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May 13, 2016

The Bluffer - Red Bluff, CA

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S.A.T New Car May 13, 2016 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVI Issue 14 • The drawing for the new KIA Optima will be on May 20. • Get your raffle tickets now in the Student Store for $10 each. • All proceeds benefit the RBHS Athletics. • The more tickets you get, the better chances you have of winning the car! • The deadline for the June 4 SAT is fast approaching. • Go to by May 5th. • You need to register on there! • Don't wait!! • Checking if your college accepts the ACT or SAT is a good plan of action. • If you have questions, talk to a counselor. Every 15 Minutes tries to shock students about drunk driving Dance Show, page 3 Captain America Civil War, page 4 Varsity Baseball, page 6 Joe Mills/Bluffer Taylor Nguyen/Bluffer Bluffer The Scholarship Contest • Visit, click the banner, Watch the video "A Little Bit of Magic" and Answer 3 questions. • Share to social media for more entries with #ICanWinMoney and you'll have a chance to win: a $5,000 Scholarship, an IPad, or a MacBook Air. There will be gift cards awarded weekly! • Deadline is May 22, 2016! • UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam is Saturday May 14. • It is required for students who have been admitted to a UC campus for Fall 2016. • However, you only have to if you haven't satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement by other means. UC Bound? Seniors met in the big gym to declare where they plan on attending college next year or whatever their future will be. Trinity Stehno Staff Writer Claire Miller Staff Writer Seniors prepare for college AP tests finish As many of you may know, Red Bluff High School put on a staged performance called 'Ev- ery 15 Minutes' Thursday and Friday, April 28 and 29. There was an all day event Thursday and a one hour assembly during third period on Friday. Every fifteen minutes is based off of the fact that a person dies or gets seriously injured from an alco- hol related incident every fifteen minutes. The show put on at our school has been being practiced for approximately six months; there was around seventy-five people involved, including stu- dents, the Red Bluff police and fire department, make-up artists, videographers, St. Elizabeth hospital staff, and the coroner. When asked about the stu- dents reactions, Mrs. Somavia said, "I have heard students say they were very moved by the event and it was positive." The school was prompted to do this event by last years stu- dent government class, but there wasn't enough time to put the show on last year. There are hopes to continue the 'Every Fifteen Minutes' show in two to four years when this year's freshmen can attend. According to the juniors and seniors, the show was upsetting; it was eye-opening, but sad. When asked about the shows impact on him, Craig Branson, senior, said, "It made me realize that it's not only you drinking and driving, but it can be some- body else behind the wheel." There was no practicing for the actors and actresses in the show; it was all improvisation, so on the day of the crash at the fairgrounds, it was all off the top of their heads. Taylor Nguyen Staff Writer The two weeks of AP testing have recently come to a close with the last test being Friday, May 13. A recap of the tests that were offered were the AP classes of Spanish Language and Culture, Literature and Composition, Calculus, Studio Art, U.S History, Biology, Physics, Language and Composition, and Microeconomics. Students who are enrolled in AP classes and take the tests that follow are taking advantage of the benefits that it has to offer. One of the benefits of taking the tests is the opportunity to obtain college credit in that specific course. "Students who take the AP tests will have the chance to earn college credit, find self-value, and understand how 'smart' they are in that specific class," said Mrs. Rodriguez, AP Literature teacher. Now that they are over, students can help expand their knowledge of these classes and why more students should participate in AP. These classes will give an essence of what a higher level learning is like. "These courses allow students to expand their horizons," said junior Nero Dotson. "I would encourage these students to challenge themselves to reach their highest potential." Besides the college credit when one passes an AP test, students will be able to test their skills to fully understand what that subject is about. This year's RBH seniors are already a step ahead of the mass majority of people that have yet to decide which college they will attend. Tessa Burch was asked which college she was going to go to and why, she replied with, " I am going to attend Butte because of all its benefits that it gives me. When I attend Butte I want to major in kinesiology and I don't know what I'm going to minor in. I am hoping to figure that out once I begin my studies." The importance of a college education is also accentuated because of the opportunity to gain valuable resources during your tenure. The more connections which are collected during your college career, the more options you will have when you begin your job search. However, the importance of a college education has not been exhausted. Having a college degree often provides for greater promotion opportunity. Grant Cottier was asked what he wanted to major in and he said, " I want to major in musical composition and math and go to The University of Denver." The senior students at Red Bluff High School are prepared for their future academic endeavors. Courtesy Photos Bluffer/Becca Frey

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