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Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXIX Issue 4 Bluffer The October 13, 2017 Austrian Exchange, page 4 'Girl Against the Universe' page 5 JV Football, page 6 Enforcement of "clean up" policy Football field debate concludes with decision for synthetic turf Valerie Barragan Staff Writer Sophia Cumpton Editor-in-chief Recently, administration has noticed the excessive litter and use of profanity around RBHS. Both are inappropriate in a school setting where students and staff members, alike, should take pride in this school's appearance and impression on the community. Administrators Michael Tambini, Wendy Drury, Mike Fox and Kelly Haight came up with the idea for an e-mail to be sent out to all teachers to give students a speech on why the use of profanity and excess littering has been damaging our school. "I believe in consistent and frequent behavioral instruction. Twenty-five percent of the staff is new, and it'll take work to get all staff on the same page with consistent behavioral instruction and reinforcement. It's a growing movement. I hope the speeches will continue," said Haight, Assistant Principal. This action was taken after administration received numerous e-mails from teachers, complaints from As many know, the newest pressing issue this year at RBHS is the debate over the school's football field. This debate mainly affects all three football teams, Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The fact is that they are unable to have home games at all this school year. The debate has involved a wide range of athletes to students to the school board. The main controversy about the field is whether it should be a synthetic turf or grass. The high school's board has made a final decision on the topic. The field will be synthetic. When Athletic Director Brett Southwick, was interviewed, he said the main reason why synthetic turf was the decision is that it is usable for anything. It can be used by the community, P.E. classes, sports practices, and games. Meanwhile, if a grass field Lack of technology causes student frustration A student in Mrs. Rodriguez's third period class doing an online test. Every teacher knows that it's hard to obtain the Chromebook cart because it is to be shared within each department and this becomes problematic with larger departments. Chromebooks are suppose to be essential to one's knowledge, so why is it hard to obtain a cart for a whole classroom? It seems unfair for the students, it takes away from class time when they don't work from internet connection and from not being charged. Mr. Barrow has to say, "It's a challenging to have the classes using the Chromebook without overlapping each other. One more Chromebook cart would help, ideally one Chromebook per classroom would be great for the students. "If our goal is to prepare our students for the future they need a high quality setting. As the school needs to allow the students creates positive feedback for school Chromebooks along with five charts. Students would greatly appreciate more Chromebooks and if they had access to functional technology. "I am frustrated because it's difficult to even log on to my high school account," said Maria Pasillas, junior. "I would much rather use a computer than a Chromebook, Pasillas added. Access to effective technology is essential for students to be productive in the 21st century. to learn to use technology that is dependable and available," said Ms. BC, English teacher. Ms. BC made the metaphor that, "We all drive cars. Wouldn't it be nice if the car started when turned on, and did not stall or breakdown on the way home, everyday?" According to Tech Services, "There is a plan to get more Chromebook's based on a budget, and it is driven by the District Office." They have approval for 830 Emma Hale Staff Writer had been the decision the maintenance to keep the field nice and neat would be too much overall. Fewer students would be allowed to walk or run on it because of overusage. Although the cost between a synthetic turf field and a grass field wouldn't be that different at first, in the long run, the yearly maintenance fee for the grass field will cost the school so much more. Another plus is that the warranty for a turf field has increased to 10 years. After the 10 years would be a few replacements would be needed, but then the field would be good for another 10 years. To keep the grass field looking nice it would need a good drainage system and that is not cheap on the school at all. These facts are a few that Mr. Southwick thinks the public should know so they can fully understand the school's decision on putting in a new turf field. AstroTurf and world). AstroTurf janitors about trash, and kids screaming profanity with no filter. Many teachers took this issue very seriously; teachers Dan Ackley and Jon Jones had exceptional speeches that truly got to the students' minds. "The fact that profanity is the last refuge of the ignorant. High School and it's students should be. Hold each other accountable, underclassmen and upperclassmen alike. Better conduct, better behavior, better language. May civic virtue take back your school!" So far there have been huge improvements in the students' school sharp and clean when it comes to conduct and behavior? If you think not, what might you do about it? If you think you're part of the problem, you should check yourself. If you're not part of the problem stop settling for a lesser version of what Red Bluff Profanity makes you sound a lot dumber than you really are, & ignorant," Jones highlighted from his speech. Ackley, an Govt and Econ teacher, explained how upperclassmen need to treat this situation. "When it comes to school culture and pride...Is your conduct, applauded Haight. "Teachers are giving a consistent message. It is important for staff to communicate expectations. Even though kids should know, if we don't teach it we can't enforce it. Now we can all go out and really enforce it by reminding kids to clean up. We want to see students and staff have pride in school, but we see a lack of pride and school spirit. This school used to be crazy about school spirit and we're missing it," she added. Haight explained her goal for the school, adding that she expects one hundred percent compliance with the litter policy, and that there is a, "time and a place" for profanity, but students must have respect for themselves and learn restraint. "Wouldn't it be great to see the day that there wasn't a day where there wasn't a piece of litter on campus? What message do we want to give the community when they come into our campus?" The teachers, staff, and students at Red Bluff High School hope that this issue will be put to a stop. - What the new football field will be made out of - Made from nylon and polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer) - Currently what's on football field - Made from plastics and polythene (most common plastic) vs. Synthetic Turf Courtesy Photo

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