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May 08, 2015

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May 8, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 14 Bluffer The The starting of a new tradition is finally here. This year at Red Bluff High School, Mrs.Gambetta hosted our very first Declaration Day hoping for, "all of our seniors to share their college dreams with each other." Declaration day is a day where our Senior graduates get together on May 1st, and officially send in their application to any four year college their planning on going to. If you're wondering, "Why May 1st?" It's because that's the deadline that students nationwide have the intent on registering and enrolling at any University they want. They will have the opportunity to share where they will be attending college next year, and what they're planning on majoring in. This is not just a day for the graduates that are going onto a four year college, no, but a day of celebration to all of our seniors. Mr. Fisher, the principal at RBHS said, "I think it's a positive thing, it's good that our seniors get the chance to share what colleges there going to with each other, and it's a good inf luence on younger classmen that will show up." Gambetta, who is excited to be part of the group that is establishing this event said, "I'm eager to see our students that will be going off to college!" Fabienne Stera, who is a graduating senior/exchange student from Germany, shared that she will be, "attending Cabrillo college in Santa Cruz, but I'm not quite sure what I will be studying yet, I'm excited to see what the future holds for me." Will Mcdonald, who is a part of the Spartan Varsity Baseball team, said, "I am going to Lassen College to play baseball and study agriculture." Another student who showed up to the Ryan Fisher Editor-in-Chief Declaration day unites college bound seniors with inspirational lunch activity 'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron' movie review, page 4 A group of seniors attending Declaration Day last Friday during lunch, seniors finally declare what colleges they will attend after high school. Boys JV Baseball sports story, page 6 All freshman interested in playing JV football next fall: • There is a meeting in room 311 • Tuesday May 12 • The meeting is mandatory • Contact Coach Hein for details • Ryan Gamboa-ASB President, Brittany Botell-ASB Vice President, Rayanne Lockett-ASB Treasurer, Maddy Eicholtz- ASB Secretary • Nicole Renfroe-Senior President, Alyssa Jackson-Senior Vice President • Dillon Garcia-Junior President, Sarah Herrera-Junior Vice President, Autumn Scholzen- Junior Treasurer, Natalie Brown- Junior Secretary • Chela Martinez- Soph. President, Ellie Miller-Soph. Vice President Different programs for the Performing arts center will be holding auditions. • Dance will be holding auditions May 15, 19 and 20 • Contact Mrs. Shilts for details • The drama department will be holding auditions for the fall play on May 22 in the PAC • Contact Mr. Homme for details RBHS will be holding its annual sports physicals on Saturday May 16 in front of Cafe Sparta. • A $10 donation is requested • Freshmen and new students arrive at 9:30 am • Returning students at 10 am (last name A-M) and 10:30 am (Last Name N-Z) Elections over PAC Try outs Sports JV Football Second semester at Red Bluff High is a stressful time for students who are enrolled in any AP courses because most students decide to take the AP exam. Advanced Placement is a program created by the College Board, which offers college level curricula and examinations to high school students. Red Bluff High provides many Advanced Placement courses like: Biology, Physics 1 (Algebra Based), Calculus, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, M a c r o e c o n o m i c s , Microeconomics, Spanish Language & Culture, Studio Art, United States History, and World History. Mr. Fox, who teaches AP Calculus AB stated, " We have worked hard all year for the AP test and I am confident in my students ability to pass it. It is a hard test and students have to put in many hours of outside class time studying to be successful." Shelby Baccala, senior, is Kaylie Capps Reviews Editor Along with new classes and the introduction of pathways comes along with a new pathway of computer science. Mr. Twitchell and Mrs. Barajas ar teaming up to bring a computer science class to Red Bluff High School. During the summer they will be attending a two week course in San Diego so they can teach these classes next year. Project Lead The Way intention is to help students be taught earlier about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or (STEM) which is a growing industry. The U.S. Department of commerce estimates that by 2018 jobs will go up by 17 percent, leaving 1.2 million STEM jobs unfilled.. PLTW is trying to include these classes at as low as Middle School 8th graders to help students join the STEM Field. But for the year of 2015-2016 RBHS will introduce their first class, Computer Science and Software Engineering which is a CSU approved college prep class and they hope to include many other classes to their curriculum and to have a class for freshman, sophomores, juniors and senior. "These classes will help students get their degree in computer science and even gives them a head start," said Barajas. She also that she is excited for the new classes and to become a student again and learn new things. Red Bluff High Schools goal is to include many of the classes that PLTW has to offer. celebration, Tina Ortega said, "I am going to Humboldt State University and I am going to be majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering. I thought the event was really neat and rewarding because it was great to be able to get some recognition for working so hard towards our goals." Mrs. Haase expressed that, "This is a great way to establish their accomplishments." Seniors were informed to wear their college t-shirts, but if they were in no luck of having one yet, it was no big deal! They gave each senior student a t-shirt and they filled in the name of their campus (This Spartan is bound). There were many staff members and younger classmen there to cheer everyone on as they went up to the podium and actually got to express their final decisions enrolled in AP Physics, AP English and Literature and AP C a l c u l u s BC. "I feel pretty good and feel like I will do w e l l , " s t a t e d Baccala. C a r l o s R i v e r a , junior, his first time taking an AP class (AP United States History) and also taking the AP exam. He's a little nervous when it comes to taking the AP Exam. "I'm scared because I want to do well on it so I can skip it in college because it is a waste of money," stated Rivera. Studying is super important for getting ready for the AP exam. Emily Wise, junior who is taking AP Biology, AP United States History and AP Language and Composition stated, "Good nerves are there, I have been studying as the year goes by. There's some anxiety, I've taken an AP test before so I know what to expect." Some study tips to keep in mind while studying before your AP exam is: take practice test, meet with your teachers and ask questions, study in groups, stay calm and finally don't cram and start to prepare early. "Last year Norton was great, he had after school study sessions which helped a lot and he had also gave us websites and study guides to use," stated Wise. AP exams are an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge and academic drive to teachers and colleges. Instead of stressing out about the process, start studying now so you can achieve your goal score. "I'm scared because I want to do [well] on it so I can skip it in college because it is a waste of money." -Carlos Rivera Britney Miranda Staff Writer Advanced placement exams test the abilities of RBHS highest academic students via incentive of college credits for the future. Hasse also expressed after the event that she thinks, "The event was awesome, for them to say where they were going and be so proud of it, was inspiring." Mrs. Gantenbein, a science teacher at RBHS said, "It was so fun to watch a group of young adults reach the first of many goals. I'm very proud of all of them." PLTW to Bluffer/Shania Prieto fill new potential STEM jobs

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