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October 17, 2014

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October 17, 2014 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 5 Kaylie Capps Staff Writer Bluffer The The Red Bluff Union High School CTE class, or child care occupations, has been traveling throughout the community to inform both students as well as residents of the dangers of shaken babies. The class is taught by RBHS teacher Mrs. Montandon. She believes that the presentations are one of the best things her students can do in the class. She gave multiple reasons, including the public speaking experience which can be gained through the process. She believes that the students can change lives by educating the parents of the dangers. The students have gone to Salsbury, REACH and will be going to Frosh Success classes at the end of the month to educate the students. The training has occurred since 2012 when the Tehema County Health Department trained Montandon, and she in turn trained and taught her students. During the presentations, the students use two doll simulators, one of which is pictured above. The two dolls are named Hope and Faith. The students also show two videos, one of which is called "The Period of Purple Crying." The video is based on over 25 years of research on the topic by "leading development and medical experts." It was designed and approved by pediatricians, public health nurses and child development experts as well as parents. It is a 10 minute video, additional information can be gained by visiting The students also do a presentation which includes a power point. It is a total of 20 slides which include an assortment of forms of education regarding the health dangers associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome as well as the legal ramifications. Some of the legal ramifications include being charged with "Assault on a Child," or "Child Homicide." In any case where shaken baby syndrome applies, Child Protection services. Shaken baby syndrome is a form of child abuse, ruled as homicide if a death is involved, a unique and identifiable combination of injuries and preventable through education. It is not a form of punishment or neglect, nor is it a pre-existing medical condition, according to the power point used by the students. The power point is also not caused by birth, CPR, genetic disorders, falls, tossing in the air nor rough play nor car accidents. The power point also mentions safe solutions to a crying baby that would not result in death nor shaken baby syndrome. These solutions include: singing to the baby, showing the baby something to look at, pushing the baby in a stroller or running a vacuum nearby. The power point also mentions that if the baby seems sick, a doctor or nurse should be called. Child care occupations class informs community on 'SBS' 'Left Behind' movie review, page 4 A simulator used by the Child Care Occupations class to demonstrate the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome. Varsity Football sports story, page 5 Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief Red Bluff Rowdies T-shirts are now on sale. • Only 5 dollars • Buy them in room 403 • Limited Supply • Show school spirit Go to Round Table Pizza after the game on Friday Night. Make sure to tell them you are with the Spartans. • Discounts on food • 'Extra Point' played on the televisons • Portions of the proceeds support Spartan Football Seniors, class t-shirts are now on sale. • Sold in the Student Store • 15 dollars each • Limited supply The ASVAB test will be available for all 10, 11, and 12 graders. • Measures your strength, weakness and potential for future success • Sign up in Counseling Center • Test will be taken on Oct 30 at 9 in the Library Football Fund Raiser Senior Class T-Shirts ASVAB Rowdies T-shirts ASSET's offers a ASSET's is back! ASSET's is a safe fun place to go to after school to help get caught up on homework, projects, or missing assignments as well as to get involved in activities that we are not able to do in a normal school day. There are several varieties of different clubs for students who have different interest including, Computer Lab, Weight Room, Math and Science Club, Photography Club, History Tutoring/ Movie Club, English Movie Club, Guitar Club, Gamers Haven, Sewing Club, Classical Movie Club and Fantasy Football. ASSET's is a Student generated program, if you have any ideas for a club, go see Doug Dais, English teacher, who is in charge of the program. The most popular clubs in ASSET's right now are Classical Movie Club, Fantasy Football, Weight Training and Guitar Club. "The Math & Science ASSEST's tutoring after school on Tuesday's and Thursday's is really starting to grow and become a positive place for students to get help. Students from Math A up to Analysis and from Earth Science up to Physics are taking advantage of the extra help and we look forward to more and more students stopping by," stated Lukas Kennedy. ASSET's has only been in session for about three weeks now and there are roughly around ninety students and is expected to have majority of the student body to go to ASSET's at least one time during this semester. Dais would like to advertise it more, so that students are more aware that ASSET's has begun and are here to help. The ASSET's program will be having a Facebook and Twitter page to advertise what clubs will be happening that day. "We try to put it in the bulletin so students are aware on what activities are going on that day," stated Dais. Postcards will be sent out to parents to inform them about what ASSET's is and that everything in this program is free. Free snacks and transportation is provided for students who need it. The Photography club has had a unexpected delay. "Unfortunately the Photography Club had lost their adviser but the school has found a new one, and the students are really excited about this club," stated Dais. The Photography Club will be teaching students how to use the camera properly. "Photography Club will start as soon as possible, and it will be a digital club so you will learn how to photo shop and things like that," stated Dais. "I really like working one on one with the students, I love the program and I think it's really cool," stated Dais. When teachers get one on one time with the students it can benefit the students greatly. Jennifer Sinclair, the project facilitator stated, "The students coming to ASSET's not only get a safe place to come after school, but they can also receive help with homework, they can break a sweat in the weight room, they can participate and be introduced to a new hobby in one of our clubs like Guitar club, Sewing club, and coming soon Photography club, and they even get a free snack. We encourage all students to try it out and even give us your input on activities you might want to see be included." Photo by Rebecca Blanchard Senior Angel Barajas holds shaken baby simulator. variety of clubs for RBHS students Photo by Rebecca Blanchard "Photography Club will start as soon as possible, and it will be a digital club so you will learn how to photoshop and things like that." - Mr. Dais

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