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Page 7 of 27 8 Diciembre 2020 CENTRO ROMERO ABOUT CENTRO ROMERO Centro Romero it is a nonprot of community organization that has been serving the immigrant and refugee community for 35 years and over the last 10 years has served more than 10,000 persons per year with legal services, adult education, family services, a public benets program, and a wide array of outreach services. Many of our clients are employed, mostly at small businesses, and due to their undocumented status they are excluded from CARES Act benets, hence the need for a relief grant for Centro Romero to lessen their economic difculties caused by Covid-19. MISSION The mission of Centro Romero is to serve the immigrant and refugee community. PROGRAMS Centro Romero programs are: immigration legal services, adult education, family services, domestic violence, youth after- school program, and public benets. All our clients are at less than 200% of the federal poverty Level, more than 98% are Latino immigrants and refugees from Latin America. Our primary service area is Edgewater, Rogers Park, and Uptown, but immigration legal service clients come from all parts of Chicago BUDGET $999,999 ADDRESS 6325 N. Claremont, Chicago Il. 60659 PHONE (773) 508-5300 WEBSITE EXECUTIVE Daysi Funes, Executive Director BOARD OF DIRECTORS Michael Katz, president MESSAGE FROM THE CEO May I express my gratitude for allowing me to introduce Centro Romero. We have been serving the community for more than 36 years. Today the board of directors is concentrating on helping the community through the COVID- 19 pandemic. We are bringing technology and resources to our client houses and we have tutors to support our clients during this difcult time. Centro Romero and the board of directors understand that we cannot do this by ourselves and need ideas and support from everyone. CONTACT INFORMATION Daysi J. Funes;; 773-508-5300 ext. 210 CHICAGO LATINA MOMS ABOUT CLM Chicago Latina Moms creates opportunities for moms and families to connect with one another. We host moms' night out, play dates, family programming, professional and personal development workshops, and more. MISSION At Chicago Latina Moms, we know that mothers often face isolation, shaming, and doubt. We have also experienced firsthand how discrimination, racism, and systematic inequality threatens communities of color. We believe that every mother deserves to be surrounded by a safe and supportive community, so we have created the largest network of Latina moms in Chicagoland dedicated to empowering, uplifting, and celebrating the Latina mother. Chicago Latina Moms provides an encouraging community, resources, family programming, networking, and opportunities for professional and personal development in order to build upon a mother's potential. We embrace mothers as leaders of their home, community, and destiny. PROGRAMS 1. Día del Niño Virtual Event, reached nearly 2,000 people on our Facebook public page. This virtual event demonstrated our commitment to continuing our legacy of providing Latino families events that celebrate and share their culture. 2. Race and Justice Town Hall was a three-part series held over the course of a week on our Facebook public page during the height of civil unrest in response to the death of George Floyd. 3. Dia de los Muertos Festival para Niños 2020. Attendees received access to the virtual event and a box kit for craft activities to continue our annual tradition. ADDRESS 2621 Clinton Ave, Berwyn, IL PHONE (312) 502-1636 WEBSITE EXECUTIVE Isabel Gonzalez-Smith, President and CEO BOARD OF DIRECTORS Gardenia Rangel, President Vanessa Avalos, Vice President Jacqueline Quinonez-Nunez, Treasurer Patricia Pena, Secretary Stephanie Loera Herrera, Board Member Elisa Perez-Andablo, Board Member MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Chicago Latina Moms does not have a CEO. It's a volunteer- based organization. CONTACT INFORMATION Jacqueline Quinonez-Nunez, (312) 502-1636 Daysi Funes, Executive Director

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