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January, 2015

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By Christopher Bennett Special to The Freeman BROOKFIELD — If handled poorly, your New Year's resolution will likely hurt you more than help you. Unreal- istic resolutions are more counter-pro- ductive than no resolutions at all. Think of the last resolution you set that ended in failure. It was likely grandiose, and started with glorious intentions. You thought big, and then you crashed and burned. The reasoning behind your failure is simple. "In setting the new goal, they shoot for the goal so far in advance of just ever realizing the small steps they should take to develop the new, healthy habit," said Patty Jackson, THRIVE! Life Services Owner and a Master Life Coach. THRIVE! Life Services, LLC is located at 240 Regency Court, Suite 201. The problem with set- ting unrealistic resolutions is the accompanying negativity when those resolutions do not go well. In a recent interview with Business Insider, social psychologist and Harvard University associate professor Amy Cuddy said unreasonable goals damage self-worth. "We're really bad at setting reason- able goals," Cuddy said. "And when we don't meet an unreasonable goal, we fill ourselves with feelings of anxiety and lower our self-worth." Jackson's advice is to instead frame resolutions as intentions, and start small. "Resolution" sounds like a hard and fast maxim from which there is no deviation. "Intention" lets one attack the issue on their own terms. "In my experience, because I've been working with people for a while, set intentions instead of resolutions," Jackson said "It is my intention to be healthier. It is my intention to exercise five times a week." Barbara Eash antiques column 5A 2 4 1 6 8 6 0 0 4 240967002 The FREEMAN INSIDE PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID WAUKESHA, WI PERMIT NO. 3 Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Out and about at the literary luncheon 2A Calendar of events 6A Brookfield & Elm Grove T H I S M O N T H JANUARY 2015 See RESOLUTIONS, PAGE 3A Set intentions, not resolutions SPORTS Local prep basketball 8A Small steps can lead to big success in new year Jackson

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