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December 14, 2016

The Bluffer - Red Bluff, CA

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December 14, 2016 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVII Issue 7 Lexi Pritchard Editor-in-Chief The Bluffer RBHS band energizes audience through As a reminder, Measure J was on the ballot this past election in November of 2016. Fortunately, for the Red Bluff High School District, Measure J passed. Since the bond was approved by the voters, then any person who owns property within the Red Bluff High School District will pay a $30 tax per 100, 000 dollars of assessed property. That means if you own property assessed at 100, 000 dollars, you would pay 30 dollars per year for the next 30 years. The money collected from the taxes goes to support bonds that can be sold by the district, which in turn can be used by the district for building and repairing Red Bluff High School, Salisbury and Independant Study. Now that it's been decided on by voters, there are big plans to start making improvements on campus. Mr. Brose said, "The next step is for the Board to approve the results from the election. This will be done at the regular board meeting in January. Then, a planning meeting will take place to create a time line of events. This will include selecting an architect, project manager, and citizen oversight committee." The oversight committee consists of elected members of the Red Bluff community, who will oversee what's happening in of 2017. Mr. Brose said, "The planning process will take some time. Not only must the board prioritize projects, plans must be drawn and approved. The bonds must be issued, and competitive bids must go out to contractors. We are hopeful to begin construction the later part of 2017 or earlier." terms of Measure J to make sure it's carried out in an appropriate manner. Some of the projects include remodeling the Agriculture building, CTE classes, Health, Tech, safety, ADA compliance and more importantly for the students, the bathrooms will be fixed. Students can expect to see construction the later part Plans for Measure J underway for 2017 year The 2016 Red Bluff High School band performed their annual concert this year themed Holidays Around The World on December eighth of last week. The band concert also featured two performances with three members of the Red Bluff High School choir. The song sang by the choir was Oh Holy Night performed by Ellie Fletcher, Jennifer Silvera, and Diane Hassay. The band also performed Deck the Halls, Go Tell It On the Mountain, Jingle Bells Around the World, The Holy and the Ivy (England), Jurassic Park, It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas (USA), God Rest Ye Merry G e n t l e m e n , F e l i z N a v i d a d (Puerto Rico), Angels We Have Heard on High (England), Auld Lang Syne (Scotland), Crazy Mixed Up Concert, Holiday Parade March (2009), Silent Night, and Boshana Haba 'Ah (Isreal), etc. When asked what they were looking forward to, Alex Pomazal, Senior, said, "I was most excited to play Sleigh Ride and it was the last concert so being with the band as a whole felt great." A l e j a n d r a Marquez, senior, said she most l o o k e d forward to, "Playing the song Boshana Haba 'Ah' because it was beautiful and for the concert I was excited to see all the Christmas gear and listen to all the ensembles." Some of the students in the band performed an individual showcase of their musical talent. One of them was Leslie Soto. She said that her favorite part of the concert was, "There was nothing that was bad about it. The whole room was full of energy and the Christmas spirit prevailed." One of the bands main priorities was to bring the community together through holiday music. Soto continued with, "Everyone in the band was really focused on bringing the performance to the audience. It honestly felt really connected with them." Ashton Smith, member of the Jazz Band commented, "Everyone was excited to perform and I really liked the variety of performances." The band members were given the songs to play, but people had the freedom to chose to perform another one if they wished. Soto said, "There was a lot of freedom of expression." Overall, the Holidays Around the World concert really managed to draw out the Christmas spirit within every individual both playing and watching. Julissa Villalobos Editor-in-Chief Holidays Around the World concert

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