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October 31, 2014

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October 31, 2014 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 6 Ryan Fisher Editor-in-Chief Bluffer The At Red Bluff High School we have been recycling for almost over 20 years. Sherry Drake, a Red Bluff High School special education teacher, and her students run the recycling program. "We are looking for vocational skills that the students can learn, also it's something they can do together and get paid while doing it," said Mrs. Drake. The money the Red Bluff High Spartan Club makes is used for two major concession stands and they do the concession stands at the five home freshman football games, the students birthdays, winter holidays, for when the students graduation and field trips the Spartan club goes on. Recently the Red Bluff High Spartan Club went to Chico State on Friday, November 24. They had participated in the f o u r t e e n t h a n n u a l A d a p t e d P h y s i c a l Education S p o r t s Day. T h i s day is to p r o m o t e d i s a b i l i t y sports and competition for individuals who are deaf, blind, or have Spartan Club aquires life skills through the recycling program 'Ouija' movie review, page 4 Daniel Rodrigues, Austin Stroud, Max Ventimiglia, Josue Rodriguez and Mateo Tores participate in the Spartan recycling program. Varsity Volleyball sports story, page 5 Haille Willey Staff Writer Interested in what DeVRY University has to offer? • Representative will be on campus. • Tuesday, November 4 • 1,2,4 and 5 period. • Sign up for it in Counseling Center. Halloween is on the same day as a home football game. • Dress up in your costume. • Support your school. • Get a free prize. Socks and shirts are on sale. • Sold in the Student Store • 15 dollars each • Limited supply • Will go quickly Boys and girls soccer tryouts next week. • Boys: Nov. 3,4 and 5. • Girls: Nov. 5,6 and 7. • At the track. • Fall sports athletes able to tryout after sport is over Halloween Football Socks and Shirts Soccer Try-Outs DeVRY University Custodial As most students have noticed, they are not a lot of noticeable vandalism. The school and the custodial staff work hard to not only keep the school clean but to hide or remove noticeable vandalism. Though vandalism isn't a large issue on campus, their are small instances where, witty jokes or other words are carved or written. But what is really remarkable is how fast the school cleans it up. An example was a few days back when the words. "Their are two things I hate: 1) Vandalism. 2) Irony." were written on the door of a bathroom. Though it may be comical, it is still an issue that someone has to fix, and for the most part the janitors must take care of it. Usually when vandalism occurs that is large then small pen graffiti, they must report it to administration and they will inform the maintenance crew about it. The maintenance crew will then fix the issue. Custodian Katrina Hayden mentioned during her ten years of being a custodian, vandalism on campus isn't a big issue. "On the main campus we probably have vandalism about once a week and it usually comes and goes, sometimes we will have vandalism sometimes we wont," said Hayden. If the vandalism can be fixed without problem the custodial staff will take care of it, but if it's larger like a broken window or damaged bathroom stall, then they report the issue to have it fixed by maintenance. "We are pretty good at staying on top of it, we like to take of vandalism as we see it," said Hayden Though its not as noticable on this campus as an issue, vandalism is still an issue and gives the custodians extra work. Students can help out the custodians by not writing on the bathroom stalls or any wall with sharpie. They work really hard to keep the school clean, and adding more to their work is wrong. Bluffer/Lexi Pritchard staff aids cleanliness physical disabilities. Sports Day is an event that began in the fall of 2000. Every year participants and volunteers from CSU, Chico and all around the North Sate come, as well as media news crews. This event provides a venue for competition and community connections of individuals from multiple counties around Northern California. Adapted Physical Education Sports Day provides i r r e p l a c e a b l e s e r v i c e l e a r n i n g for 100 s t u d e n t s in the Kinesiology Department at the university in working with individuals with disabilities in sport and recreation activities. When they go on trips the Spartan Club funds provides food and transpiration for their trip. The students in the Red Bluff High Spartan Club recycles have a process they undergo. First, Mrs. Drake will go in to the class and grab the white bucket. Second, they sort out the bottles and cans into smaller buckets. Lastly, they do a final sort of all of the cans, bottles and paper into other bins which is in the recycling shed. The recycling gets cashed in weekly and the money gets put into the Red Bluff High Spartan Club fund account. The Spartan Club raises about 50 dollars a month from the recycling collected at the school. "Don't put cans and bottles into the trash can when there is a white bucket right next to it," stated Mrs. Drake. Only bottles, cans, and paper are allowed to go into the white bucket. Glass bottles and food are not allowed to be put into the white cans. Julia Anderson a junior in the Red Bluff High Spartan Club, has learned "not to be loud while in the hallways and recycling is important even though I don't like to do it." Recently there have been the big blue recycling bins on campus. "I have no idea, they just showed up," said Mrs. Drake. These blue cans are used for the schools pizza boxes for when the trash cans get too full and can't hold anymore trash and pizza boxes in them. Mrs. Drake and the Red Bluff High Spartan Club pick up the recycling after lunch during fifth period because that's when they get the most cans and bottles. Anderson's favorite part about recycling is that "I'm getting paid." Theater arts teams up with Student Government The Red Bluff High School is creating great memories for those who will not be trick- or-treating on Halloween. There is the JV football game which starts at 5:30 and the Varsity football game which starts at 7:30. Several classes are hosting events to boost Halloween spirit. The drama department is hosting a Halloween themed photo booth which also starts at 5:30. It will be stationed near Gate One between the football field and the girl's locker room. There are only eight students involved and they are helping to set up the entire booth. They will set up a background and have costumes for people to use. "It will give the students a chance to have fun and get memorable Halloween photographs," said Mr. Homme, the drama teacher. The Student Government class is also doing several activities to celebrate Halloween. One of the things they are going to do is hand out candy to children until the middle of the Varsity game. Children who are under twelve will get a bag of candy if they are dressed in a Halloween costume. "We are doing it for the children who won't be able to go trick-or-treating because their parents are watching the game," Mrs. Somavia, the Student Government teacher, said. They are also raffling off Halloween baskets. The raffle takes place between the JV game and the Varsity game. The Student Government class believed it would be a good idea to get people involved with the football games and support the Red Bluff Spartans. "We are trying to reach out to the community and get more people to come to the football game," Mrs. Somavia, also, said. The Red Bluff High School students are trying to create a fun-filled Halloween experience for the people who do not go trick-or-treating. Kaylie Capps Staff Writer "It will give the students a chance to have fun and get memorable Halloween photographs." - Mr. Homme The two classes join together to create memorable Halloween experience

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