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Advantage News Summer 2019 Solutions for Advertising Revenue from Advantage Newspaper Consultants Americans are streaming TV! But don't be fooled that Millennials are the only demographic group doing it. Trends show streaming is now across all generations. As a result, newspapers have a new and incremental revenue source while refresh- ing a proven print product. The old TV book becomes today's ENTER- TAINMENT BOOK. Up stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have changed the way Americans watch TV. Disney and Apple are about to join the change, adding to what is already a large number of viewing choices. This ends up creating a need for information curation. And who is better to provide that curation than newspapers? In response, many Advantage News- paper Consultants' (ANC) partner newspapers have added full-page features on the three main streaming services. Added to the already enter- taining features like puzzles, celebrity news, sports and food and this converts what was once referred to as a "TV Book" into an "Entertainment Book". A new look and name In addition to adding new content in their entertainment books, many newspapers are changing the name of the book. "The term 'TV' has been removed by many of our newspapers in the titles of their books," said ANC's Production Manager, Shelby Adams. "Names like Screentime, What's On and Full Access are replacing the old names, such as TV Week." Streaming provides newspapers entertainment revenue To support the name changes, ANC has created a logo plug and play program for newspapers to help update their books. Newspapers can now choose a new name and put it to immediate use. "When a newspaper changes the name of the book, adds streaming features, and even updates the ever-popular puzzles, we see a whole new product," said Adams. Advertiser game changer Now armed with redesigned entertainment guides, sales professionals are seeing a very different advertiser reaction. During revenue campaigns, ANC media analysts call on advertisers with newspaper partner advertising representatives. Advertisers want their ads to appear in a product that enter- tains and informs. As a result, newspapers are seeing revenue results beyond their expectations. During a recent campaign, an ad agency said they want the Netflix page for their clients. The new enter- tainment book format is getting the attention of advertisers. (Be sure to see the article on page 3 about The Monroe News in Monroe, MI.) Even more opportunity Several newspapers have taken the entertainment model further. Their books include local arts and entertainment features as well as calendar listings. At the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (Fairbanks, AK), the publisher went all out with a 32-page section titled Lat 65. Contained within is arts and entertainment features, event listings, TV listings, streaming service pages, puzzles and a lot of advertising. Get your revenue Bring new and incremental 52-week advertising to your newspaper. Call ANC today at 910-323-0349 or email We will work with you and your content provider to design an entertain- ment book that will bring some excitement back to your market. ANC works with you to design a sales campaign on-site with our staff that is two weeks or less, does not take the attention of your staff off their other deadlines, and provides proven revenue results. "We call ANC the '13th Month of Revenue people'," said Chris Rush, Publisher of the East Oregonian, Hermiston Herald, Blue Mountain Eagle and Wallowa County Chieftain. "Their team worked so well with our team. Together, they created revenue we did not have before." So why wait? As seen on TV: CALL TODAY! TV/Screen viewing increases The US Bureau of Labor and Statics noted last year that TV viewing had increased their TV viewership. A 2018 Wall Street Journal article stated, "The most common leisure activity contin- ued to be watching TV. Americans spent an average of two hours and 46 minutes per day doing it, up about two-and- a-half minutes from the previous year. " The article also quoted Geoffrey Godbey, a professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University who researches time use, "The majority of free time comes on weekdays, not on weekends, and it comes in small chunks, so it's ideal for watching TV," Godbey said. "Most free time in the U.S. is spent looking at screens," including cell phones. The Huntsville Item (Huntsville, TX) recently rebranded their entertainment guide, to include a name/logo more inclusive of the content.

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