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September 05, 2014

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As the new school year begins students must be reminded of the attendance policy that was set to take in effect this school year. Though the new policy was discussed many times last year, it is important to review these new rules. So, for starters students have all been told that if a student is late to a class, the classroom will be locked and students must go to the office and be given a time card, which is recorded. This occurs two more times in the same period the student must partake in a lunchtime detention, which must be served within three days of said sentence. Failure to serve this detention and there's a chance the student may have to face Saturday school, suspension, campus beautification, activities ban, loss of parking permit, and/or placement in Alternative Programs and/ or SARB referral. As for absences students are allowed to 5 unexcused absences. Students will receive punishments on their second, third, and sixth unexcused absences. After their second unexcused absence the teacher will contact the parent or guardian on the absentee and on the third the student will be referred to a counselor and the administration. Once the student receives his or her sixth unexcused absence they will fail the class they were absent six times too. Though the student has the chance to appeal the failed classes which they then have to sign a contract which gives them the chance to recover their lost credits. They also have the chance to receive all the same punishments as was stated before. Although these new rules appear to be strict students must remember to abide by the rules and understand why the administration have set these rules, and great school year. August 22, 2014 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 1 Ryan Fisher Editor-in-Chief Bluffer The With the new school year upon us, comes new changes to the school. Though one of the biggest is the reformation of the schools lunch system. The man behind the change is Southern California resident and former restaurant owner, Chris Trimble. Chris graduated from Montana State, and his dream as a child was to have his own restaurant. " I've always been fascinated by the food industry and the finance industry and the job here is a bit of both," said Trimble. The long term goal for the cafeteria is to bring more kids to the lunch room, bring in new changes to provide students with a nice hangout spot and to reduce overspending. All lunch meals can only be purchased in the Cafe, as opposed to the past years where you could purchase a lunch meal at any snack bar on campus. The intention to only serve lunch meals in the cafe is to bring in more students to enjoy the cafeteria more and use it as a hangout. "This helps with overspending, by law we have to throw away all food sent to each snackbar after the day ends, which resulted in a lot of food being wasted," said Trimble. In a year, the lunch system is only supposed to spend about 25% of its total revenue on food products, though the past 5 years that percentage has been over double and spent about 250,000 dollars yearly. Chris mentioned that in order to have a successful business you need to level out two key things, labor costs and the cost of food. Though this isn't a business just High School meals and Chris realizes this. "We don't need to make money, we need to save money, our goal is to break even and not overspend by the end of the year," he said. Keeping the integrity of food on a budget and following state specifications is not an easy task. But to help out with the food taste Chris added an all you can eat condiment bar which includes lettuce, jalapenos, onions, and so much more. "A hamburger or a spicy chicken is bland by itself and I decided maybe a condiment bar to spice up the food was a great idea, it is expensive to keep up and running but its all for the kids," he remarked. Unlike past years you could go to any snack bar and buy whatever you wanted, there are now dedicated lunch calendars where they only serve certain foods on certain days, they have the lunch menus around campus or you could go to the Red Bluff High School website and find it their. This is definitely a new change for the high school but hopefully a step in the right direction, only time will tell if the new system works out, if the students like the new food, and the transformation of the high schools cafeteria into a full fledged after school hangout for students. The ASSETS program, one which RBHS lost funding for last year, is back. The grant was lost last year due to the large state-wide competition for the funding. The after school program will have many similar attributes as it did before. It will run until 5:30, Monday through Friday and will include a multitude of after school activities. Included in this program is not only access to tutoring as well as the computer lab, but also an after school snack. This will all be provided free of cost. Mr. Dais, an English teacher at RBHS, will be in charge of the program, while many other staff members as well as teachers will also help. The program is completely free, completely voluntary and according to Dais, a great way to get ahead in classes and get involved at the school. T h e p r o g r a m will also i n c l u d e v a r i o u s clubs for students to pa r t icipate i n . E x a m p l e s of the clubs included are: Weight Training, Math and Science Club, Movies Club, Gamers Haven and others. For those who worry about transportation seeing as they normally would take the bus, this aspect is also covered. Transportation for students will also be covered free of charge. The program is able to expand through student involvement. "The cool thing about the program is that the more student involvement we get, the more it grows and the more we can offer," said Dais. The program is open to student involvement and actually grows with it. Dais later added that the more input from students, the better the result. "If you and your friends have an idea for a club you'd like to start up, you let us know and we figure out how to make it happen," added Dais. As long as the school is able to abide by the guidelines, the program should be able to be kept by the high school for the next five years. Registration forms for ASSETS, which starts September 15, are available as well as returned to Mr. Dais' room, which is room 314. Assets program resurrects itself at RBHS Policy grows rigid Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief Ryan Fisher Editor-in-Chief Cafeteria changes engage students Changes in RBHS food program steps in forward thinking direction Don't wait until the end-of-the-year rush and higher price! Pre-order your yearbooks in the student store today. • $75 with ASB • $80 without Yearbooks will include: • student pictures • sports pictures • club pictures • pictures of spirit week participants Back to School night is September 3rd, this all includes: • Senior Parent night • Latino Parent night • Freshman ag night Tell your parents to stop on by so they can see what the year has in store. ASB stickers can be purchased in the Student Store until • September 12th ASB stickers give you discounts for school events such as: • free football game admissions • and much more. Ariana Grande Album, 'My Everything' review, page 4 The changes in cafeteria food causes increase in those eating in the building. Photo by Rebecca Blanchard Sports story RBHS Tennis, page 5 Yearbooks Back to School ASB

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