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April 2, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 12 Bluffer The February 28, 2015 was Red Bluff High School's second annual Science fair. The Science Fair was held in the PAC where students did experiments that showed off what they have learned in physics. The biology and astronomy classes also had a part in the event. Victor Ibarra shared, "For this being the second year I think it is going smoothly." This event was held for people of all ages in our community. When asked about how the Science Fair went Mr. Kennedy, the teacher in charge of this event replied by saying, "The Science Fair went great! We wanted it to be fun and positive for the community and I think we achieved our goal." Showing and teaching things to younger generations was a huge part on why RBHS student's put this event on. Ryan Fisher Editor-in-Chief Science Show aims to continue growing after approximately 400 attend show 'Insurgent' movie review, page 4 Mr. Kennedy and students involved in second annual Science Show prepare for, and perform the event. Boys Tennis sports story, page 7 The AVAB test provides you with career information for various civilian and military occupations. • Sophomores and Juniors only. • Sign up in the counseling center. • April 17 at 9 in the library. The football game will be held between the Junior and Senior girls of RBHS. • It will be Thurs. Apr. 2. • It will be at 4:30. • The Mr. Spartan contestants will be the cheerleaders. • There will be a concession stand. • Band will be at the event to entertain. The park is looking for "highly motivated" students for their 2015 summer Interpretive Intern Program. • Junior and Senior students will be eligible. • Anyone interested can go to the Counseling Center for more information. Girls Scouts NorCal will be offering the CEO teen girl leadership camp. • It will be August 5-8. • It will be in Dorrington, CA. • Students interested can see Debbie Camacho in the Counseling Center. Powder Puff Football Lassen National Park Girls Camp ASVAB Test The Red Bluff Union High School has, in past years, had an astrobiology internship program. This program is considered unique due to the fact that there are zero other high schools in the entirety of the nation which join with Lassen Volcanic National Park as well as the NASA Ames research center in order to aid the scientists in finding evidence for life on Mars. The students do not pilot the rover, but are "genuinely helping in the search for narrowing down the locations on mars that scientists should be looking for," according to member, senior, Maryn Spangler. This is due to the fact that the water and volcanoes located at Lassen causes an abundance of hydrothermal activity; ergo it causes a place where water interacts with magma from the volcano picking up gases and heat from the magma and getting released on the surface in the form of hot springs. Due to the water having all of the magma interactions, it picks up the gases which have ions that act as energy for Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief As of the 16th of March, the school board has finally passed the 7 period schedule. Not only will next years class schedule contain 7 periods but they will be broken up into block period. Now students will have 53 minutes a class period for 3 days a week and a 93 minute class one day a week. There has been more confirmed classes that will be offered next such as Anatomy and Physiology, Ag Soil Chemistry, Computer Science and many more. The school is also introducing CTE Pathways, CTE stands for Career Technical Education and the pathway is a series of two year long courses are connected to an industry sector. These pathways include many types of careers that people will have in their future. The pathways gives them a list of classes and electives that are preferred to take before going into that field of work. For example if a student wants to follow a Healthcare career there would be a list of classes for the student to take. such as Nutrition, Health Care Occupations and Therapeutic Services. All these class would be recommended for the students to take if they wanted to follow that career. Both of these have been voted on and both passed and will definitely be used in the 2015 and 2016 school year. "I think the Science fair is a cool opportunity to bring awareness to the community. I want to make the kids laugh, I want it to be funny and mind blowing at the same time for them," Andrew Harms explained before the Science Fair. When Mr. Kennedy was asked to summarize the Science Fair he said, "In the Science Fair we showcased hands on Biology, Astronomy, we also did a lot of fun experiments and most of them worked." The Science Fair is put on by a group of RBHS students who have an interest in science. Victor Ibarra stated, "Mr. Kennedy promoted being a part of the Science Fair a lot in his AP physics class." The students showcased their knowledge of physics in the Science Fair with multiple experiments. Before the Science Fair Andrew Harms shared, "I'm one of the fun fact guys, I also introduce the planets in a pageant sense, dress up as a bear at one point, and sing with helium." Walker Davidson added, "I'm also introducing the planets in a pageant sense, and I'm a part of the pendulum waves experiment." There are many different types of experiments in the Science Fair. Before the Science Fair Amy Garrison listed the experiments she will be in, "I will be magically making red and blue water appear in a fish tank, I make 250 feet of beads fly out of a jar on their own, I pump air into 100 gallon bags, another thing is I help make a ballerina and a football player crash into each other." The students have been working on their experiments in the Science Fair for the last three months. The amount of time put into this event created a large amount of anticipation for the students. "I am super duper excited," stated Amy Garrison before the Science Fair had taken place. When Mr. Kennedy was asked about the future Science Fairs he shared, "I'm hoping that every year the Science Fair will grow bigger and better than the years before." microbes. Spangler continued to clarify the actual meaning of this. "That's right, we may not find green martian people walking around, but Mars has evidence of having ancient hydrothermal systems exactly like the ones we have on lassen," said Spangler. S h e continued to clarify that this means fossils of microbes could be found, which is what the scientists are looking for. The scientists are also looking for silica and clays which form where there was once a large amount of water. The students in the program help to try and find "fingerprints of past lives on mars," said Spangler. The program has been at RBHS for five years, and in its existence has helped their microbiologist mentor, Niki, discover a new type of purple thermopi. This happens to be a microbial type that is evolutionarily advance enough to live in extremely hot places according to Spangler. The discovery has given the group hope for finding life in the hydrothermal areas. Mr. Michael, the teacher involved in the program mentioned what the members have been doing. At six in the evening last Tuesday, the students did a public presentation of their findings in the back room of the library. "In addition all students wrote a thesis paper chronicallying their hard work and findings from the experiments and observations that they made over the course of the year," said Mr. Michael. Students interested in joining the program for next year can speak to Mr. Michael in May. Board "The students in the program help to try and find fingerprints of past lives on Mars." -Maryn Spangler Tymber Bealer Sports Editor NASA high school program in need of funding and community support in order to continue the help in finding life on Mars confirms 7 period schedule

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