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April 13, 2017

The Bluffer - Red Bluff, CA

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Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVIII Issue 12 Power Rangers, page 5 Story by: Julissa Villalobos Bluffer The April 14, 2017 Varsity Girls Softball, page 6 "Everybody I've talked to is really positive..." -Elizabeth Heinberger Science Show The fourth annual Red Bluff Science Show took place on March 31, 2017 at 6 pm. The show was lead by Mr. Kennedy who is a chemistry, earth science and physics teacher at Red Bluff High School. That said, experiments were suggested in order by his actual students assisting the show. Most of the audience consisted of parents and children who were amazed by each experiment and science facts. The beginning of the show featured several students explaining everyday phenomenons like radio waves, the aging process of hair, how people are able to walk, and optical illusions. Most of the children that The last week of March, for Red Bluff High, signaled the beginning of the Coming Home events such as Powder Puff games, Spirit Days, and a black light rally. However, during this time, Red Bluff High was receiving its report card from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is a non-profit organization started in 1963 that puts every high school in the Northwestern United States area through the accreditation process, a necessary procedure to ensure that every high school term, the better the school performed. Overall, the WASC team was very impressed with Red Bluff's performance; however, they mentioned that improvements could be made to the campus and to the safety of students. WASC also wrote we as a school were quite involved in academic support and success. In the end, all RBHS can hope for is the best results and is "a great school that supports its students and wants them to do their best no matter what class or grade they're in." The last time Red Bluff High was visited by WASC was in 2011 and the approval rating from WASC was quite high. WASC has accreditation terms that tell the school how well they did; accreditation terms are periods of time that WASC assigns to a school until their next visit. An accreditation term can last up to one year, two years, or even six years. The longer the accreditation councils, and created a report of how they thought about Red Bluff High. Elizabeth Heinberger stated that, "The school is really big c o m p a r e d to mine. E v e r y b o d y I've talked to is really positive and e v e r y o n e seems really proud of their school." Karen Anderson mentioned how she thought Red Bluff High WASC members Elizabeth Heinberger, Lori Rounds, Vanessa Adolphson, Dominice Wilhite, Karen Anderson, and Tony Walton were sent to Red Bluff High to evaluate the school. The group was at Red Bluff High for four days and with that time they conducted interviews, held two student is preparing their students for college. The accreditation process begins with a selected school making a self-study about themselves. This self study goes over the goals the high school has for its students, how it maintains safety within the school and much more. WASC will go over this self study and send a group of WASC members to the school to watch student performance in classrooms, observe behaviors around campus, and see how the school functions in general. WASC accreditation visits Red Bluff Union Dazzles viewers for its fourth year High School to assess campus performance Story by Katie Louisell and Rebeccah Smith attended the show were absolutely enthralled with a huge box that blasted smoke rings throughout the audience. There was also a point where all the lights were turned off, and Mr. Kennedy used his voice to make random patterns on the wall using a bright green laser. Dillon Garcia ,senior who was part of the show said,"The biggest highlight of the show was probably just getting to see everyone being excited about science, from kids to grandparents." At the end of the show, there was an explosion that sent golf balls flying in all directions, which made the audience go crazy. He then gave his bows and thanked everyone who made the show possible.

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