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Spring 2015

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Volume 8, Issue 3 Spring 2015 Advertising Prospect Categories for Spring PAGE 6 Effective Use of Social Media for Business Prospecting PAGE 2 Would Your News Media Organization Benefit from Google Analytics? PAGE 4 The Newspaper Association of America recently released the results of its 2014 How America Shops and Spends national study that measures consumers' advertising and media usage. Newspapers were identified as the best medium for bringing sales to the attention of the consumer, the most believable medium and the medium in which the reader looks forward to seeing the advertising. Advertisers will be happy to hear that seventy-nine percent of adults have taken action as a result of reading or seeing an ad in a print newspaper in the past 30 days, and more than half (51%) made a purchase. Some other interesting facts from this report include: • Nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers look at or read advertisements as they go through the newspaper, or when they are planning their shopping. • Nearly eight in 10 (78%) of adults have taken some action in the past 30 days from an ad in a circular appearing in the newspaper package. Good News for Newspapers More continued on Page 2

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