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October 17, 2014

Cambrian Resident

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Silicon Valley Community Newspapers $1.00 Volume 7, Issue 53 October 17, 2014 177 An edition of the $1.00 BY LEETA-ROSE BALLESTER San Jose has once again accepted federal funding for the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, with the San Jose Police Department leading a collec- tion of 92 agencies involved with this region's effort. This year's grant totals $399,904, which may seem like a good chunk of change, but the funds are split between 92 agencies sprawling across 11 counties from Napa to San Benito. Internet Crimes Against Children task force, or ICAC, is a national program. In California, the state is split between five divisions. San Jose has accepted this year's funding on behalf of the Silicon Valley division and has been involved with the program since 2003. Sgt. Greg Lombardo, who leads the task force, said that the funding ensures pay for the seven-person team within San Jose and is used to buy the equip- ment needed to keep up with the bad guys. "These guys are using sophisticated computers and we need sophisticated equipment," he said. "We do all the forensics on scene. Every investigator needs a tool." Lombardo said the team used to remove computers and scan hard drives for evidence of child pornogra- phy at a lab but now only searches on the scene so officers can discern if a child is in immediate danger. He said there was an instance where it took weeks comb go through a hard drive, and meanwhile a young girl had been living with the suspect. Police eventually found evidence in the computer that proved the girl had been assaulted. That's a chance they never have to take again, thanks to better forensic tools, the sergeant said. Training police staff to work as investigators within the crimes against children unit is also an expensive endeavor, Lombardo said. The Silicon Valley task force, comprised of 11 counties, has made great strides and multiple arrests, he said. Investigators do chat room stings, similar to the show "To Catch a Predator," Lombardo said, where officers pretend to be minors, meet the suspect and make an arrest. SJPD MANAGES TASK FORCE GRANT FOR INTERNET CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN Nearly $400,000 is spread across 11-county region Piggybacking Holidays: Timing is perfect for Nightmare Before Christmas in the Park ...... page 5 Limitations of Pink: Men can contract breast cancer, too ...................................................... page 10 A NEWSPAPER PHOTOGRAPH BY GARY REYES Two familiar faces are vying for the top spot at San Jose City Hall. Who will be mayor of San Jose? of San Jose? page 12 page 12 The Candidates The Candidates The Candidates Crime, page 11

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