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December 17, 2014

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A local house which was evacuated after flood damage in Dairyville. December 17, 2014 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 8 Kaylie Capps Staff Writer Bluffer The The Schedule for Friday the 19th goes as the following. • 1st 8:00-8:20 • 2nd 8:26-8:46 • 3rd 8:52-9:12 • 4th 9:18-9:38 • 5th 9:44-10:04 • 6th 10:10-10:30 • Rally 10:40-11:50 • Buses Leave 12:00 Are you looking for a new elective class for second semester? • Storytelling, Exploring Childrens Literature and Auto Upkeep Class. • See your counselor for more information on the clubs and to sign up for them. The Spartan craft club is selling candles all this week. • Students and staff can go to to room 101 to buy them. • Candles will also be available on the 20th at the Frontier Village Holiday Boutique from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Project Santa will run until fourth period on the 19th. • Coins earn your class positive points. • Dollars earn your class negative points. • All proceeds are donated locally. New Elective Classes Spartan Craft Club Project Santa Rally Schedule In light of recent f looding, many residents of Red Bluff have been affected. Some had been evacuated, others were warned. Some faced severe damage to their homes. "We were all hit hard, in Dairyville. [We] literally had a river rushing over the road before Oklahoma street, an right after Jills market," said local resident Kim Thomas. Though some were negatively affected, others made the best of the situation. "My dads place in Dairyville f looded up to his living room. My brother, who's 15 now, decided to get his kayak and went rafting all over the orchards! He and my father had races on rafts while the highway was being shut down temporarily," said Alyssa Rustin. Ryan Peterson said, in reference to the f lood, that it was pretty bad while showing a picture of a car with water up to the windows of it. Other members of the local area noted that they were willing to help. Cyn Ary noted that her heart went out to those affected. Briget Jackman put a photo on Facebook showing the bridge near Jackson and Aloha on December eleventh and the twelfth. On the eleventh, the water was a foot below the bridge and lowered significantly the next day. Others noted those who rescued both people and animals in light of this dangerous situation. "Sheriffs rescued me, my daughter and grandson and our dog," said Renee Artiste. Seven period schedule becomes a realistic 'Interstellar' movie review, page 4 'JV Basketball' sports story, page 5 The 2015- 2016 school year at Red Bluff High will be having a 7 period schedule. There is a possibly that there will be a block schedule, but nothing is positive at this moment. For those who don't know what a block schedule is, block schedule is replacing a more traditional schedule of six or seven classes which is about 40- 50 minute daily periods with longer class periods that meet fewer times each day a week. "I think the 7 period will benefit us. For example, I will take my normal classes to graduate but to fill that 7 class I'm going to take AP art which would have cost me probably a lot of money doing it through the college but I can do it free through the high school," stated junior, Ericka Navarrete. For example, if we did have block schedule this is an example of what it could look like. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the schedule would be 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7, at the regular 40-50 minute period and on Tuesday it would be 1,3, and 5 with maybe around a hour and thirty minutes per class, and Wednesday's schedule would be 2,4,6, and 7. "The reason I think 7 period schedule is a good idea is because it provides more options, you can explore more careers and develop skills before they get out of high school," stated Principal Ron Fisher. A new program called Pathway at Red Bluff High will be starting up this 2015- 2016 school year. The states Large outpour of response following local flood change at the Red Bluff High campus Becca Blanchard Editor-In-Chief Do you like the idea of switching to a 7 period schedule? Do you like the idea of switching to a 7 period schedule? Do you wish more electives were offered in this schedule? Do you wish more electives were offered in this schedule? Do you feel as though the transition should happen within the next year? Do you feel as though the transition should happen within the next year? Do you feel as though this will be a permanent change? Do you feel as though this will be a permanent change? 39 38 58 19 37 40 38 39 No Yes definition of Pathway is, A pathway integrates rigorous academic instruction with a demanding technical curriculum and field-based learning all set in the context of one of California's 15 major industry sectors, such as business and finance, building and environmental design, biomedical and health sciences, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, or arts, media, and entertainment. "This gives kids a lot more options for electives, it gives them an opportunity for a Career Technical Education course in their schedule," stated Jody Brownfield. In other words pathway is a series of courses that are rigorous with integration between core academic classes and skill based learning. Usually 2-3 courses are lead to a certification, or some kind of program after high school that will give the student an edge towards college or advanced training in a specified field. The school offers many career pathways including: Animal Science, Ag Business, Manufacturing and Product Development with Ag, then there's Manufacturing and Product Development with electronics, Network Communication, Health Care, Food Service and Hospitality, Cabinetmaking and Wood Products, Accounting Services, Media and Design Arts, Vehicle Maintenance, Service and Repair, Child Development, and finally Engineering Design. "I think the 7 period class would be both beneficial and unfortunate. The pros of it is that students can get another class that they want to do, help them prepare for classes, or even take college courses. The cons are that some students that are uninterested in college courses or even a 7 period would find it more difficult and stressful with another class. For example: Finals. It would be more studying, more late nights, and more brain cramps for the unfortunate. So I believe it should be more of an option for some students, rather than mandatory," stated junior, Jay Woods. Humanities, Guitar, and a computer science class are possible classes that could be offered here at Red Bluff High for the 2015-2016 school year. This gives students an opportunity to take the electives they want to take, but were not able to take during their first couple years at Red Bluff High. "For many students, it is an opportunity to try something prior to graduating from high school. They then can decide if they like it before starting college or trade school and spending money to figure it out," stated Fisher. Regarding the 7 period schedule Kevin Penner stated, "If it's set up well, it could be a very good thing for students and for RBHS on the long term. Carefully crafting a schedule (and requirements) that maximizes benefits and minimizes the negative impacts will be critical for successful implementation. It's not a simple proposition, and anyone who thinks that it is probably hasn't spent much time looking at it." "I think were moving in the right direction," stated Brownfield. Starting the 2015-2016 school year Red Bluff High will be starting the 7 period schedule. Some were not as fortunate and faced severe damage which will affect their upcoming holiday season. "I had to be evacuated from our house and [we] went to stay at my Aunt's house in Arbuckle. I got into Red Bluff this morning at 7:30 and haven't gone home yet. I didn't lose a lot, but my SAE project is gone. Now we have to wait and see. There was nothing we could have done," said RBHS student Amy Garrison. SAE is an ag project, Garrison noted that her agriculture project was a quail which, in the flood, died. Photo by Christina Graham-Linton Student opinions

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