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2 3 6 2 8 5 0 0 2 C O N T E N T S Tips to stay safe around the home this winter A publication of the Waukesha Freeman and Oconomowoc Enterprise • November 2014 Your Guide to Homes, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden and MORE! HOMES HOMES WAUKESHA + Laundry rooms and more vamp up style to reflect home's personality By Jody L. Mayers SPECIAL TO HOMES PLUS WAUKESHA — When it comes to remodeling certain areas of your home, a kitchen or bath- room might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, many families are giving more consid- eration to the new hub of the home, the laundry areas, mud- rooms and landing zones. Kevin Anundson, owner of Assisted Remodeling, said as an active society with people con- stantly on the move, it makes sense. "Because of our increased level of activity and mobility over the last several decades, our homes have been gradually adapting to our active lifestyle," he said. "Regardless of the age of the home, how many people or kids occupy the home, or even where the home is located, there are a few rooms in our homes that we use every day, and most often the mud and laundry rooms are included." Anundson said the first-floor laundry room has become a desirable feature in most homes for several reasons, including more colorful and stylish laun- dry machines, the lack of con- cern about someone seeing dirty laundry, and the mudrooms have been connected to the main living spaces. "We have been connected to the main living spaces and we have grown accustomed to traversing them in and out of our home each time we leave and enter," he said. Anundson said he spent 11 years at We Energies and during that time had been doing remod- eling on the evenings and week- ends. "Eventually it was time to take my passion for this type of work and try to make it work as a full- time career," he said. "Fifteen years later, it's still working." Anundson said he is on the front end of the process of his business, which primarily involves the design and cost esti- mating. "The most rewarding aspect of the process is to work with our Remodels incorporate elegance, functionality Submitted photo What was once an often ignored area, the laundry room is now a desired feature for the home. See Laundry/Page 2 Bright ideas for your home holiday displays

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