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Sweet's Column By Barb Sweet AREA HAPPENINGS Celebrate Recovery–Will meet every Monday at 6 p.m. at the River of Life Church, 342 E. CR 300 N., Petersburg. For more information, contact Pastor Jim at 812-354-8800. Pike County History Center—Will meet the fourth Monday of each month at the History Center, 1104 Main Street, Petersburg at 6:30 p.m. New members welcome. History Center hours Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until further notice. DAR—Local chapter of the Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution meet the second Monday of each month September through June at 6 p.m. at the History Center in Petersburg. Free Clothing Bank–Oak Grove Church in Oakland City offers a free clothing bank each Tuesday 9 -11 a.m. (Oakland City time) for everyone. They carry new and used clothing. Location is on Morton Street, just past Chuckles. Come to the gymnasium door located at the back of the church. Winslow Alcoholics Anonymous – will meet every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Call 812-789 -8535 for location of the meeting. Narcotic Anonymous – Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at River of Life Fellowship Church. Odd Fellows IOOF Pacific Lodge #175 meeting–the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. All area members are encouraged to attend. Otwell Ruritan–will have its monthly meetings the sec- ond Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Pike Lodge #121 F&AM regular stated meeting–the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. All area Masons are invited to attend. Jefferson Township Community Center of Otwell– will have its monthly meetings the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. All members are urged to attend. Perinatal Loss Support – Expectant parents who sud- denly lose their child often experience a wide range of emo- tions and grief. Memorial Hospital and Health Care Cen- ter offers support to assist those who have experienced the loss of a child (conception to one month of age) through the grieving process, and provide an atmosphere of confiden- tiality and comfort. For more information about Perinatal Loss Support, con- tact Theresa O'Bryan, Pastoral Care, at 812-996 -0219 or to- Grief Support Series – The death of a loved one, a child leaving home, overwhelming changes in one's personal life – each can cause profound grief and suffering. To offer reas- surance and comfort, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center has developed a free support program called "Grief Support Series." Conducting the sessions will be Theresa O'Bryan, Hos- pital Chaplain, and Tom Holsworth, a clinical psychologist who has served as a co-facilitator of this program since its inception in 1991. The next five-week program will be April 27, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. in Memorial Hospital and Health Care Centers Chap- el. This program is free and space is limited. Pre-registra- tion is necessary, so call 812-996 -0219. animal It should have humanis- tic features. A pillow is good for clutching, but it does not offer a gaze of uncondition- al support when you have made a bad decision, when you have not showered in days, when you wonder if it's allergies or COVID-19. Keep your best friend in your office or in the car for the ride home. Stash it in your locker at the hospital or your desk at school, and peri- odically head back for hugs. If anyone asks why you are clutching a stuffed toy, ask them why they are not. If we are infantile, so be it. Infants have it great; peo- ple feed them, carry them around, let them sleep all day. Children represent the purest parts of us, before we mess it up. What's so wrong with taking a little piece of that back? Gus agrees, by the way. He's on my lap right now, his idiotic little feet turned up, still smiling. Stephanie Hayes is a colum- nist at the Tampa Bay Times in Florida. Follow her at @ stephhayes on Twitter or @ stephrhayes on Instagram. The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, April 7, 2021 B-11 ANIMAL Continued from page 1 To enter the Birthday Club, email your name, ad- dress, phone number and birthdate to birthdayclub@ Only the person's name, town and birth- day will appear in the paper. As an added bonus, one lucky person each month will receive a free three month Press-Dispatch subscription. This month's birthdays have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate off your next oil change from Sims Automo- tive, in Winslow. MARCH WINNER And the winner is... Bradley R. Segert from Petersburg. Bradley won a $25 gift certificate from Kuttin' Loose, in Pe- tersburg, and a three-month subscription to The Press-Dis- patch. Congratulations! THIS WEEK'S BIRTHDAYS Susan Beane ............................. Petersburg .............4/7 Theresa Blackburn Loveless ...... Petersburg .............4/8 Eva Willis.................................. Petersburg .............4/9 Carl Gibson ................................Loogootee .............4/9 Becky Gregory .............................. Otwell .............. 4/10 Joshua Herrera .......................... Petersburg ........... 4/11 Conrad Stinson ..........................Evansville ...........4/13 Daniel Cavins ............................ Petersburg ...........4/13 THIS MONTH'S SPONSOR 626 S. S.R. 61, Winslow 812-789-9502 Social Security Matters By Rusty Gloor Will my widow's benefit replace my own SS? Hi stars and welcome to the big stage all lit up colorful bright lights and decorated to help celebrate with all our stars who will have a birthday or anniversary in the week of April 8 -14. Come up onto this stage and take a bow. CURRENT BIRTHDAYS April 8 -Kelly Virden turns 40 ; Jenna Bruce turns 29; Theresa Blackburn Love- less; John and Kathy Smith celebrate 50 years; Ryan and Shauna Meyer celebrate 4 years. April 9 -Arlene Merritt turns 67; Chipper Dixon turns 57; Dorothy Sutt turns 77; Eva Willis; Tony and Mary Russell celebrate an- other year. April 10 -Luke Messmer; Isaiah Roach turns 14; Janie Davis turns 74. April 11-Brianna Kay Green turns 7. April 13-Madyson Ann Hegedus turns 19; Roy Hen- derson; Delphia Howard. May all our stars have a really great day and may all your wishes come true. Keep in your heart and in your prayers all our stars who need that card, vis- it, phone call and that daily thought of them, those who have COVID-19, those recov- ering, having surgery, going to therapy or having more tests, those with seasonal allergies, and those with the aches and pains of everyday life: Benny, Annabel, Rosel- la's sister-in-law, Sue Ellen, Angie, Margie and Linda. EVENTS April 7-Winslow Parks Board meets at 7 p.m. at the Community Center. April 8 -Petersburg Lions meet at 6 p.m. at the Village Inn. April 10 -Petersburg Moose Women have a Peter Cotton Trail drive-thru at 10 a.m. April 12-Winslow Town Hall at 6 p.m. April 13-Winslow Beau- tification at 6:30 p.m. and Economic at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center. April 15 -Winslow Lions Club meets at 7 p.m. at the Gamble House. Tax filing deadline has been moved to May 17. April 17-Open Fun Horse Show starts at 11 a.m. south of Otwell Jct. at Rockin-G Saddle Club. More informa- tion from Matt Gamble 812- 789 -6430 or Dallas Gamble 812-582-9661. April 24-Cup Creek Car Show starts at 10 a.m. at the Cup Creek Church. Winslow and Petersburg seniors will not meet again until Governor Holcomb gives the okay. There were no postcards at Sweets Column, Winslow, IN 47598. Winslow Patoka River is up but not overflowing and the rivers all around the ar- ea is also high, but not over- flowing. We have had rain, but not enough to raise the river too much, but all riv- ers are at the rim. Thurs- day, March 25, we had thun- derstorms with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, a few sec- onds of hail and in the areas, we had a tornado watch that was tracked from Darmstadt, along I-69 into Daviess and Martin counties. The winds kept blowing from 8 p.m. un- til 4 a.m. Our next rain came on Tuesday, March 30, but we only received about a tenth of an inch and then our spring temps of 60s and 70s, dropped into the 50s with two nights of 30s to 25 to cause a freeze warning. They call this the Redbud winter and soon it will be the Dogwood win- ter in the middle of April. The March winds ranged from 10 - 25 mph and some gusts range from 25 -40 mph. March came in like a lamb and it did go out like a lion. Spring continues to bring color into the area, no mat- ter where you live. Some trees like the weeping willow have a light green color, pur- ple of redbud, white of cher- ry blossoms, golden of gold- en rod, purple and white of the tulip tree and there are more trees and bushes to dot our scenery. Flowers of daf- fodils, tulips, ground cover of white and purple flowers, and soon the yellow flowers will appear, and more flowers like irises, flags, day lilies are growing taller each week. Friday, March 26, Norm and I celebrated our 44th year of husband and wife, and the modern gift for this year happens to be grocer- ies, so instead of going to the store today, we will con- tinue our celebration and go get each other our gift of gro- ceries on Saturday. Norm got paid on this day, so after we got his check and dropped the column off to the Press, we headed to the bank and off we went to eat some- where. That place was the Overlook in Leavenworth. Our day was a little chilly in the morning, but the sun was bright as it appeared through the clouds from the storm the night before. No interstate driving that day, so we took the scenic route of Hwy 61 to Hwy 64 to Huntingburg Hwy 231 to Dale, where we stayed on Hwy 62 to the Overlook. Masks were worn and the view of the Ohio River was exciting as we saw two barg- es going in different direc- tions, make their turns on each bend of the river. The water was high, but not over- flowing and you could see that it was up on the bank. The trees were dotted with new leaves of green and ma- ny pine trees. In the hill- side, there was an oak tree that I loved just because the branches were like a tree to climb on. There were two bird feeders where a male cardinal was seen. Our deli- cious meal of steak and Man- hattan was also enjoyed later that night when we got hun- gry again, no dessert, but the list was tempting. As we left a filling dinner, we stayed on Hwy 62 on our way east to Corydon on Hwy 135, where we finally saw Indiana's first capital state historic site on the town's square. There were two antique shops we stopped at and we need to go back to see what we didn't see before. Necklaces, pins and blackberry jam were bought. From there, we took Hwy 135 to Hwy 64, where in English, we saw a place that had loads of ironwork items, like Bigfoot, barn ani- mals, flowers, airplane, heli- copter and a whole lot more. Another place to go back to with antiques inside. All along this scenic route, we saw the Ohio River, Blue River and creeks along the roadway, O'bannon Woods State Park, Harrison Craw- ford State Forest, National Forest Purchase, Marengo Cave, fields of purple clover, fields of cows, horses, lots of colors in yards and along the highways. The radio played some songs of our married lives and when one or two songs started playing, the body just had to move to the music, even if we were on the road. At the house, as is our tradi- tion, we toast- ed our special day with our favorite drink and stayed home. Saturday, we continued our weekend by picking up some items at Menards, like a bug- eyed bird that is solar for the flower garden spot, he is the cutest that will make you smile or laugh like I did. Then we went grocery shopping then started home where we saw a girl walking just in- side the Pike County line and since the sun was heating the temperature, we stopped to see if she needed a ride some- where and she did. We intro- duced ourselves and we did our good deed on a hot day and took Renee to Velpen and took Hwy 257 to Hwy 56 and back to Winslow. We called Greg and left him a singing Happy Birthday message and he was so thrilled to get his first singing Happy Birthday. His birthday he worked and then went fishing. Sunday, on Palm Sunday, Norm got his second Moder- na shot. We saw Greg, who got his second shot also. At the Pike County Health De- partment, we saw quite a few who were resting the re- quired time for any reaction before they could leave and more were waiting when we left. Our Indiana Governor Holcomb has said that since COVID-19 is easing up and more people are getting the shots, that some places can have people, but the masks and social distancing are still in place for some build- ings and places. For me, I will still wear my mask in certain crowds and I'm okay when some places still have the signs up to wear your mask inside that business. It's too soon to let your guard down, not everyone can have the shot. Norm and I were going to watch the Bristol Dirt Race on Sunday, where they had too much rain to hold it, so the race was postponed to Monday at 4 p.m. and it was a great race to see, with so many drivers who had nev- er raced on dirt. It was such a great race with Joey Lo- gans, who won, that it was announced that next year at Bristol, it will be on a dirt track. Laura doesn't usually do this, but after she got to work, she locked her keys up in the car, so as good par- ents, we drove to Washington to her rescue with the spare key. It was a lovely night for a drive and Laura was so hap- py and grateful. I was listening to the Chan- nel 7 news when they were talking about the freeze to come in the next two to three nights and what to do for the new flowers planted. So, during an interview with the general manager, Jesse Mey- er at a landscaping business in Evans- ville, I recognized the manager as my cousin Phillip's daughter. Wow, an- other celebrity on T.V. that we know. April 1 was the day to fool people in a fun way and I hope all your foolish pranks were all nice. I miss the April Fools that my dad played on us and we tried to prank him but he always got up first. Winslow Lions club has an- other new member who was pinned, I think, on April 1 at our meal meeting. I tried to make it, but my nose had other plans. So, the group sent Norm home with some deep fried catfish, potato salad, creamed corn, dev- iled eggs, potato chips and a piece of zucchini bread and apple cream cheese pie that was really delicious. I had seen that our club had sev- eral members present to wel- come Lacey Lee as our new- est member. Our Winslow Li- ons are going to serve food and enjoy each other's com- pany at several events this year and if you would like to join a fine group like us Li- ons and help our communi- ty, then come and see what we are all about at an event or a meeting and be my guest. Our granddaughter, Kya- na, sent me a text message that she has her permit to start driving. She contin- ues to learn in her driving school she started the first of this year. Now it won't be too long and she will be driv- ing herself and she can drive us somewhere as she comes for a visit. Congrats to Kyana. I got a belated birthday card from Greg and Lisa with the envelope being sealed with a paper knick-knack sealed in tape. The card has a turtle with three pres- ents on its shell and a frog to wish me a belated birthday. The kind words on the inside said, "We may have forgotten your birthday, but we could never forget you! You are a wonderful person and friend (and relative)! " I like all my relatives and they are all wonderful people and you couldn't have a bet- ter person or a friend as the relatives I have. Since we celebrated our 44 years, we had a great time, but our celebration will not end, but continue through- out this year and for many years to come. Thanks for all the songs and messages for our happiness. It means a lot to us. As the lights begin to dim on this week, I hope your Easter weekend was great for those little ones as they hunt- ed for those colored eggs. Keep an eye on family and friends. Slow down and see all the wonders in your area. Keep wearing your mask for others' safety and keep your distance. As always, smile, wave and say "hi" to every- one you see this week. Dear Rusty: My husband is 76, retired for four years, and receiving Social Secu- rity. I am only 59 and still working. We are both in good health and I'd like to think we still have many years to en- joy retirement. My question: Is it true that if I start SS at 62, I can switch to my hus- band's SS when he passes? If this is true (and his amount is slightly higher than my FR A amount), wouldn't it make sense for me to begin collect- ing at 62? Signed: Younger Spouse. Dear Younger Spouse: Yes, it is true that if you start your reduced personal SS benefit at age 62, and your husband (collecting a benefit higher than your own) pre- deceases you, you can switch to his higher benefit amount. But there are some other fac- tors which come into play when dealing with survivor benefits, especially with an age difference: • You must be at least 60 years old to claim your survi- vor benefit (or 50 if you are disabled). • Your survivor benefit will be reduced if you haven't yet reached your own full retire- ment age (FR A) when you claim it. The reduction is 4.75 percent for each full year ear- lier than your FR A that you claim the survivor benefit. • You do not need to take your survivor benefit imme- diately upon your husband's death. Your survivor bene- fit as your husband's widow reaches maximum at your FR A, and you can choose to delay claiming your widow's benefit until you reach your FR A (to get the maximum amount). • If you claim any SS bene- fit before your FR A (your own or your survivor benefit), and you are working, you'll be sub- ject to Social Security's "earn- ings test" which limits how much you can earn before SS takes back some of your ben- efits. Considering the above, if your eventual benefit as your husband's wid- ow will be the highest benefit you will be en- titled to, then claiming your personal SS benefit at age 62 may be a prudent strat- egy. It allows you to collect your own benefit earlier (al- beit reduced) until your high- er survivor benefit kicks in to replace the smaller amount. However, your plans for work- ing prior to your full retire- ment age are key to decid- ing if you should claim bene- fits earlier. If you exceed the earnings limit ($18,960 for 2021), SS will take away some of your benefits, which could mean you go without benefits until they recover what you owe. Indeed, if your earnings are high enough, you may find that you would get no SS benefits be- cause the amount you owe for ex- ceeding the earn- ings limit would completely offset your Social Securi- ty benefit. So, as you can see, if you are work- ing with a high in- come, the earnings limit might imply that waiting un- til your FR A to claim any SS benefit is the smartest move. But if you don't work after you claim SS then taking your own benefit early and later switching to your higher wid- ow's benefit at or after your FR A would be a sound choice. To submit a question, vis- it our website (amacfounda- curity-advisory) or email us at ssadvisor@amacfoundation. org.

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