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January 2013

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We���d like you to meet... Mark Branch, Media Analyst The Monroe Evening News Monroe, MI Monroe Evening News Significantly Increases 2013 Digital Revenue Budget With Platinum Advantage Initiative��� In their September 2012 Platinum Advantage sales campaign, the Michigan daily newspaper exceeded an aggressive revenue goal by more than 85% with advertising revenues of nearly $93,000. ANC Media Analyst Gary Beeson was invited back to conduct the Platinum Advantage effort after an earlier, successful print sales initiative. Advertisers included restaurants, medical providers, a local credit union, hardware supply, commercial and residential service providers, grocery, realtor and automobile repair. Program advertisers use Platinum Advantage as a year-round advertising program and responded to the offer that included exclusive online advertising impressions as well as a ROP position in the Monroe Evening News and Cover Story, a TMC supplement. Offerings were enhanced with ANC���s exclusive eShopper, an online delivered, interactive advertising supplement. The Evening News��� goal was to supplement a February 2012 inaugural TV magazine advertising sales effort, also conducted by ANC. This program yielded over $150,000 in revenue, exceeding its target goal by more than 50%. This impressive revenue gain was achieved through joint sales calls and successful sales staff activity initiatives that reflected the positive response. Mark Branch joined Advantage Newspaper Consultants in 2011 and his greatest professional satisfaction is working with newspaper sales staff and management to reach or exceed revenue goals. His activity is guided by the need to make sure the sales staff understands their clients��� needs and then grow their business relationships. Mark���s strength as a Media Analyst is developing advertising relationships between Advantage Newspaper Consultants, local newspapers, and advertising clients. Mark attended East Carolina University and majored in Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining ANC, he worked in sales, marketing and business development as a sales manager/general manager in the print industry and has more than 20 years experience as general manager of a small business. Mark���s sales and management experience provide unique skills to help advertising staffs when selling their product to prospective advertisers. ���We closed 62% more advertising sales revenue than we anticipated with Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC) and their Platinum Advantage program��� Core Product New Advertising Revenue Specialists January 2013 Advertiser Retention and Focused Selling Net $172,000 ��� Leesburg Florida���s Daily Commercial Hits All-Time TV Magazine Revenue High in Four Years of Steady Growth Leesburg Florida���s Daily Commercial hit its all-time TV magazine revenue high this fall in the fourth year working with Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC). Advertising Director Kevin Austin credits the results to growth, an advertiser retention strategy developed by ANC and focused selling by his sales team which were rewarded by ANC with daily cash bonuses. The 27,000 circulation Daily Commercial���s ad sales team (in joint calls with ANC���s Media Analyst Brenda Diah) sold $172,000 in annual contracts during a 9-day TV magazine sales blitz, topping 2011���s $139,000 results. The result for 2009 was $99,700 and 2010 was $126,000 - a steady revenue growth progression. ���Brenda kicked off the 2012 sales blitz with renewed vigor and excitement,��� said Austin. ���She ignited our selling effort and it quickly became a daily contest. Each day someone was trying to outsell the next person! The staff loved her approach to the blitz, cash bonuses and our customers.��� "To see the smiles on the faces of staff when a new sale is made or a big ad is sold is always very gratifying!" - Mark Branch In addition to the revenue high, Austin reports that The Daily Commercial has had 100% advertiser retention on the 2012 annual contracts to date. He attributes the retention to attentive service and changing ad copy in monthly advertiser ���checkup��� meetings. ���We surpassed $172,000 in revenue. I���m extremely pleased that we were able to grow our TV Week and I look forward to the 2013 sales blitz.��� Kevin Austin Advertising Director The Daily Commercial The Daily Commercial���s 2012 sales initiative included a pre-blitz motivational training kickoff meeting followed by an appointment-setting telethon with cash bonuses for appointments. ���We openly discussed the type of accounts we should prospect and renew��� said Austin. Mark and his wife, Nancy, have two children in college as well as three awesome dogs. He loves any time spent at the beach, sailing, playing golf and tennis or working in his garden. A native of Florida, Mark and his family currently reside in Fayetteville, NC. ���We had our best TV Week blitz ever in 2012!��� Austin said. ���We surpassed $172,000 in revenue. I���m extremely pleased that we were able to grow our TV Week and I look forward to the 2013 sales blitz.��� Builds Advertiser Traffic and Exposure, Preps Readers for New or Upgraded Magazine ��� Marketing Your New or Upgraded TV Book Benefits Advertisers While Building Reader Anticipation for Debut Advertising Director David Zewicky says, ���We increased our digital revenue and our sales reps developed improved presentation techniques for digital products and increased their sales closing ratios. Tony Duffer, Platinum Advantage Director, was outstanding with his sales training and conducted an educational digital presentation to invited retail advertisers that was an added value. ANC Media Analyst, Gary Beeson, again surpassed our revenue goal by selling many local businesses that typically shy away from web advertising���. David Zewicky Advertising/Circulation Director The Monroe Evening News Advantage News Some of Advantage Newspaper Consultant���s TV magazine clients use the time between the end of the sales campaign and the debut of the first of the annual TV Magazine weekly issues to market the upcoming magazine to readers. They use some interesting marketing that involves and benefits the advertisers! As a part of the sales program, ANC paid total cash bonuses of more than $3,400 to the Monroe Evening News��� advertising sales staff as sales initiatives. The Evening News has already scheduled ANC to repeat their print and online advertising revenue campaigns for 2013. During the three weeks to one month after the sales campaign ends, and before the first issue, why not run a series of house ads and even some traded radio spots touting the new or improved TV magazine that will appear soon? The ads prepare readers for any changes to the features or TV schedule grids and can improve advertiser retention and confidence in the product. For More Information about Platinum Advantage, contact Tony Duffer at 910-494-2626 or 597 OLIVER STREET FAYETTEVILLE, NC 28304 910-323-0349 (PHONE) 910-323-9280 (FAX) WWW.NEWSPAPERCONSULTANTS.COM Why not try an approach that includes publishing the logos of the new advertisers in the house ads promoting the new version of your TV magazine? Tell the readers that the book is being supported by these fine advertisers. feature their picture in the advertiser location the day before the new TV magazine publishes. Finally, how about running a contest along with the house ads encouraging the reader to register at the advertiser locations for a drawing for a free flat screen TV? You can trade the TV, put registration boxes in the businesses that are advertising in the TV magazine and build their foot traffic for a month. Announce the TV winner and Logo exposure for your advertisers in your house ads plus foot traffic in their stores from registrants is a value-added benefit you can provide the advertisers in a house ad campaign that is good for you too! Affluent, local, somewhat older readers love your TV magazines. Adding or upgrading a TV magazine to your publishing schedule is an important feature you can publicize ��� driving circulation and reader loyalty. Publicizing changes will also reduce calls to your switchboard when your new issue debuts from readers devoted to the TV magazine, because they know change is coming. Why not benefit the advertisers too by including them in the house ads and a TV giveaway? Call ANC today at (910) 323-0349 to discuss and schedule sales of an annual advertising package in your TV magazine!

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