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September 19, 2014

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September 19, 2014 Serving Red Bluff High School since 1901 Volume CXV Issue 3 Bluffer The Becca Blanchard Editor-in-Chief Students who have not yet taken their school pictures due to being absent during the initial picture day, or simply wish to retake their school pictures, will have the ability to do so: • On Wednesday, September 24 • In the media center The theater arts class will be putting on a series of scenes in the PAC Tuesday, September 23. It will be held at six p.m. Some of the scenes performed will be written by the students, others will be performing pre-written skits. Admission to the performance will be free. The Blood Drive is September 30. Please come by room 103 to sign up for the Blood Drive. You must be at least 16, have a picture ID (school ID is fine) and have a parent consent form signed the day you give blood. See Null for details. School Pictures Scene Night Blood Drive Be The Match is a bone marrow donation program operated by the National Marrow Donor Program. It is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping patients with blood cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma, get life- changing transplants. There are more that six hundred transplant centers worldwide. These centers facilitate support patients, provide educational opportunities, and conduct research. Today they have facilitated more than 61,000 morrow and cord blood transplants. Even with thousands of people on the registry list, many patients cannot find a genetic match. Doctors request donors to be in the Hailie Willey Staff writer C h e e r l e a d i n g P a g e 5 " D e s t i n y " P a g e 4 Last year a story was written about Red Bluff High School alumni Dana Roth, who has spent the past year in Senegal with the Peace Corp. She came back recently and visited one of her past teachers, Cindy Haase. "I asked her what she needed and Dana said she herself didn't need anything, but the kids in Senegal do," said Haase. Last year was the first Christmas that the kids in Senegal ever experienced and Dana was the one behind it all. She helped give the kids a small representation of a Western society Christmas. She gave the kids small presents and provided them with a meal that closely resembled a typical American Christmas dinner. This year Dana Roth and Mrs. Haase are teaming up to give the kids in Senegal a Christmas they will never forget. Beginning in October and ending in November there will be a school supply donation drive to send to the kids in Senegal. "The kids need school supplies, the supplies that they have now are really cheap and aren't very useful," said Roth. Both Mrs. Haase and Dana Roth are asking everyone in the community to help the kids in Senegal by donating a notebook, a pen, and a dollar for shipping costs. "Since school just got back in, the school supplies are really cheap now and are like all on sale," said Roth. This is easily one the biggest donation drives that Red Bluff High School has been apart of. Mrs. Haase mentioned that she knows that the community will pull through and provide lots of donations. "It's a fun way to share with the kids in Senegal and give them useful things, and is a great way to share our culture," said Roth. 18 to 44 age group. Donors ages 45 to 60 are required to register online and may be required to pay a $100 fee. To join the Be The Match program, you can join online or register at a local donor drive. Becoming a The choir group, Forte, practices singing for their upcoming event at the Walmart D.C twentieth anniversary. On September twenty-third, both the cheerleaders as well as the Red Bluff High School choir group, "Forte" will be performing for the twenty year Walmart Distribution Center Anniversary. The groups involved will be at the event during periods five as well as six The singing group, "Forte" will be singing the national anthem, God Bless America and Life in Northern Town. "Forte" is led by the high schools choir teacher, Mrs. Diane Hassay. It is a new group on campus as of this year that is made up of a total of twelve harmony singers as well as, according to Hassay, some of the high schools most "excellent musicians." One of the students in attendance will be Riley Palmer, senior. "We are very excited that we have this great opportunity to show our abilities and how hard we have worked," said Palmer. Two of the juniors in attendance will be Brea Meyers and Helen Roland and two of the sophomores will be Jennifer Silvera and Mitchell Sauve. Forte is trying to get their name out there and is willing to be hired for events. The prices will depend on the situation and Mrs. Hassay can be contacted for information. "I'm excited to be a part of this because it is an amazing way to get our choir out in the community and allow "Forte" to be more well known," said Sauve. The cheerleaders are led by Mrs. Durfee. The cheerleaders were asked to perform and will also serve cake and direct people towards their intended locations. Their performance will be small and they will not be doing any stunts. The performance however, will be different than the one done at the Hawaiian rally that took place at RBHS this year. Some of the attendees of the twentieth anniversary of the Walmart Distribution Center will be Bill Moule, the mayor of Red Bluff, the principal of RBHS, Mr. Fisher and the president of Sierra Pacific. Also in attendance will be various major CEO company leaders of Walmart from across America. The event is expected to include 1,200 people in attendance. bone marrow donor is a serious commitment. Joining the registry requires a sample of cells, which are used to compare specific protein markers with markers of patients who need a transplant. When a registry member is selected to donate there are several steps before donating: step one is to complete a thorough health questionnaire, step two is to participate in a ninety minute information session, step three is to sign a consent form, step four is have a physical examination done, and step five is to give blood samples. The donation is done using a surgical procedure. Doctors withdraw liquid marrow from both sides of the back of the pelvic bone. After the donation, the liquid marrow is transported to the patient's location for the transplant. If you do not wish to be a donor, you can be apart of events, such as the Be The Match Walk/Run in Sacramento on November 15. To donate or find more information, go to their website Students of RBHS venture into real world A choir group and the cheerleaders expected to perform for Walmart celebration Be the Match hopes to receive an increase in bone marrow donations Community to unite for supply donation Editor-in-Chief Ryan Fisher Photo by Hailie Willey

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