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February 13, 2015

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February 13, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 10 Bluffer The Senior class, there will be a meeting this Friday at lunch in the PAC regarding room arrangements for the senior trip, as well as Sober Grad donation tickets. • Selling Sober Grad donation tickets enables you, to get into the event for free. Red Bluff Parks and Rec is conducting a video contest for the upcoming dog park next to Tosh Field in Red Bluff. This contest is open to all high school students in Tehama County. • There will be a $200 grand prize winner and three finalists. • Deadline is February 24, 2015, See Mrs. Phillips in room 313 Make sure you have your physical on file and have completed a sports packet and turned it into the student store. • The first day of practice will be Wednesday February 25. • See Coach Minto or Coach Arnold for more information. • Sign ups will be February 23 and February 24 in the Weight Room. Want to get into a fitness routine that's fast, fun, and best of all, free? • There is now a "Boomzah" (Zumba's new high school name) class after school • Mondays (3:30-4) and Wednesdays (3:45-4:15) in the PAC dance room. Red Bluff Dog Park Track & Field Boomzah Sober Grad High school aims to branch out in terms of 'Ameican Sniper' movie review, page 4 'V Boys Basketball' sports story, page 7 Red Bluff High School branches out with new ideas in curriculum starting with a 7 period day as new classes are being conceived. Classes ranging from Ag and Soil Chemistry, Public Speaking and Communication and many other classes will be introduced next year. "The students need to know that the schedule will allow them more options to take new classes. There will also be different graduation requirements for each class until next year's 9 th graders reach 12 th grade," said Assistant Principal Miguel Barriga. However, many of the new classes are still pending to see if the classes can give A-G credits. With the availability of new classes, students will be given an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Some of the new classes have been used at other schools where they have been approved for A-G standards, and another was once used at Red Bluff High School once, but are now being brought back. Public Speaking and Communication which was offered at Red Bluff High 10 to 15 years ago and was taught by Mrs. Dausse her first two years of teaching. "It was at a time where 10th grade English consisted of Communication for one semester and Composition the last semester, and they cut Communication to create a RBHS bewitches town with performance of 'The Crucible' curriculum in light of seven day schedule yearlong English class," said Dausse. Dausse also mentioned that she would not mind teaching the class next year because she kept all of the units and goes over public speaking elements in her English c l a s s e s t o d a y . P ubl ic S p e a k i n g and Communication will be offered to tenth to twelfth grade students next year. This semester the school brought in two new e l e c t i v e c l a s s e s to sort of test them out for next year. These Red Bluff High School's Spring Play, 'The Crucible', is being performed on February 26 and 27 in the Performing Arts Center, or PAC. The setting of the play is Salem, Mass. in 1692. "It's about the Salem Witch Trials. In Salem, Massachusetts all these girls are accused of being a witch," informed Jennifer Muto, junior, who plays Abigail Williams in Crucible, "[Abigail] says the devil possessed her and accuses other girls of being possessed by witches." Jodie Capps, junior, plays Mary Warran in the play. When asked how her character plays a part in the drama, Capps stated, "My character is sort of a rag-doll throughout all the drama. She's forced to stay on Abby's side, yet Procter wants he rot say all the witchery is a lie." While the play is historical, it is also a drama. When asked about rehearsals and getting ready for the play, Muto stated, "It's going really well. We're a little rushed because Christmas Break takes a toll on the time to rehearse." "It's going really well right now." Capps statement agrees, "It's stressful. There's a lot of goofing around in the beginning, but the end is where we crack down." Crucible will be Capp's third play—second on Red Bluff High's stage. Some actors and actresses are experienced and comfortable with the stage, while others are not. "I'm really excited. I've never done a drama play here and I'm really excited to be part of it," Muto said, "I think it's the people I get to work with. It always is. Even though it's a drama it's still a fun environment." Grace Gwaltney, sophomore, plays Mrs. Putman in Crucible. Gwaltney stated, "I think you learn more from people when they aren't doing a comedy because you see a different side of them in drama." For these actors and actresses, acting is a passion. "It's a great learning experience for me and I plan on making acting my career," stated Capps. The technical director, Oscar Razo said, "I'm excited. I think it'll be a good production. It was kind of last minute, but it'll work out." These actresses and actors have put an abundance of handwork and effort into this production. Sophia Cumpton Staff Writer classes are Exploring Children's Literature and Music, and Auto U p k e e p . ROP Child Care teacher Maryanne Montandon teaches e x p l o r i n g Children's Literature and Music. The class focuses on children's literature and gives the student a hands on experience with the children of the community. The Auto Upkeep class is Ryan Fisher Editor-in-Chief taught by Mr. Loechel and focuses on teaching students the fundamental knowledge about cars, maintenance, repair, buying and selling of cars. The science wing will be adding three new classes, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and Honors Chemistry. Honors Chemistry has already been approved to fit the D requirements for A-G and will give you credit towards the physical science for g r a d u a t i o n and will only be offered to students who received a B or better in Biology and a B or better in Geometry. The other two sciences are still pending to be approved for A-G. There will also be Ag and Soil Chemistry for the Ag department, Principals of Customer Service for the Business department, Recreational P.E. for the Physical Education department, and the Visual and Performing Arts department will have a Guitar class. All of these classes will be offered next year at Red Bluff High School and a lot of the classes are stilling pending to see if they are approved for A-G requirements and students and teachers will learn more as this school year goes on. 7 Period Day A-G Courses Real World Guitar Class The expected schedule is tentative to have seven periods versus the current six. Expected classes are still being determined by whether or not they fullfill A-G standards. Students may have the chance to gain hands on experience with children. Students will be able to gain CSU credit via learning guitar. Juniors Danny Ramirez ,Tanner Durfee ,and Jay Woods practicing for upcoming RBHS play, 'The Crucible.'

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