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Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXIX Issue 13 Bluffer The April 27, 2018 'Xanadu', page 4 ' Pacific Rim Uprising ' page 5 Varisty Baseball, page 7 Juniors aim to impove SBAC Special Olympics promotes diversity Rebeccah Smith A & E Editor Rebeccah Smith A & E Editor Stephanie Peña Features Editor Concert Choir performs 'Let Your Light Shine' As of May 1st, on a Tuesday, the annual Tehama County Special Olympics Track Meet will be held at the Rotary Soccer Complex. It is a sponsored activity by the Red Bluff Joint Union High School District. It is an event held for SPED students and adults who also have similar attributes. The purpose of the Special Olympics is to bring a community of people together and have them participate in activities that they look forward to all year. The activities involve the development of physical fitness, an inspiration towards a sense of competition, and by participating in these events people gain a sort of confidence that they don't usually have. The confidence they receive ranges from joy towards the sport to feeling involvement in activities they are partaking in. It brings a sense of pride to the contribution they give this Special Olympics event. People are allowed to help make this event happen by giving time out of their day to volu nteer. Students at Red Bluff High School are allowed to volunteer in this event and it is encouraged that they do so. In order to participate they must fill out a Voluntary Activities Participation Form. Students participate during p e r i o d s 1 - 5 . T h e r e is an orientation held at 8:00 AM in the PAC. From there students leave in buses to the Rotary Soccer Complex. It is suggested to wear comfy clothing and tennis shoes along with sunscreen as students will be participating in outdoor activities. This activity demonstrates the talent and ability the athletes participating have. With showing their talents and abilities people are able to applaud their capabilities. This allows for individuals to be involved in their community and to become one with everyone else who chooses to participate. This is not just an event that happens in Red Bluff, but it is nationwide. People are welcomed to come and see the athletes participating. People are also welcomed to donate to this event and making it possible. Former student athletes who participated in this event before come back to help and encourage athletes participating now. On May 3 at seven o'clock in the PAC, all RBHS choir classes are conducting and participating in a Spring Concert Choir Show run by Mrs. Hassay and Sherry King. Hassay handles training the choir students for the show while King is handling the costumes. Sophomore, Ella Dotson,10, stated her favorite part is the ending and the costumes; she said that the show has brought the choir students closer together. "Choir to me is like a family because they're always there for you and are always there for a shoulder to cry on." Mrs. Hassay says the theme is to 'Let your life shine' and bring positive feelings out within the show. So far, there have been one hundred fifteen students involved and four staff members. The students consist of three choir classes with each one practicing with four songs for the show. Each class has the opportunity of a solo as well. Hassay stated that her favorite part in the show, "...I think as a director, I am most excited to see the students perform in front of family and friends on the pieces [songs] they have worked so hard on." Hassay hopes the show goes successfully but finds most of her pride as a director and in her students. Hassay and her students have been working on competition songs for three months and, alongside the competition pieces, have been working on the Concert Choir pieces. Her students have been preparing with pre-song warms up, sectionals (that provide time to learn more pitches), and with after school practices. Hassay and her students have high hopes for the Spring Concert Choir show and have been working hard on the show. Once again, the Spring Concert Choir Show is taking place on May 3 at seven o'clock at the PAC; tickets are sold for five dollars at the door. This year juniors have to take a smarter balanced assessment Consortium which is provided to all juniors and has been for years. This year's seniors remember taking this test last year and said it was a complete waste of time. They agreed that it was not beneficial to their academic success in any way, shape, or form, and wished that it would have been. The environment in which the juniors took their test was filled with distractions of all shapes and sizes, they were not quiet and thought it was a good idea to throw paper airplanes throughout the Fieldhouse. They were informed by several authoritarian figures that it would have no effect whatsoever on their grades thus making them deem the test pointless. However, this is not entirely true with the EAP (English Placement test for college) being incorporated in the test. Needless to say, they scored horribly, and the juniors of this 2017-2018 year have better testing conditions and aim to improve their scores substantially from last year. It's understandable that Juniors hate taking standardized tests seeing that they already take so many of them throughout the school year, so by saying that this test does not affect them does not ensure that they will try their hardest when they should. Students such as Brittney Lawley, a senior at Red Bluff High School, wish their testing environment would have been much quieter so that they could actually concentrate on the test. Math teacher Elena Tomasetti has expressed her discontent with the SBAC by saying, "I hate it when students don't take it seriously and when they'e told to slack off on it." The low SBAC scores make Red Bluff High vulnerable to be mocked by the state and by neighborhooding schools. It puts Red Bluff High in a position of looking far below basic. This year test scores are expected to rise and the school is hopfeful for better scores in both English and math. "Last year, the environment in which the juniors took their test was filled with distractions of all shapes and sizes." testing conditions

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