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November 25, 2015

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Anytime, anywhere. Subscribe to our e-edition. VISIT ADVOCATE-NEWS.COM KNOW IT. ALL. By Kelci Parks @FBAdvocateNews on Twitter A program coming to the coast is promising Mendocino College scholarships to local fifth-graders. Anna Kvinsland, the new devel- opment director hired by the Men- docino College Foundation, is re- sponsible for scholarship develop- ment and community outreach for Mendocino College's coastal region. "One of the things the founda- tion wanted me to do was find local sponsors to establish their Adopt A Fifth-Grader Program on the coast and bring it to elemen- tary schools in Mendocino and Fort Bragg," she said. The Adopt-A-Fifth-Grader Pro- gram helps to motivate students at a young age to continue on to higher education by providing fi- nancial incentive; a $1,000 schol- arship to Mendocino College upon graduation from high school. EDUCATION Scholarship program comes to coast Sets 5th graders on a path to Mendocino College Calendar ..........B3 Classifieds ......B5 Obituaries ....... A6 Opinion ............A4 Sports .............. B7 Weather .......... A6 INDEX By Kelci Parks @FBAdvocateNews on Twitter The city hosted a Commu- nity Development Block Grant Program project design phase public hearing on Monday in the conference room at City Hall. The purpose of the meeting was for Special Projects Manager Jen- nifer Owen to gather ideas for a preliminary list of proposed proj- ects to present to the City Coun- cil during its December meeting. The list cannot be finalized, nor can applications be submit- ted, until CDBG releases a Notice of Funding Opportunities. The NOFA document was scheduled to be released by January 1, how- ever the program is behind and it's not expected to be ready un- til the end of January. After the NOFA is released, a clock starts ticking towards the application deadline three months out, mean- ing applications will most likely be due around mid to late April. Ideas Several options were dis- cussed, including a proposal from Junice Gleason on behalf of the Fort Bragg Footlighters. GRANTS CDBG public hearing held Grant application process begins, city seeks applicants By Kelci Parks @FBAdvocateNews on Twitter The city hosted a Bainbridge Park Master Plan community workshop last week to collect community input regarding the rehabilitation of Bainbridge Park. Those in attendance received a quick walking tour of the area then discussed existing and po- tential facilities. One area that wasn't up for de- bate was Wiggly Giggly park, the playground on the Northwest cor- ner of Bainbridge. It was obvious that the community takes great pride in the playground. Other than a broken latch and a clink- ing gate, those in attendance only had good things to say and strug- gled to come up with anything to improve. Everyone agreed on the importance of ongoing mainte- nance to keep the playground just the way it is. "One thing we have noticed is that there are always people there, always," said Associate Planner Scott Perkins. "It's very well used." As each idea came up, Per- kins wrote them on boards with corresponding categories. There were some strong feelings about the tennis courts. A large seg- ment of the crowd was comprised of tennis players who were very interested in keeping the facil- ity for tennis only, as opposed to turning the court into a multi- use space for soccer and other sports. COMMUNITY All eyes on Bainbridge City hosts development workshop to conjure, prioritize ideas By Frank Hartzell Among holiday clichés, a re- porter asking the question "what are you thankful for?" is as clas- sic as a retread can be. I used it anyway on Terri Lee Gentry, who smiled and laughed at my quintessential question. Gentry arrived that day at the Fort Bragg Food Bank frown- ing in a melancholy funk but left laughing. Funny? I hadn't ex- pected that from the question. Long time Food Bank volunteer Lupe Arreguin had just made all the difference for Gentry with a better question. "What's wrong with you today? Where is your usual smile?," Arre- guin had asked. "She noticed. That meant so much that she knew me well enough to see that I was off. And to be concerned. This place is really a big family. They give me so much more than food here. But the food is great too," she said. Both women have been coming to the Food Bank for more than a decade. They are the type of great human stories I like to find in- side the North Franklin nonprofit. The Fort Bragg Food Bank would be an even better place to come up with news about local govern- ments, the mental health system, poverty and substance abuse. If only people weren't afraid. And if only other people didn't judge out of ignorance. That keeps many people and many stories from being told. Fear stalks Americans today like never before. Fear of failure, fear of foreigners, fear of isola- tion. These fears are sometimes irrational. But fear of Orwellian figures from the county? I under- stand disability and food stamp services fairly well. But many peo- ple are full of false fears that Big Brother is watching them. If they tell me their story, they might get in trouble. If they talk about prob- lems with city or county services, they might not get them. Many fears are quite legitimate. Our society is fairly ignorant and backwards about poverty and poor people, among many other things. People are right to fear be- ing judged for being poor, for be- ing in recovery and most sadly of all, for being mentally ill. SEASON OF SHARING Talking turkey: Food Bank stretches dollars FRANK HARTZELL - ADVOCATE PHOTO Turkey Marty (Johnson), a Fort Bragg Food Bank board member, staff member Debby Nicolson, Executive Director Nancy Severy and volunteer Nancy Milano helped raise money and food donations outside Safeway on Saturday. WRITING » PAGE A7 National writing month kicks off COUNTY » PAGE B6 County library director resigns SPORTS » PAGE B7 Season comes to an end for Wolves THIS WEEK'S WEB BONUS Find us on Facebook Shop local on Black Friday. Pages B1-2 New Senior Living and Health & Wellness sections. Pages A9-10 INSIDE THIS WEEK Attendees were split into small groups and asked to propose possible park layouts. BAINBRIDGE » PAGE 11 SHARING » PAGE 11 COLLEGE » PAGE 12 GRANT » PAGE 12 » Wednesday, November 25, 2015 75 CENTS FACEBOOK.COM/FORTBRAGGADVOCATE- Volume 127, issue 26 8 52659 03864 0

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