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May 22, 2015

The Sunnyvale Sun

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Silicon Valley Community Newspapers $1.00 1 8 6 Volume 23, Issue 21 $1.00 May 22, 2015 BY KRISTI MYLLENBECK T he city of Sunnyvale is taking on the ambitious goal of reducing city-wide water use by 30 per- cent as drought concerns continue to ripple throughout California. The Sunnyvale City Council voted May 12 to enact new water reduction rules and reduction goals. Sunny- vale's new rules will go into effect beginning June 1. The council voted unanimously to limit landscape wa- tering to two days per week, prohibit landscape watering within two days after rainfall, require hotels to offer options of not laundering sheets and towels daily and imposing a fee of $250 for a third violation of conservation rules and a $500 fee thereafter. Warnings and education will precede fines. New restrictions the city is taking on include not wa- tering turf on street medians and adjusting building standards for new developments to include an element of water efficiency. The council also supported drain- ing the pond at the Sunnyvale Community Center. According to staff, all other fountains in the city have already been drained, but some water features enjoyed by children will be turned on for summer. Councilman Glenn Hendricks pressed residents to ask themselves, "What can I do in my day-to-day life?" He added that the community needs to look at its water bills and make adjustments. "I think we need to try and change people's thoughts," Hendricks said. "We have to change people's behavior. There's still work to be done." Council also voted in favor of modifying the budget to include $230,000 for water conservation and water waste enforcement. The allotted money will be broken up into four sepa- rate efforts. Approximately $100,000 will be spent on upping the turf removal rebate from $2 to $3 per square foot of turf removed. Graywater program assistance will take up $15,000, and the fee for the system will be waived while the conservation efforts are in progress. Enforcement will cost $80,000 and will include hiring two water conservation coordinators. The remaining $35,000 will be spent on additional community outreach and modifying existing conserva- tion programs. Sunnyvale's water usage is 61 percent residential, SUNNYVALE CITY COUNCIL SETS A 30 PERCENT WATER REDUCTION GOAL Rules go into effect June 1 Speaking Up: English learners in high school district give speeches in English.................... page 5 Traffic Ahead: Local jurisdictions have mixed feelings on Highway 85 project....................... page 7 Water, page 8 A NEWSPAPER PHOTOGRAPH BY CATHY GERTH Ambassador Giselle Contreras, 3, from Willow Glen plays in the sand at the Courageous Kids Day held at California's Great America on May 10, Mother's Day. Profiles in Courage Profiles in Courage Courageous kids enjoy a 'cancer-free' Courageous kids enjoy a 'cancer-free' day at Great America day at Great America page 14 page 14

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