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April 28, 2021

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B-2 Wednesday, April 28, 2021 The Press-Dispatch Lady Chargers nabbed by Raiders The Lady Southridge Raid- ers captured a 5 -0 Pocket Ath- letic Conference win this past Monday on the Lady Char- ger courts, with the doubles teams their biggest challenge of the night. Pike Central La- dy Chargers Zoey Davis and Regan Craig combined for a 6 - 1, 6 -0, 6 -2 loss at number one doubles against Lady Raider juniors Jordan Biel and Kelly LaRoche. Shelby Keeker and Alaina Johnson played close in their first set of number two doubles, falling 7-5, 6 -0 to se- nior Gabbie Werner and junior Emily Roby. Lady Charger Ella McGuire fell to Olivia Durcholz 6 -1, 6 - 1 in the number one singles match. Jaime Sallee lost a 6 -1, 6 -3 number two singles match to Lady Raider junior Oliv- ia Lopez. Ella Adams was de- feated 6 -1, 6 -1 in the number three singles contest by Lady Raider senior Abby Kerkoff. Gabby Collins contested the only junior varsity action, fall- ing 8 -0 and 4-0. counted for one and two RBIs respectively. Stafford was good for four RBIs, and Bai- ley, Sharp, Powell and Welch had two each. A six-run first inning her- alded a seven-run second and then a nearly insurmountable eight-run third for the 21-0 La- dy Charger advantage, all the while Chloe Williams handled the Lady Trojans in near per- fect style. Wood Memorial made a three-run comeback in the fourth inning, after suffering a 21 to nothing three innings. In the end, it was all Pike Central, with Chloe Williams pretty much all smiles with 10 strike- outs, no walks, no earned runs and three hits, all the while watching her teammates sup- port her mound work in a big way. Lady Trojan Taylor McK- annan finished three innings with nine hits, seven earned runs, no walks, but also no strikeouts. LeeAnn Melton stepped in and got burnt for seven hits and two earned runs, while walking two, but striking out zero in the last two innings. Wood Memorial coach Fred Reel's 11 seniors comprise more than half the team's numbers and only two juniors return for next year. Lady Charger head soft- ball coach Stephanie Dawson commented, "Wood Memori- al was a big hitting game for us and a 21-3 win. We scat- tered 16 hits for the night and 18 RBIs. Lexie Onyett went three of three with five RBIs. Chloe Williams allowed three hits on the night. Some nights those base hits find the holes in the field, hitting fair balls down the lines and gaps. It was a fun b all game and my hope is that it boosted some of our girls confidence at the plate. Right now is such a cru- cial time for us. "This is the meat of our sea- son. We have huge games in the next couple of weeks and whatever the outcome, we've got to continue gaining mo- mentum and confidence as a whole. Learning all we can and taking that knowledge with us into the next moment. Really the remainder of our schedule for the year is full of tough teams. It is going to be one big test to see if we have the grit we've been trying to build up since the winter time, in preparation for the tourna- ment at the end of May." PC: 6 7 8 0 x x x 21-16 -1 WM: 0 0 0 3 0 x x 3-3-8 three singles, and the number two doubles. Shelby Keeker moved to number two doubles with Alaina Johnson, while Jaime Sallee went from num- ber three doubles to the num- ber two spot. That placed El- la Adams in the number three singles position. The winning part of the eve- ning was when Shelby Keek- er and Alaina Johnson nipped Morgan Beard and Kinley Beard 2-6, 6 -3 (10 -5) for the win at number two doubles. Lady Chargers Zoey Davis and Regan Craig played to a 6 -2, 6 -1 loss at number two sin- gles to Kaitlyn Williams and Anna Provine. Ella McGuire started her number one singles match down 6 -3 and finished in two sets 6 -3, 6 -0 to senior Ella Hays. Jaime Sallee lost her number two singles match 6 -0, 6 -0 to Lady Spartan Ab- by Cunningham. The num- ber three singles event was between Lady Charger Ella Adams and Madi Ziegler, and ended 6 -2, 6 -1 for South Knox. TENNIS Continued from page 1 RULE Continued from page 1 Tigers return to the Pike Central diamond May 6 An 8 -2 third inning Pike Central Lady Charger lead over the Princeton Lady Ti- gers is now on hold due not to rain, but ice. Lady Charger head coach Stephanie Dawson said, "We were unable to finish the game due to the icy weather conditions. We will finish it on May 6 at Pike Central, ex- actly where the game left off. Bottom of the third inning, Pike's Karley Kavanaugh up to bat with bases loaded and no outs." Hallie Bailey was the key to getting the Lady Chargers on top with four RBIs, but Chloe Williams, with six strikeouts, zero earned runs and 76 pitch- es in three innings, got the team to a six-run edge in just three innings. "Who's on first? " would be rote memory, if not for the La- dy Charger scorekeeper hang- ing on the fence near the dug out. When the game resumes, the Lady Chargers have an ex- cellent opportunity to up the ante even more on the score board and pen a Pocket Athlet- ic Conference win over the vis- iting Princeton Lady Tigers. Karley Kavanaugh, Delaney Welch and Avery Hunt could add to the six runs already to their credit. Kenzie Pow- ell and Xia Stafford crossed the plate for the eight-run to- tal. Stafford, Mills, Hunt, Ka- vanaugh and Welch have got- ten on base by way of the walk a total of seven times going in- to the third inning. Powell and Welch could add to their sto- len bases, and Hunt and Pow- ell ran the base paths follow- ing an HBP. Jamie Sallee gets good results in her serving game at number two singles for the Lady Chargers. Lexie Onyett touches base and did not stay, as she had a stolen base, three of three hitting and five RBIs against the Lady Trojans. Brailey Mills swats the ball and takes off for first with one of her two hits in the Wood Memorial run rule win at home. James Capozella photos SPORTS CALENDAR WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28 ❚ Girls' Varsity Tennis — Washington Catholic — 4:30 p.m. — Pike Central ❚ Boys' Varsity Baseball — Evansville Bosse — 5:30 p.m. at Bosse Field (23 N Main St, Evansville) ❚ Boys' Varsity Track and Field —Princeton Invitational — 6 p.m. at Princeton ❚ Girls' Varsity and JV Softball —Washington — 6 p.m. at Pike Central THURSDAY, APRIL 29 ❚ Boys' Varsity Golf — Forest Park — 4:30 p.m. at Prides Creek ❚ Girls' Varsity Tennis — Gibson Southern — 5:30 p.m. — Gibson Southern ❚ Girls' JV Softball — Southridge — 6 p.m. at Southridge ❚ Boys' Varsity Baseball — Southridge — 6 p.m. at Southridge ❚ Middle School Coed Varsity Track and Field —Northeast Dubois — 6 p.m. at Northeast Dubois ❚ Girls' Varsity Softball —Southridge — 6 p.m. at Southridge FRIDAY, APRIL 30 ❚ Boys' Varsity Baseball — Shoals — 5:30 p.m. at Shoals SATURDAY, MAY 1 ❚ Girls' Varsity Softball —Gibson Southern — noon at Gibson Southern ❚ Girls' JV Softball — Gibson Southern — 1:30 p.m. at Gibson Southern MONDAY, MAY 3 ❚ Girls' Varsity Softball —Vincennes Lincoln — 5 p.m. at Vincennes Lincoln ❚ Middle School Coed Varsity Track and Field —Tri- Meet — 6 p.m. at Pike Central ❚ Girls' Varsity Track and Field — Pioneer Relays — 6 p.m. at Boonville ❚ Middle School Girls' Softball — Barr Reeve — 6 p.m. at Pike Central ❚ Girls' JV Softball — Vincennes Lincoln — 6:30 p.m. at Vincennes Lincoln TUESDAY, MAY 4 ❚ Girls' Varsity Tennis — Northeast Dubois — 4:30 p.m. — Pike Central ❚ Boys' Varsity Track and Field — Pioneer Relays — 6 p.m. at Boonville ❚ Boys' Varsity Baseball — Gibson Southern — 6 p.m. at Pike Central ❚ Middle School Girls' Softball — Southridge — 6 p.m. at Southridge WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 ❚ Girls' Varsity Tennis — Wood Memorial — 5:30 p.m. — Wood Memorial ❚ Girls' Varsity Softball —South Spencer — 6 p.m. at South Spencer ❚ Middle School Girls' Softball — Northeast Dubois — 6 p.m. at Northeast Dubois

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