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Young at Heart December 2020

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Premium Hearing Healthcare Dr. Jeannine is the only board- certified audiologist in the Santa Cruz and Monterey area. She diagnoses and treats hearing loss and specializes in tinnitus. At Harmony Audiology, solutions are tailored to your needs and values with a focus on patient- centered care. www.harmonyaudiology.com (831) 854-2882 820 Bay Avenue, Suite 210 Capitola, CA 95010 JeanneAnne ("Jeannine") Ramacho-Talley, Au.D., CCC-A, CH-TM American Board of Audiology Certified Social Dancing for solos and couples Peggy Pollard, Teacher Peggy@WaltzTribe.com www.WaltzTribe.com www.PeggyDance.weebly.com Santa Cruz Waltz & Swing online dances & lessons Waltz Tribe membership Grow your mind, body & soul Dance to music you love Sign up Now for up-coming Classes! December 2020 edition Young at Heart It's the New Year and a new you! by Harmony Audiolgy You get your eyes checked and your teeth cleaned regularly … what about your ears? This year consider making a commitment to healthy hearing. The first step is to make an appointment for a hearing checkup! I am oen asked, "When should I get my hearing checked?" While there are no official evidence-based guidelines for adults, most hearing profes- sionals will recommend at least once aer age 21 and at least a hearing test every 3 years aer age 50. I recommend an annual check if hearing loss is detected. Typically, hearing loss is age related and very gradual. It can be accelerated by noise exposure (from work and recreation). As small changes occur to our hearing, our brain adjusts to these chang- es – our brains naturally "fill in the blanks" with visual cues or conver- sational context. You may not realize you have a hearing loss until your brain can no longer "make sense" of what it is miss- ing. Most people will start to have more trouble listening in noisy environments, put extra effort into listening to others, or feel others are mum- bling or not speaking clearly. Sometimes people admit to feeling embarrassed, upset, or frustrated when they miss out on conversation. It is not uncommon Dance Celestial Bliss Into Your Heart Right in Your Kitchen by Peggy Pollard Happy New Year's Eve! As write this, the planets Jupiter and Saturn are brushing by each other, cheek- to-cheek, like kissing cousins, in their heav- enly choreography. Such celestial har- mony! Such orderly tranquility! The planets are teaching us something in their dance. Our solar system neighbors find a prolonged joy in their precise annual paths around the sun, cho- reographed millions of years ago, repeating imperturbably, into the unimaginable future. Meanwhile, down on earth, what we need right now is a big dose of that celestial bliss. As our first vaccina- tions for you-know- what are being doled out worldwide this week, we also need a big shot of healing for our covid-weary souls. We need to look up. Renaissance era in- tellectuals believed the movements of the stars and planets held pow- er over their terrestrial lives. Kingly court danc- es were choreographed in imitation of those celestial patterns, to connect mortals to the harmony of the heavens. Shakespeare wrote in Troilus and Cressida of such astrological assurance, "The heavens themselves, the planets and this center Observe degree, priority, and place, Insisture, course, propor- tion, season, form, Office, and custom, in all line of order." Such dances not only enlightened humans but were even believed to influence the stars as well, to bend their astronomical power over human affairs. Even today, as our solar system proceeds in its peaceful orbiting, so too we humans have a deep need to feel the peace and orderliness of a universal power bigger than our own fickle human affairs. When all else is falling apart, When the rest of our life feels like chaos, con- flict, unhappiness coming together in orderly dance (even on zoom) gives us a bliss- ful connection with the safe, peaceful order of the universe. Cool! Just looking up at the stars is a good start. Even better is moving your whole body in pre-ordained patterns, simple or complex, con- necting your soul with those vast and ancient purposes. Come dance with us and feel that bliss. I've pushed aside my dining furniture to demo steps for the students watching me through their zoom windows. They imitate my feet circling le for a Navajo chant. We switch to a floating Waltz cross- step, then Swing, Polka, Salsa, Tango patterns of circles, zig zags, box steps. We pause to share a laugh, sweat dripping down our glowing fac- es. Connecting visually and verbally we fill our little kitchens with sacred movements, satisfying our souls. It's not only a good workout, we've made the world feel right again, strengthening our souls to forge ahead with purposeful lives. Life is now good again. Yes, even as solo dancers during lock- down, we CAN enjoy the heavenly delights of dancing together. With your click of the button, the ballroom comes into your kitchen, with live people, dancing our choreographed patterns, ancient and new. Our vaccination against discourage- ment, fear and despair is dancing together! The planets are orbit- ing perfectly, The worlds ecosys- tems are functioning harmoniously Life is in the right balance again. Because we danced and made it so. Find your celestial bliss at Santa Cruz Waltz & Swing online zoom lessons. www.PeggyDance. weebly.com for people will think, "I can hear … I just don't always understand what is said." Put "Get hearing checked" on your To Do list for 2021. A simple evaluation can you get you on the road to better communication, improv- ing your lifestyle and relationships. (If you wear hearing aids, schedule your annual hearing checkup and make sure your hearing aids are adjusted to any changes!) Young at Heart In Santa Cruz County Special Advertising Supplement to the Santa Cruz Sentinel

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