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February 17, 2017

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Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVIII Issue 9 Resident Evil: Final Chapter, page 5 "Counselors are hoping that no classes are taken away..." Lexi Pritchard Editor-in-Chief Bluffer The February 17, 2017 "We are the generation of Social Media, Our biggest Revolution is a Tweet of 141 Characters." -@sandrachami Twitter is one of the largest social networking systems that allows global communication between millennials; the usage of Twitter can lead to promising or negative effects on the population's perspective. For example, Twitter serves as the younger generations main source of news for what's happening around them such as protests, the 2016 presidential election and the immigration ban. It can also be a form of local news for the Red Bluff community where students get school information through official school accounts on Twitter such as, @ BlufferLove , @ rbuhsdmedia, and @ RedBluffRowdies. Twitter allows individuals to directly give the public news instead of other news outlets which can false or misleading. On a national level, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have used Twitter as their main platform for communicating with their supporters and the opposing sides throughout the 2016 election and most recently, the immigration ban. Not long ago, the immigration ban was passed by President Donald Trump raising both positive and negative attitudes towards the executive order. The controversial order made it to the Federal Appeals Court where it was unanimously ruled 3-0 unconstitutional. In response to this ruling, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to jab at Donald Trump by simply tweeting "3-0." This tweet was met with backlash from the people. Much alike, people can find information on Twitter that both educates and infuriates. Twitter has become a venue to air grievnaces and express opinions. The Red Bluff High School campus has created new classes for the new 2017 through 2018 school year. Students are currently enrolling for next year's classes. Counselors are hoping that no classes are taken away, but there is potential change for classes that aren't being requested by students. Introduction to Business, is available to 11-12 graders, who have taken Exploring Computer Science beforehand; this course covers the different disciplines in finance, management, and marketing of business. Firefighting II, is available to 10-12, graders who have completed Firefighting I. Emergency Medical Technician will be available to 12 graders, who have First Aid Certification, course prepares students to work as ambulance attendants. Upon completion of the course, students will have to complete an application through Northern California Emergency Medical Services, Inc. for certification. Nutrition, will be available to 10-12 graders, as an online distance learning course,. This course covers the science of food, nutrients, balance between health and disease in the human body. with intermediate skills & information specific to the residential and commercial construction industry. Construction Technology, is available to 11-12 graders, focuses on all aspects of the building process. Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicles, a course that will be available to 9-12 graders who have previously taken Auto Upkeep, provides updated information & vehicle-specific information on the latest makes. If students or parents have questions about any of these classes, they will need to contact the counseling center at 527-8724. in machining, metal forming, CAM programming, project management, etc, and students will also be involved with school projects. Introduction to Building & Construction Trades, will be available to 9-12 graders, course is intended to introduce fundamental skills needed in the construction trades, is required for enrollment in advanced career and technical education courses in the Building and Construction Trades Sector. Residential & Commercial Construction, is available to 10-12 graders who have completed Introduction to Building & Construction Trade. It provides students them to health careers, career planning, terminology, wellness versus illness, and safety. CNC Machinist & Manufacturing Proficiency, is available to 11-12 g r a d e r s who have p r e v i o u s l y c o m p l e t e d Machining / F o r m i n g Technologies and Advanced Specialized Machining/ Forming Technologies with a B- or better. Students will become proficient at production and manufacturing based skills Pharmacology will be available to 10-12 graders, as an online distance learning course. This course provides students with prerequisite coursework that is required for the Health Te c h n o l o g y P a t h w a y at Shasta College. Pharmacology topics include: t e r m i nolog y, drug forms, and routes of administration, drug categories, and mechanisms of drug action. Introduction to Medical Careers will be available to 9-12 graders, teaches students the history of healthcare, exposes Stephanie Peña Staff Writer Varsity Girls Basketball, page 6 Red Bluff High School offers brand new electives for the 2017-2018 school year

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