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May 29, 2015

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May 29, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 15 Bluffer The Ceighlee Fennel Feautures Editor 'Tomorrowland' movie review, page 4 Sign up for Classes Final Scene Night Summer Soccer Camp "...intention is to provide a safe place for students to hang out during summer and also give students fun options in the summer." Mr. Dais New Summer School Options thought that FFA should have a mural to." Red Bluff High School is in a community that is open to donating to local students. Daisy Brose commented, "For my senior make a difference I'm feeding local veterans on June 2. Wal-Mart was super generous and donated hamburger meat, buns, and condiments." Senior Make Differences allow students to give back to their community. • The final scene night is tonight, Friday, May 29 at 6:30 in the Performing Arts Center. • The title for the show is called "Final Impressions". • Of course it's free and make sure you don't miss this year's LAST Scene Night. It will be the fianl performance for the seniors! • Sign up for Summer School before school is out! • Many activities will be happening on campus this year. • Weight room, pool, athletic camps are all being offered. • $100 discount on Max's Driving School. • Soccer Camp is happpening during the summer from July 13 to the 23. Times are 7 to 8 P.M. • It is held at the RBHS track/ soccer field. • On the Daily Bulletin there is a registration form and sign- up deadline is June 25. • Cost is $30. However, some were already removed because seven of them were bought and the remaining have been bought by Bethel Church. Ron Fisher, principal, commented on the portables, "They cost us like $2,000 to remove and $1 to buy." When students come back, the campus will have been altered, hopefully for the better. Ceighlee Fennel Features Editor RBHS stalls construction to the Village Maintenance is being kicked into high gear around the Red Bluff High School during summer because operating on school grounds is prohibited while students are on campus. Therefore, major construction will be taking place in the following months. Some of the projects that will take place will be; the village being removed, making new benches, putting flooring in rooms, making programs to save water, moving plants, replacing heating systems, ect. An ongoing struggle the school deals with is the Village. The original purchaser decided they didn't want the portables so they got put back up for sale. Senior Make a Difference allows students to give back to community Tymberlyn Bealer Sports Editor At the end of each senior year of high school, Red Bluff High School requires all 12 th grade students to take part in a Senior Make a Difference project. The students are allowed to choose their own project and if they would like to work in a group or by themselves. K.J. Hinkston s h a r e d , " W a l k e r Davidson, Olivia Zumalt, Justin Phillips, Jack Murphy, and Nathan Frits are in my group." The seniors can choose to do their Senior Make a Difference's here on Red Bluff High School's campus or out in the community. Amy Garrison chose to do her Senior Make a Difference here on campus. "I'm painting a mural for my Senior Make a Difference. The mural will be composed with images of the Agriculture products that are grown in Tehama County, Shasta County, two FFA members, and symbols from the FFA emblem." When Garrison was asked if she was working with anyone she shared, "Seniors in my group helping me paint this mural are; Natalie Renfroe, Karl Miller, Sarah Phillips, and Rene Pasillas." Hinkston further explained about his project, "For my Senior Make a Difference my group will be painting and trimming trees at Bethel Church." The students can choose to do their Senior Make a Difference's on a certain project for multiple reasons. "Many people in my group go to Bethel Church and have grown up there. So they wanted t o give back to the church," s t a t e d Hinkston. S o m e of the students Senior Make Differences will only take one day and others will take months. Garrison shared, "We started preparing and working on this project three months ago and we have to be done with it by June first. This mural is a huge project so hopefully we'll be done in time." Garrison explained where her group got their idea for their project, "We came up with this idea for our senior make a difference when we saw the new murals that had been painted on the sides on the buildings at fair. We Summer is here! Everyone knows this and are preparing for the end of the school year, but not everyone knows about this year's summer school program. It starts up on June 15 and goes until July 16. The program will be held at RBHS, all over campus, and many of the facilities will be open including the library, pool, weight room, and others. There have been summer schols in the past, but this year is very different. The funding for summer programs used to be given to us from other organizations whichput restrictions on the program because it had to meet certain requirements like a specific amount of core classes or classes for credit recovery. This year the program has much more freedom because the funding is from the after school program ASSETs. This year ASSETs had money left over from the school year which has now created the opportunity for summer school. Also seeing as the program is being run t h r o u g h A S S E T s , Mr. Dais is running the program because he is the ASSETs director. Another key difference in this year's program is what is being offered. In past years, it has mainly been a few classes forcused on CORE academics and credit recovery. Now, not only have the amount of those classes increased, but the school will be humming with activity. The school will hold different activities and games for students weekly. Also as mentioned earlier, most of the facilities will be open to student whether they are in any of the actual classes or not. School clubs will aslo be included in this program. There will be tennis and soccer camps, art classes, and easy computer access for everyone. A $100 discount towards MAX driving school is offered so that students can sign up for the driver education through the school and get a discount. In years past, there have been online programs that students could take, but this year a student has to go to the school for at least four hours to meet the requirements. The online courses are still offered, but a student has to show up at the school for credit. The funds from ASSESts make this an even sweeter deal for students because everything is free! The leftover money is able to cover all the program's expenses. When asked about the program's goals and intentions Mr. Dais said, "The intention for the program is to provide a safe place for students to hang out during the summer and also to give students fun options in the summer or the opportunity to get ahead in their classes." The summer school program and real school share similarities with points such as teachers actually carrying out full classes, but they also diverge from each other as well. Unlike a normal school year, in summer school students can come and go for different activities like the games, clubs, sports, or classes because none of the students are locked in. Students can pick and choose what they want to do in the p r o g r a m . Also, a regular day at summer school only goes from nine to five so they aren't normal school days. The times may change because not everything is set in stone. The vans ASSETs uses during the school year will also transport students during the program. Food will be provide on campus, but there will most likely not be hot lunches at the school. Students have to sign up for summer school before school ends, however there isn't an exact date. To sign up, students must fill out an ASSETs registration form in order to participate in the program. If a student wants to be in any of the CORE classes or credit recovery, then they have to meet with their counselors. When asked about her opinion of the new preogram, Mrs. Carter, a counselor, said, "There are a lot of cool opportunities for students through the program." If this type of program runs smoothly and works out, then it will happen again next year, which would benefit students and the community. • AP classes are having meetings to introduce their courses to incoming students. • New electives are offered like Communications and Public Speaking. • Sign up if you are interested in coaching and working in recreation, there will be a new PE class. until students leave for the summer Track and Field page 6 Bluffer/Ceighlee Fennel Bluffer/Ceighlee Fennel

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