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July 30, 2015

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LiketheAdvocate-News andstayinthelooponlocal news,sportsandmore. VISITFACEBOOK.COM/ FORTBRAGGADVOCATENEWS LIKEUSON FACEBOOK Calendar..........B2 Classifieds......B4 Obituaries.......A6 Opinion............A4 Sports..............B1 Weather..........A6 INDEX DEVELOPMENT PAGEA2 Constructionon TacoBellbegins OCEAN PAGE A3 More blue whale sightings EVENTS PAGE A5 Community enjoys CasparFest THIS WEEK'S WEB BONUS Find us on Facebook SeniorLivingandHealth&WellnessSpecialPagesA9-10 Ci ty Co un ci lf or ma ll yr es po nd st or en am in gr eq ue st .B el ow INSIDE THIS WEEK By Kelci Parks @FBAdvocateNewsonTwitter Proponentsofaballotinitiative thatwouldbansocialservicesin the downtown Central Business District missed the mark by just onesignatureintheirpetitionef- fort.Theeffortwaslaunchedasa meansofstoppingtheuseofthe formerOldCoastHotelasahome- lessandmentalhealthfacility. With3,124registeredvotersin the city of Fort Bragg, 313 valid signatureswererequiredtomeet the "not less than 10 percent" thresholdthatwouldhavemoved theinitiativeforward. The petition was filed on July 8andonJuly13theCityCouncil requestedthattheCountyRegis- trar of Voters verify the validity of the signatures collected. The Countyelectionsofficeexamined 395 signatures and 312 of them weredeemedvalid. "We have a database full of voter names," said Katrina Bar- tolomie,assistantregistrarofvot- ers. "When we get a petition in, we do a raw count first then we startcheckingsignaturesandad- dresses." According to Bartolomie, 83 of the signatures on the petition weredisqualifiedforvariousrea- sons. Thirty-four of the signatures were from people who were not registered to vote and 27 signa- tureswerefrompeopleregistered inthewrongdistrict.Thirteenof thesignaturesdidnotmatchthe addresses associated with them and eight of the signatures were duplicates. Duplicate signatures werecountedonce.Onedisqual- ified signature was from a resi- dent who registered to vote long aftersigningthepetition. Thecountywillbesendinglet- ters out asking for updated in- formation to those who signed the petition and were either not registered or registered with a wrongaddress,accordingtoBar- tolomie. "AlotoftimespeoplewithP.O. boxeshavetoreregisterandthey don'trealizeitbecausewhenthey move,theystillgettheirballotat their P.O. box, but state law re- quires they be registered with their current physical address, that'swherealotoftheproblem wasIbelieve,"shesaid. CITY Ba ll ot i ni ti at iv e fa il s, shortonesignature NATHAN DEHART-UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL. Michael DeRoos, visiting from British Columbia, is helping Fort Bragg's Noyo Center for Marine Science prepare two sea lion skeletons for display. KELCI PARKS — ADVOCATE NEWS The petition was an effort to stop the use of the former Old Coast Hotel building as a homeless and mental health services facility. Staff reports City Council voted on Mon- day to respond in writing to a letter sent to Mayor Dave Turner from the California Legislative Black Caucus. The letter, which urges the city to consider a name change, can be found in its entirety at the end of this article. Formal response The response letter is as fol- lows: "The Fort Bragg City Council received your letter dated July 16 requesting that the City Council and residents of Fort Bragg rename our city. Your letter cites a "need for discussion about the inappropriateness of any public entity promoting individuals that committed treason against our nation during the Civ il War and fought to defend the defenseless cause of slavery." Our community has had quite a bit of dialogue in re- cent weeks about its name and its namesake, Braxton Bragg. Fort Bragg blogger Kate Erick- son sums up our sentiments quite well: 'California State Senator Steve Glazer claims the name of our town pays tribute to the Confederacy and has intro- duced SB 539 to persuade us to change it. This is absurd. Brax- ton Bragg was an inept Confed- erate and holds the distinction of being one of the most hated military men of all time. Our town's name does not honor him. FORT BRAGG Council responds to name change request KELCI PARKS — ADVOCATE PHOTOS Last year's National Night Out was celebrated at block parties all over Fort Bragg, including one in the Police Department parking lot. This Submitted by Fort Bragg Police Department On Tuesday, August 4, Fort Bragg residents are invited to join forces with thousands of commu- nities nationwide for the 32nd An- nual National Night Out, a crime and drug prevention event. The Fort Bragg Police Depart- ment and Neighborhood Watch will be hosting this year's cele- bration at Bainbridge Park from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. National Night Out, which is sponsored by the National Asso- ciation of Town Watch (NATW) and co-sponsored locally by the Fort Bragg Police Department, will involve over 16,850 commu- nities from all 50 states, U.S. ter- ritories, Canadian cities and mil- itary bases around the world. In all, over 38.5 million people are expected to participate. COMMUNITY National Night Out on Tuesday Event meant to foster community-police partnerships NOYO CENTER EXPLORING NATURE'S PUZZLE NAME PAGE 12 NIGHT PAGE 12 BALLOT PAGE 12 » Thursday, July 30, 2015 75CENTS FACEBOOK.COM/FORTBRAGGADVOCATENEWS Volume127,issue9 8 52659 03864 0

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