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April 27, 2017

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Like the Advocate-News and stay in the loop on local news, sports and more. VISIT FACEBOOK.COM/ FORTBRAGGADVOCATENEWS LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Special Health page looks at coping as a caregiver. Page B1 Color Run coming to Fort Bragg May 6. Page A3 INSIDE THIS WEEK By Chris Calder @FBAdvocateNews on Twitter Several hundred people gath- ered at Cotton Auditorium April 19 for a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Jared Huffman. Huffman, facing a nearly unan- imous friendly audience, called citizen involvement the key to "The silver lining to all this is right here ... Everywhere I go, I'm seeing turnouts like we have here in Fort Bragg today," he said. Huffman said he had recently held meetings with 200 people in Weaverville, 1,200 in Arcata and nearly 2,000 in Santa Rosa, show- ing, he said, the broad base of in- terest in a new level of political involvement. "Something's going on," he said, before fielding questions from the audience. On investigations into connec- tions between President Donald Trump's campaign and admin- istration, and Russian efforts to influence U.S. politics, Huffman said he favors a special commis- sion over House or Senate inves- tigations that he characterized as too vulnerable to political influ- ence. Fort Bragg Mayor Lindy Peters asked Huffman what protections there are for cities that adopt pol- icies that conflict with, or at least do not aid, federal efforts at in- creased deportations of undocu- mented immigrants. Huffman, noting that Trump's budget proposal already calls for eliminating the Community De- velopment Block Grant program which is a main source of federal TOWN HALL Huffman hears concerns from large Cotton Auditorium crowd KELCI PARKS — ADVOCATE PHOTO The Mendocino Coast participated in the nationwide March for Science in a big way, with hundreds of people showing up at Fort Bragg Town Hall at 10 a.m. last Saturday. Nearly everyone carried a sign and many played music on drums. The lively group made its way over to Bainbridge Park to listen to local scientist and student speakers. Earth Day festivities continued into the evening at Noyo Food Forest's Earth Day Festival at Fort Bragg High School. EARTH DAY MARCH FOR SCIENCE Reporter Mary Rose Kaczo- rowski interviewed Congress- man Jared Huffman following last week's Town Hall meeting. The following are excerpts from some of the topics they covered. Federal response to Crescent City and Confusion Hill slides "It is a very important chal- lenge for people in the northern end of my district. I feel like the recent failure of Highway 101 and Confusion Hill is an opportunity to really focus attention from the Federal Highway Works Admin- istration on why we are continu- ing to put Band-Aids on this slid- ing highway. It is a bad idea, we have to change the equation and we have to reroute — but the trick is we are going to need a federal waiver to get qualified for emer- gency replacement funding. That is where the money is on the fed- eral side in this emergency re- placement program. So we need to Q&A Huffman calls for letters to boost transit funding Calendar ..........B5 Classifieds ......B6 Obituaries ....... A6 Opinion ............A4 Sports .............. B2 Weather .......... A6 INDEX By Kelci Parks @FBAdvocateNews on Twitter The Fort Bragg City Council voted Monday to approve revi- sions to the HELP H20 Program guidelines, making it easier for community members in need to get help with their water bills. The program, funded in the 2014 CDBG application as a companion to the HELP Plus program, pays for up to 50 per- cent of a water bill for low in- come clients. "We expected this money to be gone in the first six months and it's surprising that it's not," said Jennifer Owen, special projects manager for the City's Commu- nity Development Department. Funding for both of the pro- grams must be spent by the end of October 2017. City staff said they've used much less funds than expected at this point. The grant budget spans two years, with eight months re- maining. The original bud- get estimated 350 households would be assisted with the to- tal of $33,000 in the water as- sistance fund, however to date only 91 households have re- ceived a total of $11,375. Participants receive a one- time payment of up to 50 per- cent of their water bill, along with water conservation advice meant to help reduce their fu- ture water bills. CITY More eligible for water help Guidelines changed to expedite grant fund expenditure HOMICIDE » PAGE A2 Man charged in 2013 murders FILM SCREENING » PAGE A2 Guest House celebration SPORTS » PAGE B2 Track star shines at Invitational THIS WEEK'S WEB BONUS Find us on Facebook CONTRIBUTED By Kelci Parks @FBAdvocateNews on Twitter There's no shortage of fun classes and groups to join in downtown Fort Bragg, but re- cently there's been an uptick in interest in a particular type of dance class that may seem a bit foreign to some California na- tives. K aye A lley moved to the Mendocino Coa st f rom the Midwest in July 2015. Coming from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where western dancing is a common pastime, Alley saw a void to be filled — not just for her, but for the whole community. "I was used to country west- er n da ncing three to four nights a week there, but there was nothing like that offered here, so in January 2016 I de- cided to star t up some line dancing classes," she said. Unlike most styles of dance that require a par tner, line d a nc i n g p a r t ic ip a nt s c a n go solo — just step onto the THINGS TO DO A taste of Tulsa on the coast Line dancing classes available in Fort Bragg, Mendocino COUNCIL » PAGE 5 DANCING » PAGE 5 TOWN HALL » PAGE 7 Q&A » PAGE 7 » Thursday, April 27, 2017 75 CENTS FACEBOOK.COM/FORTBRAGGADVOCATENEWS Volume 128, issue 47 8 52659 03864 0

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