman and Oconomowoc Enterprise • May 2021 Dotting the i's and crossing the t's It isn't the most exciting part of your major home project, but understanding your contract and making sure permits are lined up could be the most important. The contract protects both you and the remodeler. See CONTRACTS/Page 2 Contracts, permits for your next home project

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