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September 1, 2016

The Bluffer - Red Bluff, CA

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August 26, 2016 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVII Issue 1 Varsity Football, page 5 Bluffer/Sophia Cumpton Trinity Stehno Staff Writer The Bluffer New staff energizes Red Bluff High School with unwavering dedication Seniors acquire new opportunity to paint their own parking spot for the school year Kayla Benton Casey Colwell Orlyn L. Culp II Michelle Dulon Christie Kerr Kenny Armstrong Suicide Squad, page 4 Hawaiian Rally, page 3 Seniors can paint their parking spots this year, and showcase their own style and personality. You may now pay for the privilege of painting your own parking spot as you support your school. The spaces need to have a sketch approved by today at 3:00 p.m. There's a limited supply of designated parking spots allowed to be painted, so they're being handed out on a first come, first serve basis. Any senior can buy one, but there's only seventy-two spots available; the first four rows closest to the field house and the PAC are the reserved painting spots. The cost is only forty-dollars (thirty- dollars with an ASB sticker), and that covers everything: your parking permit, festivities on the painting days, and the cost to cover up your painting at the end of the school-year. At the end of the school year if you paint your spot black, you will recieve a 20 dollar refund. The money that is raised from this event will be used for the Red Bluff High School student government and general student body; it'll allow the student government class to purchase items for the school. Designs must be school appropriate and abide by school rules. Your parking space must include your first or last name. The designated painting days are Sept 3, Sept 4, and Sept 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; music will be playing and bottled water will be available throughout the day for family, friends and students while painting. No painting is allowed before or after the official painting days; you may only on the three dates provided. Only water based exterior latex paint are allowed; it can be purchased at Home Depot, Sherwin Williams or Lowes. No oil-based paints, reflective paints, spray paints, or fluorescent paints. Students must keep a four inch unpainted border between their artwork and the white lines of their parking spot; you can use painters tape to create this border while you're working on your paint job. I'm looking forward to being part of the RBHS team for the whole year. Mr. Armstrong teaches P.E. and Strength and Conditioning. He attended Chico State and Simpson. Ms. Benton teaches Biology and Physical Earth Science. She hopes to have at least one student enjoy science. Mr. Colwell teaches World Civ., Avid 10 & 11, and Eco Art. He hopes students get a fun and great education. Mr. Culp teaches English for freshmen and juniors. He wants his students' voice to be heard. Ms. Dulon teaches English for freshmen. She accepted the job here because she liked the tight knit community. Ms. Kerr teaches advanced and regular sophomore English. She wants to make English fun and exciting for everyone. John Taylor I like seeing the lighbulb go off when students get an idea in their head. Mr. Taylor teaches CAD, Graphic Arts and Frosh Success. He has taught for 12 years. I'm most excited for spirit days and all the labs and activities with the kids. I'm excited to get to actually teach the whole school year with my own classroom. Teachers had a profound impact on me when I was in school so I just wanted to pay it forward. I teach because I love interacting with high schoolers. English is what I'm passionate about. Casson Scowcraft Mr. Scowcraft teaches band and Avid 9. His goal this year is to make the band improve and excel in their music. I'm most excited for wearing costumes with Mrs. Hassay and being goofy. Melinda Richards Mrs. Richards teaches Integrated Math 1. Her goal is to develop a meaningful relationship with students. I hope to see positive results for my hard work in December and June. Brett Richards Mr. Richards is a Metal Shop and Intro to Manufacturing teacher. The most fun part of my job is seeing students produce something that they can take pride in. Shelby Long Ms. Long teaches World History and Leadership 9. Her goal is to have her students be successful. I hope to eventually start a girls field hockey team in the next few years. Jamie Montandon Mrs. Montandon teaches Health Care and Occupations and Medical Terminology. My goal is to have all students pass and be happy with their job placement. Brooke Kinner Mr. Kinner teaches Cabinetry, Wood Principles, and Set Building. He's starting a skateboard and logic club. One of my goals is that all the students leave with as many limbs as they came with. Scott Spangler Mr. Spangler teaches Fire Science. He also teaches the EMT course at Shasta College. My goal is to give my students another option besides college after high school. Bluffer/Lexi Pritchard Lacy Trunnell Ms. Trunnell teaches Ag Chemistry, Floral and Leadership 10. Her high school Ag teacher inspired her to teach. My goal this year is to place at state with my Floral Design class.

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