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We have relied on Santa Cruz County Bank for all our banking needs for over a decade. We're on a first-name basis with bankers who understand the seasonality of our business and the recent impacts of the pandemic. Dependability is everything, and our bank has come through for us every time. ~ JJ Scurich, Creekside Farms S A N T A C R U Z C O U N T Y B A N K As a community bank, our objective is to help local businesses thrive, even as economic seasons change. We're a community bank, staffed with local market experts and decision makers. So we can dig into your business and create a plan that works to your advantage. No waiting for approvals from "the folks at HQ." If you'd like some fresh ideas on how to grow your business, call us or stop by. Our team is ready to serve you with resourceful, relationship-based expertise. Like a greenhouse for business growth. S C C O U N T Y B A N K . C O M ■ 831. 457. 5000 Winter 2021 Central Coast A Special Advertising Supplement to Monterey Herald and Santa Cruz Sentinel February 26, 2021 Eating vegetables is key to a healthier lifestyle Change your habits, change your life! Why is wellness so difficult to achieve? If we could manage obesity, type 2 diabetes, lower our risks of heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, cognitive decline and Alzheimer's by consum- ing more fresh fruits and vegetables – then why aren't we? Well, the fact is, change is hard! Wellness is an interac- tive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle. Well- ness is the framework that you can use to or- ganize, understand, and balance your own growth and development. It is a continuum of self-care, giving yourself permis- sion to get off track and get back on track, and remembering to cele- brate your successes along the way. D'Arrigo California has partnered with Steph- anie Bouquet to share simple and holistic ways to find wellness and balance this new year. Bouquet is a registered dietitian, certified spe- cialist in sports dietet- ics, certified diabetes educator and certified wellness coach. "We have been in the business of growing fresh fruits and vegeta- bles under the Andy Boy label since 1923 and we want to highlight new approaches to inspire families to find balance that leads to a healthier lifestyle as we come out of a challenging 2020 year. To help us on this wellness journey, we reached out to Stepha- nie, C.E.O. of SB Nutri- tion, as a professional in this field her knowledge and experience make her the perfect partner," said Claudia Pizarro-Vil- lalobos, D'Arrigo Cali- fornia, Marketing and Communications. "As creatures of habit, we must jump in with both feet to start something new that will revolutionize our health outlook and results. It begins with simple daily practices, prepping meals ahead of time, and finding healthy recipes that inspire you in the kitchen and help you at- tain your wellness goals," said Bouquet. Here are some helpful tips to incorporate healthier foods into your diet: • Make family cooking at home fun. Some say, "families that cook togeth- er, stay healthy together." Also, family cooking pro- motes fun family time. • Encourage your kids to help plan the menu. Kids love to get involved in the kitchen (especially making a mess!) and when they are part of the prep and cooking process they are more willing to try new dishes. • Purchase healthy snacks to promote smart "nib- bling" choices. Stock up on plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Try to curb snacks that are high in fat, calo- ries, and sugar. • Get moving. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. • Find a workout part- ner. A partner will help keep you accountable and inspired to power through workouts. • Stay hydrated. Drinking water keeps you hydrat- ed, feeling full, and helps to maximize physical performance while lubricating your joints, spinal cord, and tissues. Experts recommend eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. • Learn to slow down. It takes roughly twenty minutes for the brain and stomach to talk to each other to establish fullness. By slowing your rate of eating, you might find a smaller portion goes a lot farther toward satisfying your hunger. • Get enough sleep. Shoot for 6-8 hours of sleep nightly to help reg- ulate appetite, fullness, and blood sugar levels. Try to go to sleep at the same time and avoid distractions (electronic devices, caffeine, and al- cohol) close to bedtime. A simple way to in- crease produce consump- tion starts with meal preparation and what you put on your plate. Bouquet said, "Some of my favorite Andy Boy veggies are broccoli rabe, fennel and sweet baby broccoli. If you need in- spiration in the kitchen, check out the trendy and delicious recipes creat- ed by influencers that your family and friends are sure to love." Lots of delicious recipes can be found on the Andy Boy website. Embracing change may not be easy but you can do it! It starts with creating a health and wellness plan that incorporates daily behaviors to help you feel refreshed, replen- ished, motivated and energetic. Submitted content from D'Arrigo Califor- nia. Visit andyboy.com to learn more and to access healthy recipes you can try at home. Provided photo of Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, D'Arrigo California, Marketing and Communications Farm Bureau Helps Vaccinate 1300 Farmworkers Partners with Dignity Health Dominican Hospital Contributed by The Farm Bureau Early in February, the first mass COVID-19 vac- cination clinics were held for Santa Cruz County agricultural workers. The clinics were made possible through a partnership between Dignity Health Domin- ican Hospital and the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau, with support from the California Strawberry Commission. Together, they succeeded in vaccinating more than 1,300 local agricultural workers and, impor- tantly, helped to create 1,300 new ambassadors within the farm worker community who can speak to their colleagues about the benefits of the vaccine. "Dominican Hospital is grateful for the quick work of the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau to build awareness among the agricultural worker community about this COVID-19 vaccination opportunity," said Dr. Na- nette Mickiewicz, Pres- ident and CEO Domini- can Hospital. "Thanks to their targeted outreach and the group of hos- pital volunteers who generously gave of their time, a large portion of this vital and vulnerable population was success- fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, which has been so devastating to their numbers." Tom Am Rhein, Chair of the Farm Bureau COVID-19 Task Force said "When we reached out to farms, we had a huge response compared to the number of vac- cines available. Our Task Force made decisions on how to equitably distribute what we had. We focused on a broad cross section of workers who would then serve as 'ambassadors' to other ag workers who may have reluctance to get vaccinated, especially as the spring harvest crews come into the area". Am Rhein also said, "We must acknowledge the tremendous work of the Farm Bureau staff who worked constantly for several days and nights on short notice to create a clinic at the Casserly Hall... certainly something that had nev- er been done before!" Thank you to the Com- munity Foundation of Santa Cruz County for financially supporting Farm Bureau's effort to vaccinate 1300 farm- workers this month!

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