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October 14, 2016

The Bluffer - Red Bluff, CA

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October 14, 2016 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVII Issue 4 Varsity football, page 5 Bluffer/Gabriel Hale Lexi Pritchard Editor-in-Chief The Bluffer Best Fiends app, page 4 Class feature, page 3 Bluffer/Shania Prieto Hacking soars as Girls Inc. provides leadership opportunities American internet usage rapidly grows Aly Smith Staff Writer Nearly 31% of all hack s originate in the U.S, the highest of all countries. Cyber attacks cost the U.S. over $70 billion a year. Almost 73% of Americans have fallen victim to cyber crime. 27 million Americans have had their identities stolen in the last five years. As we enter the 21st century numerous innovations in technology have been introduced to society. One of the most important revolutionary piece of this advancement is the computer. The computer has forever changed the American lifestyle, making all of everything that was once done manually all done by the click of a button. That said, this new technology has created a new and improved breed of intelligent criminals that had never been seen before. They're called hackers. Hackers break into computer systems to steal, change, or damage information. They often install threatening malware or computer virsus without the computer owners knowledge. They then have access to detailed technical knowledge that the users wish to conceal. One of the most notorious hacking groups being called Anonymous. This group is a global loosly associated international network of hacktivists. They ae known for their infamuous hacking tirades and iconic masks. Recently officials have been concerned about the upcoming election, where it is rumored that Russia will interfefe with the U.S. Presidential election. To prevent hacking from happening to you it is important to have difficult passwords with numbers, capital letters, and symbols. Make sure to change them often. People can also install a firewall on your computer and antivirus software. Girls Inc., a wonderful opportunity for the female youth, makes its way to Tehama County. Many might ask what is Girls Inc.? Girls Inc. is a program that shapes young girls lives; it helps them build a structure of self-esteem as a strong, independent young woman and resist the stereotypes castes on them by society, This program is meant to educate and inspire girls to be powerful and themselves without buckling underneath the pressure of current day society. Girls Inc. comes with specific programs that can be during or after school, such as Economic Literacy, Friendly PEERsuasion, Leadership and Community Action, Media Literacy, Operation Smart, Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy, Project Bold, and Sporting Chance. All of these cover resisting the temptation of bad choices; something that it dire in the youth today. A major key point of Girls Inc. is to be strong through Financial Literacy, Media Literacy, and Scientific Literacy. A cycle that starts with skills to develop and build ideals to fit their dreams and career goals, become independent thinkers that cannot be swayed by the false ties of media, and girls who have an interest in the male dominated field of Science and Engineering. Their motto of "Inspiring all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold" really held an impact on some of its members. Johanna Wiltse, a dedicated member, decided to share her passion for the program, "Girls Inc. holds a grave importance in my life. I watch these girls bloom in the presence of these mentors, and it's absolutely great. It teaches young women to be self-sufficient and make good choices. " Women who suffer from oppression and violence are empowered through the passionate words of the leaders, and it helps them with self-image and self doubt. This program can benefit everyone teenage girl in the vicinity of this school.

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