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A SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT OF THE TIMES-TRIBUNE I n the story of the three little pigs, the most cunning of the brothers built his house out of bricks. That wise decision saved his life. Indeed, brick is very resistant, which makes it a material of choice for the exterior walls of homes. But did you know it also integrates perfectly into your interior decor? THE ADVANTAGES OF BRICK Brick differs from other materials because of its esthetic properties, superior durability, impact resistance and its thermal and acoustic insulation qualities. Another major advantage of brick is undoubtedly the fact that it seldom requires maintenance. CLASSIC BRICK Laid by a masonry professional, classic brick is timeless and gives a distinctive look to any room. It can be quite costly, but you're not likely to regret such an investment. Indeed, decorators consider it to be a safe bet. DECORATIVE BRICK The craze for decorative brick is undeniable. In response to consumer demand, stores offer an impressive selection of synthetic bricks in a wide range of textures and colors. Lighter and easier to install than conventional brick, they're a viable option for creating a modern style with little effort. EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE You can use bricks to build a fi replace surround or a wine cellar, to enhance a traditional kitchen, to add an urban touch to a bedroom or give a cozy look to a living room. It won't take long for you to be inspired by the many faces of brick. BRICK BELONGS INSIDE AS WELL Elegant and versatile brick is a safe bet for any room in your house.

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