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Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center has helped me very much, I feel in control of the situation, I feel more positive, less stress and less overwhelmed. I have a better understanding of dementia... it has been wonderful having this program. - Helen Solano Helping Family Caregivers Care for eir Loved Ones Services Provided ✜ ✜ ✜ ✜ A Program of Health Projects Center Elderday Adult Day Health Care Lift Line Senior Center Without Limits Learn more at / Obtenga más información en www.CommunityBridges.org or call/ o llame (831) 688-8840 Day services for adults with complex medical conditions Servicios de dia para adultos con condiciones médicas complejas Transportation to medical appointments Transporte a citas médicas Online classes and workshops Clases y talleres virtuales Benefits of Hearing Aids Contributed by Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat About 20% of the U.S. population, approximately 48 million Americans, experience changes in hearing significant enough to impact mental and physical health. But for people with hearing loss who choose the effective and appropriate treatment option of hearing aids, there's good news. These tiny marvels of technology have been shown to improve balance, alertness, and help support an active social and physical lifestyle. Here's the start of a growing list of what hearing aids might do for you: • Increases Income— People are better able to communicate with hearing aids there- by appearing to be more reliable, aware, and in control. An increase in ability to hear can have a positive impact on job performance. • Reduce Discrimi- nation—People who have hearing loss and who miscom- municate on the job, out on the town, or at home often face assumptions about their intelligence or ability to under- stand. Hearing aids help eliminate this discrimination by providing a more level playing field for people with hearing loss. • Reduce Depres- sion—Self-isolation is a common response to hearing loss, which can lead to depres- sion. Hearing aids reduce the tendency for self-isolation and therefore the depres- sion often associated with it. • Reduce Anxiety in Social Situations — People with hearing loss often become anxious about going out and socializing. Hearing aids can make social interac- tions enjoyable again, eliminating stress and anxiety that hearing loss causes in these situations. • Reduce Paranoia— Poor hearing can result in common misconceptions about safety, social accep- tance, and the feeling of constantly being dismissed. Hearing aids restore aware- ness, in real time, and help reduce false assumptions by both the wearer and those around him or her. • Increase Self-Es- teem—Studies show that self-esteem increases in conjunc- tion with the com- fortable use of hear- ing aids. This may be due to increases in social ease, self-ex- pression, and social awareness. • Increase Overall Health—Use of hear- ing aids has been shown to decrease cognitive and mental decline. These factors have a positive and lasting effect on brain activity and contribute to overall well-being. • Increase Communi- cation—Hearing aids can restore a dimin- ished ability both for self-expression and for actively commu- nicating with others. All of the negative symptoms of hearing loss can be positive- ly and dramatically impacted by today's advanced hearing technologies. Sur- prised? You're not alone. A large num- ber of family physi- cians as well as most consumers remain unaware of the ad- vances in technology and stunning bene- fits of hearing aids. If you are interested in learning how you or a loved one can benefit from healthy hearing, contact San- ta Cruz ENT today at 831-462-8260. Find out why we were vot- ed Reader's Choice for Best Hearing Aid Center in SC County for 5 years running! Optimism and Growth By Donald Dimitruk, RFC ® ,RMA More Financial Planners recom- mended a Reverse mortgage as a tool for retirement plan- ning in 2020 than in any other year in history. Why? Be- cause the mortgage I payment is optional! Yes, if you are young 62 and are serious about your retire- ment on success ul terms then the op- tions available with a reverse mortgage may be of interest to you. If you were tempt- ed to refinance your home mortgage in the last 5 y1ears to take advantage of the historic low rates then you have rewound the clock on your mortga~e payment for another 30 years. When you were 50 it seemed like a good idea to lower the payment and knock 11/2 or 2 percent off your rate. Fast forward 15 years and now you are 65 wit~ 15 more years of monthly payments to go, all the way to age 80! Maybe, not so good. One big advantage of a Reverse Mort- gage is that the pay- ments can be made if you choose. If you decide to keep work- ing or running your business and the monthly payments are easily made then keep the interest only payment going for the tax deduction and equity building while the housing market is very hot and inventory is very low. Then, when the time comes to retire and you reevaluate your plan you may decide to stop the monthly payments to increase spend- able monthly income and enjoy the in- creased equity that you have accumu- lated in those high appreciation years. You may think of your home as many things; yo~r castle, your refuge, your family center but one thing it always is is your investment and many times the largest asset and investment you have. Financial planners can help you calcu- late the advantage of keeping the monthly payment going or deferring it depend- ing on the supply of monthly income from your rJtire- ment plan and mar- ket conditions. The unique credit line that can be a part of a Reverse Mo:rtgage is a special tool for helping to continue cash flow and consis- tency, the bedrock of a sucfessful retire- ment plan. This is the time in life when you count on per- formance and the security of having a credit line that can never be reduced, frozen or canceled is extra insurance for success, I Also, the unique feature of credit line growth of unused reserve funds, year over year adds to thle advan- tage of having a Reverse Mortgage as a tool for successful retirement. These are serious times like no other we've seen in our lifetime. WitH the pandemic chang- ing the way we do almost everything and the blurring of the future with un- kn1own timelines for getting back to any- thing close to what we once took for granted as "normal" retirement is still an exciting option to think about and plan for. I wish for your great success and rest fortunes. Donald Dinitruk is a Registered Fi- nancial Consultant ® and Registere Mortgage Advisor and is available for a free consultation about how a Reverse Mortgage may I ork for you at 831-464- 6464

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