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April 24, 2015

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April 24, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 13 Bluffer The that Jodi Brownfield had the foresight to apply for the grant." It is a whole new package for the Performing Arts Center. Not having a sufficient light system for such a long period of time was becoming a major problem for Red Bluff High School. They have had to patch together basic lights just for the plays the school puts on instead of having even a normal light system. When Mr. Spartan, a Ceighlee Fennel Features Editor New light system installed in PAC Lights donated by Shasta Regional Community Foundation 'Furious 7' movie review, page 4 Shelby Carver works on the new light board that was recently purchased after receiving grant from Shasta Regional Community Foundation. Varsity Softball sports story, page 6 Would you like to be a Red Bluff High School cheerleader next year? • Tryouts will be held in the Gym. • April 27, 28,30 from 4-6. • May 2 from 10-1. • All current 9, 10 and 11 graders need clearance slips to try out. Have you been thinking of speaking at this year's graduation? • There will be two speakers chosen for graduation. • Pick up applications in the main office. • Applications are due on April 29. Would you like to go on next year's Austrian trip? • Applications are available in room 408. • Sign up for a chance to explore a new country. Cheer Team Tryouts Senior Grad Speaker Austrian Trip Yearbook Would you like to be apart of the yearbook class next year? • Pick up an application from Mrs. Coker in 312. • Return it with parent signature to be officially enrolled in the class In the 2012-2013 school year, the percentage of attendance for the Red Bluff Union High School District was 92.8 percent, the following school year, it was 91.4 percent. This school year, it has risen to 92.7 percent. Superintendent Brose was asked his thoughts regarding the increase in attendance. "Entering this school year, the district made it a priority to improve student attendance," said Brose. Brose also included that to date, the percentage of actual daily attendance is up 1.3% over last year. This is a result of the focus on eliminating tardiness and absences throughout the district. "Improved attendance means more students are in class, and receiving instruction. Thank you Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief Saturday, April 18, twenty- seven of Red Bluff High School's FFA members headed to Fresno State for the 87th FFA California State Conference. "The gathering of the state for FFA to promote leadership, personal development, and career success," Mrs. Svejda, AG teacher at Red Bluff High School, said about what huge event for Red Bluff High School, started coming together the lights were not. So the school had to rent lights and a separate generator just to be able to put on the show. The first event that the system will be used for is the upcoming Dance Show on Thursday the 23 and Friday the 24. Mrs. Shilts shared her opinion about the new lights, "I'm excited that we were able to get them installed and I'm thankful to the McConnell Foundation for prioritizing the to staff and students for making this a priority, and let's keep trying to improve," said Brose. In this school year, attendance has improved, suspensions have dropped, referrals have dropped and habitual truancies have dropped. In 2012-2013, 117 students got suspended. The following year, the number was 181. This school year, the number of students suspended has dropped to 94. In 2013-2014, 833 students were received referrals, this year, the number is 504. This is 329 students fewer than the previous year. Habitual truancies have dropped from 29 to 26 since last year. The average amount of tardies, as in showing up late to a class, is 10.17 for first period. This means that an average of 10.17 students are late to first period per day, out of the entirety of the RBHS. For periods two through six, the average is 5.5 students. RBHS FFA visits 87th FFA California State Conference Sophia Cumpton Staff Writer Attendance improves in Red Bluff High School district while tardies, along with referrals, and suspensions all decrease On Thursday, April 16, Red Bluff High School staff was trained by a Portland, Oregon employee from the Light System Manufacturer for the new light system that was installed into the Performing Arts Center. The light system was installed over spring break. The Performing Arts Center has not had an actual light system for about a year, but the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, which is connected to the McConnell Foundation, gave Red Bluff High School a grant with the total coming out to fifty thousand dollars for the new light system. Joe Palubeski, who was the tech director at the time, had applied for the grant and also presented it two years ago along with help from Mrs. Brownfield who filed all the paper work. Mrs. Shilts, who teaches dance at Red Bluff High School, commented about the grant, "I am so thankful arts so the students can have a professional Performing Arts Center at Red Bluff High School." The reason why the old light system was not sufficient anymore was because it had become ancient and had too many problems with fixing it. The old system was 20 years old. Parts to be able to fix the old system could not be found so it had to be put out of commission. The new light system has been a huge step for the high school and has been met with much enthusiasm. Oscar Razo is the audio visual technician who runs the shows in the PAC. When asked about his feelings for the new system, he said, "We will be able to do so many new things with those lights and we will be able to put on good shows for the community. I am really excited for them." Red Bluff High School is the only school in the North state that has a light system like the new one installed, not even the North state colleges. When the Dance Show arrives the new lights will be put to the test. the conference is about. The conference included sessions with keynote speakers, representing a chapter- or school-, a career show, leadership workshops, the initiation of the new state officers, and speeches from the retiring officers. "Basically, kids from all over California FFA come together in Fresno," informed Olivia Zumalt, senior, and three year veteran to the conference. Over 4000, almost 5000, kids come from all over California to the California FFA State Conference. The conference started Friday night and went on until Tuesday, April 21. For the FFA members to qualify to go to the conference, they each had to undergo an interview and submit an application. Molly Murphy, senior, has gone to the conference her sophomore, junior, and senior years. "It's a lot of fun. You grow closer to the people you're with and it's something you remember for a long time," Murphy commented. "It is so much fun. We have a blast. We're always standing and cheering. It's just so lively. We get closer and see friends. Members get the chance to see officers," Zumalt stated. May brings the upcoming State Finals at Cal Poly. While the Fresno State Conference has no direct correlation to the upcoming State Finals at Cal Poly in San Louis Obispo, some FFA members from Red Bluff High are competing in teams of 3 or 4. The teams from Red Bluff are in horse judging, floral, foresting, livestock, and AG mechanics. The winning team goes to Kentucky for Nationals. By helping the FFA members attend the conference, the AG teachers—Mr. Pritchard, Mrs. Svejda, Mrs. Stroud, and student teacher Mrs. Menroe— have helped tremendously to give these Red Bluff High FFA students this chance to not only make new friends, but learn lifelong skills. "Basically, kids from all over California FFA come together in Fresno." -Olivia Zumalt Becca Blanchard/Bluffer

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