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November 20, 2015

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November 20, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVI Issue 6 Bluffer The Food Drive Holiday Spirit Court Students and Teachers Job Opportunity • Senior Nominees: • Christina Zumalt and Ryan Gamboa • Casey Sisco and Cameron Perdue • Gloria Munoz and Tanner Durfee • Ceighlee Fennel and Evan Meagher • There are 7 different activities with over 50 positions available. • They are posted on the CTE Job Board. • Jobs are added everyday! • Also, you can talk to Ms. Blackketter. • Community Service information is available. • Takes place from now until November 19, Thursday. • Donate nonperishable foods or water cases! • Drop donations off into any Ag classroom. • The person who brings in the most cans wins a free Ag T-Shirt! • Give someone a happy Thanksgiving! School cracks down on classroom cheating Ceighlee Fennel Editor-in-Chief Technology on campus moves forward Joe Mills Staff Writer Fall Play, page 3 'By the Sea' , page 4 Varsity Football, Page 5 Tymberlyn Bealer Editor-in-Chief Brianna Tackmier/Bluffer Courtesy Photo Counseling Center awards seniors There are all types of technology on campus, if you think about it, and the staff/ administration is always working to obtain more. M a n y additions have taken place in terms of technology on campus such as Crome Books, projectors, and HP Lap tops in the past years. Also, the school has gained other new gadgets such as 3D printers, an interactive A n a t o m y app, wireless technology, and others. The 3D printers are used to benefit teachers and students alike because the teachers have access to them and can use them in their classes depending on their needs. Also, because teachers can use it, the students are able to see real models in their classes and have more interactive learning. The printers are used mainly in the computer and anatomy classes, an example is a 3D heart printed for Anatomy, but it can be used by all teachers. The other newest asset we have is an Anatomy app. Students can download it and hover it over a worksheet of the human body. A 3D image appears on the phone and interactively shows students all the different systems and how they are all interconnected. The picture to the right is a demonstration of the app in action. Mrs. Gantenbien, an Anatomy teacher, says, "I think the app is a great tool because it shows the main thing of how the body's systems are all interconnected and it allows students to easily see the anatomy of the body." Also, as mentioned earlier, most of the technology is wireless which is very helpful to staff. Mrs. Barajas, teacher, commented about the existing technology and it being wireless, "We have a lot of good technology right now and the fact that it is wireless is huge. I feel pretty spoiled." RBHS is always trying to get new technologies and the way that happens is mainly through grants. The school hired Jodi Brownfield as the grant writing consultant, so her job is to appeal for those grants that allow RBHS to expand or gain resources for technology. Problems with the tech. on campus does exist. Students and teachers have all struggled with it and continue to do so. Mrs. Barajas said, "Most of the problems came from a lack of training for staff on the new technologies and there should be more staff development towards tech." Mrs. Barajas and other staff members are in charge of said training, but they run into challenges with the training due to scheduling and limits on time. However they plan to try to train more of the staff. Looking forward to the future, the Bluffer Staff took a survey of students about choosing a type of technology out of three options based on if they could have any of the three, which one would they want. The data collected is displayed by the percentages. Also a couple of teachers shared their hopes for RBHS's future in technology. Mrs. Barajas said, "In the future, we want to expand to four 3D printers or a couple more; and if I could wish for something, then I would wish for a CNC machine that cuts pre designed woods and plastics." As always, getting new tech. is a group effort and they are still making progress. Mrs. Gantenbien said, "We are working with the Tech. Department on getting more useful apps like the anatomy one." Some ideas were shared about new future tech. as well, such as wifi hot spots for students with time limits placed on them so students can only use them during break or lunch. RBHS is continuing to make improvements to technology on campus and is moving into a new age. Courtesy Photo • The rest of the court: • Noah Caylor and Emily Grissom • Marshal Brose and Skylar Glines • Kaden Cantrell and Lindsay Harrison • Teacher Nominees: • Mr. Kennedy • Mr. Dais • Mrs. Rodriguiez • Mrs. Gantenbein Recently, a committee of students and faculty was formed to draft an Academic Integrity policy in an attempt to crack down on student cheating. In addition to pursuing cheating, the policy aimed to define and give examples of actions that are dishonest in an attempt to increase the transparency of different actions at the school. Some actions that are in this category include sending pictures of homework or viewing others work before turning in your own, unequal work loads on different group projects, stealing tests, copying others work, ditching class to avoid turning in an assignment or using sites such as spark notes to avoid reading the assigned materials. When asked why the policy was instituted, several students threw around ideas ranging from an excessive amount of cheating, the district simply being proactive in their handling of this situation, or that it's a continual battle between teachers and students that is being updated to reflect changes in the twenty first century. A massive contributor to today's cheating is technology, according to Senior Hunter Brumbaugh, "Obviously with phones and Snapchat it's easier to cheat, my buddy can be doing an assignment all he has to do is send me a picture of it, I copy it down and then it's over after I delete the picture." This policy was created through a group of students and faculty in an attempt to bring RBHS up to date and ahead of the curve on the issues of cheating in today's age. Wifi 90% Digital White boards 6% App for Daily Bulletin 3% The RBHS counseling center has begun a new award system for Senior students every month which began this October 2015. These awards are for small acts of kindness and that our school supports kind acts to build a better community. They award students for good citizenship. The awards are gift cards that are being sponsored by two local businesses, Luigi's and Scoops. The first recipient was Lexi Aguire for the month of October, picture to the left. There will be another recipient for these awards every month of the year. Another place to find money options for the future is through the Counseling Center on the RBHS website. There is a scholarship handbook that seniors can access to see more individual scholarships. Mrs. Carter, counselor, said, "There is a community scholarship application which is a general application that automatically applies a student to a variety of scholarships." Beyond this general application there are individual scholarships that are organized in the senior scholarship handbook. Mrs. Carter said, "I encourage students to go through the handbook and read the Daily Bulletin at least once a week and to try to apply for as many scholarships as they can because it is free money for their future." Senior students will find out if they have received any of these scholarships in the spring of 2016. The scholarships are awarded and presented at the RBHS scholarship night. Mrs. Gambetta is the scholarship coordinator and she organizes the handbook, the bulletin and the scholarship night. If students have any questions they can ask her or their counselor.

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