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Summer 2015

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Volume 8, Issue 4 Summer 2015 Increase ad sales with new category- specific marketing sheets PAGE 10 The top 5 things advertisers want in a media sales rep PAGE 4 America East targets sessions to advertising and marketing personnel PAGE 6 continued on Page 2 By Renee Tacka Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Graham School of Business at York College of Pennsylvania Though the term "multimedia" has grown significantly with the dawning of the digital age, it is not a new idea. Thinking back to 1996, when I entered the newspaper industry as a "marketing consultant," many of my advertisers had multimedia ad strategies that included a campaign in our newspaper, as well as promotions in competitive media such as direct mail, television, radio, or billboard. When I – or my manager – saw that there were marketing dollars on the table, my sole purpose in life shifted to pulling those competitive media dollars back to the newspaper. Many times I won the war, minimizing the amount of eggs in the proverbial advertising basket. However, at that time, print was an easier sell, as it delivered the largest reader and shopping audience over all other forms of media, especially the Internet, which was merely a glimmer of competition in the marketplace. Today, technology has cozied its way into our everyday lives. Some people need Facebook in the morning as if it were laced with the caffeine found in their daily coffee; others diligently flip through a variety of apps on their phone to check the news, answer emails, and search the web. It begs the question - how did we survive in the past without all of these capabilities? Marketers would say that these services were "unsought" – we didn't know we needed or wanted this technology, but Apple did. The company knew that the introduction of the smartphone would be disruptive – an C O N N E C T I N G Advertisers with Consumers Using a Multimedia Strategy I N S I G H T Marketing and Research Newsletter A S S O C I A T I O N P E N N S Y L V A N I A

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