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Young at Heart April 2021

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Donald Dimitruk • 831-464-6464 donald@countrysidefinancial.com • www.ReverseMortgageOpportunity.com Registered Financial Consultant® Registered Mortgage Advisor DRE#10902537 NMLS#232493 Professional Mortgage Associates Established in 1978. YOU CAN SHARE THE DREAM Reverse Mortgage Questions answered on the phone FREE • No Obligation • Just Answers Celebrating 42 Years in Business! Are you ready to age in place? Clear explanations of exactly how a Reverse Mortgage can work for you! Call for information and a quote! Trouble Hearing the TV? By Jeannine Ramacho-Talley, Board Certified Audiologist No doubt about it, hearing aids can improve your quality of life. More often than not, the conversations I have with my patients usually focus on the im- provements in face-to-face conversations. But some of the most fun and exciting hearing aid conversations I've had involve how hearing aids can improve entertainment. When we discuss how hearing loss hampers my patient's day-to-day activ- ities, I listen for what they do for fun. Most people will talk about watching television and how it can be difficult to follow the dialog (especially those British shows!). Tech- nology today allows the sound from the television to stream directly to your hearing aids (usually through an additional device that easily hooks up to the TV). This means the sound coming from the television is sent directly to your ears and is specifical- ly adjusted for your hear- ing loss. Ultimately this means you and your family can comfortably watch TV programs together again! You can watch television at your preferred volume through your hearing aids while the TV volume is set for everyone else in the room. If your kitchen isn't too far from the TV, you can stay tuned into the pro- gramming while grabbing a snack! Another great advan- tage hearing aids offer is listening to audiobooks. Most new hearing aids will now directly connect to newer mobile device (this includes Android phones – just double check the compatibility with your au- diologist). If you listen to audiobooks through your mobile phone or tablet, you can send the audio directly to your devices, so it's per- sonalized to your hearing levels. In fact, this applies to video chats with family and friends, your favorite songs, podcasts, videos, and games. Call and make an ap- pointment to talk with your audiologist to learn more about how your hearing aids can help improve your boredom! Bigstock photo Rethink Your Mortgage Before You Retire By Donald Dimitruk RFC ® RMA Debt in retirement can be a crippling thing for Seniors to overcome, and for many, the Home Equity Line of Credit seems like an option that could come into play as a potential solution. But not all lines of credit are safe from change in a troubled time as we all saw in the 2007/2008 financial crisis. Placing expenses on credit cards is a costly way to satisfy unexpected med- ical bills and over time the expenses add up to higher monthly payments. Repayment plans are often something that can be di- rectly worked out with the medical institution. Or, a home equity line can come into play. Tapping equity generally comes with a lower interest than a credit card, but could put a home at risk. The fixed income can become stressed over time and changing one payment for another has its limits. While some homeown- ers looking to unlock the equity in their home could find the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) bene- ficial, there are instances where a Reverse Mortgage (HECM) could potential- ly be a better choice for seniors who are looking for an "In-case-of –emer- gency" source of funds. Among the pros and cons a prospective senior client should consider when thinking about getting a HELOC are the variable rate, the monthly payment on unpaid balances, the overall amount available and weather the payment will be tax deductible. Most financial advisors recommend that clients have at least six months' worth of expenses set aside in cash for emergen- cies. Sometimes people push back and say they have a HELOC, so that's their "emergency fund", but we know from expe- rience that this is not to be trusted. A guaranteed emergency fund is differ- ent. One that can never be taken away, reduced, frozen or set for monthly payments is the option that creates the safety that will allow for sleep at night, have confidence in the future and the flexibil- ity of a much larger line of available funds for any use. Regardless of dropping property values, the home- owner has full access to the HECM Line of Credit. Admittedly, a HELOC will cost less to set up, but does not come with the consumer safeguards and borrowing assurances of the much larger line and the "no payment for life" provision. Qualifying for a Reverse Mortgage is much easier than a credit line since there are no monthly payments. Many times, the social security income is sufficient; and as an added option, prop- erty tax and homeowner's insurance can be paid by the lender from a reserve fund of the line. Another option for financial free- dom is the "Tenure" pay- ment or monthly deposit to your checking account if monthly expenses typically are too close to income for comfort. "Look before you leap" is an old adage that comes to mind. There are a lot of options available that can make retirement fun and enjoyable. You deserve the best! Donald Dimitruk is a Registered Financial Con- sultant and a Registered Mortgage Advisor and is available for a FREE consultation about how a Reverse Mortgage may benefit you at 831-464- 6464 Bigstock photo

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