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September 11, 2015 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXVI Issue 2 Bluffer The UC San Diego Spanish Tutoring Law Enforcement Seniors • Spanish tutoring for all levels with Sra. Palubeski starting at 3:30 in room 307! • It started Monday the 7. • Also, if anyone would like to start up a Spanish Club on this day just let Palubeski know. • There is a great opportunity for those of you who are interested in law enforcement! • The Tehama County Explorers Post #120 is seeking young men and women ages 14 to 21 who are interested. • Make sure to get an informational packet in the counseling center. • Skit practices are starting in the PAC. The first one was yesterday, but try getting involved in the next ones! • You should be thinking about your senior quotes by now which actually do have a 20 word limit. • Ads for Grads are coming soon! • A representative from UC San Diego will be on campus to speak to students during 6th period! • It is on Tuesday, September 15th. • If you want to learn more about this campus, then sign up! • Sign ups are in the counseling center which you need to attend this presentation Kevin's Donuts shop opens on Main Street providing new sweets and treats for Red Bluff Work permits update for students Tymberlyn Bealer Editor-in-Chief Graduation requirements now include community service Ceighlee Fennel Editor-in-Chief CPR, page 3 The Weekend, page 4 Swim Team, page 5 Students should be aware that this year the work permits have changed. Also, not only the permits themselves, but the process for recieving them and filling them out are different this year. Ms. Blackketter is in charge of all the work permits this year and she can be found in the CTE office inside the Main Office. The reason for the updating and changing of the permits is to meet the state's requirements because those were altered. Another major change with the work permits is that CTE Tech. will be monitoring students for certain requirements such as a 2.0 grade average and 90% attendance. If the student does not have a 2.0 grade average, but still needs the permit, then the CTE office will give you a conditional period of time for the student to get their grades up to the 2.0. Ms. Blackketer will check in on students monthly to see how they are doing. Ms. Blackketter said, "Work and school go hand in hand. If no one monitors the students, then how will we know if they are doing well?" The process for receiving and filling out the work permits starts with a trip to see Mrs. Blackketter to get the form. However, students should only be going there if they have a secured place for employment, so if their employer, or them, know where they will be working then that is when it's time to come in and get one. So after students have gotten the contract, they need to sign it as well as their parents. Finally, have the employer sign it and bring it back to the CTE office. Students only need work permits if they are below the age of 18 and not graduated. Also, the work permits have to be renewed every summer and every school year. If a student changes jobs, the permit also has to be renewed. The date to have all of this done by was August 20, but to help students out, the deadline has been extended so make sure to be filling these out and turning them in. There is a job board located outside the CTE office for places that are hiring students. Another one will be put up in the Go Center. Bluffer/Tymberlyn Bealer Kevin's Donuts is a new donut shop, located on 218 South Main Street, that offers a variety of sweet pastries. Also, this donut shop provides more than just donuts. They have pastries like apple fritters, bear claws, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. They also have Mexican bread, conchas, bolillos, cortadillos, porquitos, and algodones. They sell morning drinks like coffee, orange juice, milk, and smoothies. The shop's hours are from 4am to 10pm. Kevin's Donuts provide fresh bread everyday. Elena Sufpaita shared, "We provide high quality bread daily." Kevin's Donuts has well established roots with people Bluffer/Tymberlyn Bealer This Red Bluff High School 2015-2016 school year introduces new community service requirments. Seniors this school year are required to complete 10 hours of community service before May 2016 in order to graduate. Juniors are required to finish 20 hours, Sophmores are required to complete 30 hours, and Freshman are required to complete 40 hours of community service before they graduate. Ms. Blackketter, CTE Tech at RBHS, explained, "Underclassmen could wait until their Senior year to finish all of their required community service for graduation. However, I would not reqimened waiting to do your community service." At the end of each semester students are to turn in their commuinty service record sheet so that the school can make sure all students are on track towards completeling all of their community service hours for graduation. "At the end of every semester we will keep track of the student's hours for them," shared Ms. Blackketter. Students can put community service hours that they have done on job applications and college applications. Ms. Blackkettle commented, "The school's new requirments for community service are to benefit the students." In order to get cedit for community service hours through the school, students cannot get paid for their hours of community service or receive any other form of compensation. Also students cannot get community service credit for doing volunteer work for family, friends, or neighbors. "AVID tutoring doesn't count for community service if you are in a class," stated Ms. Blackketter. Students can use any community serive they do in other school clubs, such as: FFA, CSF, Boosters and Key Club for community serive credit. Also, students can get credit for voulenter work for a non- profit buisness, city or county clean-up days, voulteer work at an animal shelther, and church events. "I think a great way to get community service hours is by singing for the elderly," shared Ms. Blackketter. To be sure that your community service idea is something that you will get credit for before you do all your hours, you can ask Ms. Blacketter inside the main office for approval. Tymberlyn Bealer Editor-in-Chief in the community. "We want to know people by their names, we want to have that kind of relationship with our customers." Discounts vary throughout the year. If you buy a drink you get a dozen donut holes for free. "We run out of donut holes quickly. Chocolate donut holes are popular. They are quicker than regular ones," stated Sufpaita. A dozen regular donuts cost $7.99 and a dozen mixed donuts with any kind of bread is $9.99. Sufpaita commented, "You save eight dollars if you buy a dozen donut of the larger mixed donuts." Their are two owners of Kevin's Donuts, Elena and Gerardo Sufpaita. Gerardo Sufpaita has 17 years of making donuts under his belt. Kevin is Elena and Gerardo's son who helps out at the donut store during the summer. Sufpaita explained, "Everyone just decided upon putting his name on the business. We are thinking of leaving it for him." Donuts are always fresh at Kevin's Donuts. "In the morning is when we bake the donuts;" shared Sufpaita. You wont buy an old donut here. Courtesy Photo

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