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March 13, 2015

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March 13, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 11 Bluffer The For the first time in Spartan history, Red Bluff High School is hosting an event called Spartan Storm. It will be held on April 2 from 9-12:30. This event is a revamp of the eighth grader registration and preview day. Also, the Spartan Storm is one big event where all the graduating students from Red Bluff High School's feeder schools, which are: Gerber, Vista, Berrendos, Evergreen, Lassen View, Reeds Creek, Bend, and Lincoln Street, come together to see the campus for themselves and some of the things the high school has to offer. This registration/preview day for ninth graders used to just be a walk around the campus, a view of some of the classrooms, and other helpful activities. However, this year the counselors are hoping it will be a completely different experience for the incoming student. Mrs. Ackley, counselor, said, "It is going to be a fun unique day to let them really experience what it is like to be a Spartan." The layout for the incoming freshmen consists of a day from 9 to 12:30. The day begins with a welcome in the main gym where there will be Connect Crew as helpers, a Jazz Band and Show Choir performance, an overall guide and plan for the day. The counselors are expecting around 400 students to show up so they will be split into 3 groups for half hour rotations. There will be a Science Show in the main gym along with the CTE Tour and Fair in the Shop courtyard. The Fair is where all the electives have booths set up for students to check out. Also, there will be raffles and games. The eighth graders all have "passports" which they have to get stamped at all the different booths. The other main rotation goes to the Library Media Center for a Counselor Presentation and Student Panel. From 11- 12, lunch will be served as an Ag barbecue above the football bleachers. Finally, their day finishes with a mini rally held by the Student Government. The main goals of this Spartan Storm is to try and get more students to enroll, to show what the high school is like, and for the event to be enjoyable. Many hope for a fun, successful day and Mrs. Ackley said, "We think it is going to be a lot more exciting." Other than the obvious changes to the schedule of the 8 Grade Preview Day, another more subtle change has manifested. Not only are the incoming students more involved with all the activities and presentations, but actual Reed Bluff High students are participants. Connect Crew has always been a major factor in 8 Grade Preview Day which consists of already attending students of RBHS. Now, students are becoming active participants by promoting and displaying all the different electives with their booths. Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief Eighth grade perspective students visit campus through 'Spartan Storm' 'Focus' movie review, page 5 Current eighth graders visit Red Bluff Union High School Campus, and learn about the classes, atmosphere and organize their freshmen schedules. Varsity Baseball sports story, page 6 The last blood drive of the year is coming up. • Wednesday March 25 • In the Media Center • Must be at least 16, have a parent consent form and picture ID to donate. Olga Valladares has been chosen by administration and counselors as student of the year. • Mr. Fisher presented the award. • "I worked really hard all four years and I helped our at the high school as much as I could," said Valladares, senior. Represent RBHS in the Back To School Project Spelling Bee • It is March 21 • Applications are in the counseling center. • Adult and student team members are being looked for. The after school tutoring program has been expanded. • English is now included. • Sessions will be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. • There is math & science tutoring every Tuesday and Wednesday after school until 4:30 in room 92 with Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy. Student of the year Spelling Bee Assets Blood Drive Graduation requirements alter for RBHS Tehama county has increased the amount of events being done in order to help local pets and animal owners. The events span from P.E.T.S (providing essentials for Tehama Shelter), D.P.R (deserving pets rescue) to Home Again for k9s for Veterans. The first way in which animals are being helped is through P.E.T.S, which is working through the internet. It has made it possible to go to (which is the same as Amazon. com) and go to the area where a charity of choice may be entered. The group instructs to enter "Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter" and enter. This means that every time something is purchased off of this website on said account, money will be donated to help shelter pets. At FoodMax, a "Shares" card can be purchased, and every time the person scans the card when shopping, a percentage will also go to P.E.T.S. The next program, "Home Again k9s for Veterans" was created due as a response to Veterans requesting the ability to have a companion dog while being involved with the dogs obedience training. The veteran involved simply needs to complete a questionnaire with an approved trainer. Though veterans w i t h s p e c i a l n e e d s w h i c h r e q u i r e a service dog are " b e y o n d the scope of this program" the program will help in finding and referring them to appropriate organizations. The p r o g r a m offers limited training assistance via approved trainers; however, this comes at no charge. Extended training however, may require an extra charge. The organization provides information regarding veterinary services, pet supplies, food and nutrition, harmful human foods equipment options, exercise tips, tricks and treats. People may sponsor a veteran and companion costs for a portion of the adoption costs, heart worm exam and preventative treatment, and training equipment for around two hundred dollars. Bruce Riecke may be contacted at (530) 529-4433, Candy Carlson (530) 727-8803. The contribution is tax deductible. Ceighlee Fennel Features Editor Tehama County aims to help animal awareness and adoption Deserving Pets Rescue is a local group of volunteers who aim to find unwanted pets and care for them until a home may be found. A share card may also be used for this program. The group provides immediate medical attention and treatment to the animals. If the animal is old enough and becomes healthy enough, the group spays or neuters them. The group may be contacted at deservingpetrescue@gmail. com. The group also allows people to view available pets that are ready for adoption at A new set of graduation requirements have been proposed, which may be viewed on the high school website. According to Mr. Fisher, the school's principal, the change comes from a few different things. Fisher mentioned initially that the change came from the new number of class periods each day, which causes an increased amount of needed credits. The LCAP requires an increase in CTE courses and pathways for students at the school, thus accounting for the second reason. The third reason, according to Fisher is, "The new Academic Performance Index (API), the way the state determines how schools are doing, requires an increase in CTE courses and pathway completion." In Fisher's opinion, the change is positive, as it allows more students to experience an increase in class options prior to high school graduation. "Currently many students are not able to take elective classes or experience classes that help them gain skills until they are juniors or seniors in high school," said Fisher. Salisbury High School requirements will still be the same as those of the high school. Seniors need to be enrolled in six courses during both semesters. This may include work experience, independent study, special education, and courses at an accredited postsecondary education institution. There are three different certificate types which a student may aim to achieve one of. There is the Certificate of Completion, the Certificate of Achievement, or the Certificate of Credit Completion. Information regarding these types are on the high school website. Fisher added, "Students should understand that a high school diploma is a great start when going out into the world to get a job or apply to college. Developing skills and/or experience in courses that will help direct you to a career prior to graduation and may save you time and money once you graduate." Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief March 27/ 28 adopt a cat for $20 April 18 Hawes Farm adoption; $20 cats and $45 dogs May 4th-9th $5 microchipping at TCACC May 30 TCACC "Pick Your Price" adoptions June 12 $10 kittens & free cats

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