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October 2019

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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. OCTOBER 2019 Vol. 34, No. 10 INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. AN IMPORTANT MOMENT IN OUR SHARED HISTORY It's never been more important for our industry to speak with one voice and champion the value of local news. Combining the expe- rience and talents of the Inland Press Association and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association will help ensure that voice remains loud and clear. We will continue to serve the mission and constituents of these two longstanding organiza- tions as we plot a new course for the traditional newspaper business. Not PHARES, CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 INLAND AWARDS Meet the Casey, Carlsen honorees PAGE 7 The thrill of victory GRATEFUL AND OPTIMISTIC: AN INLAND PRESIDENT'S FINAL REPORT I couldn't be prouder to have had the incredible opportunity to serve as your 118th and final president of the Inland Press Association. And I'm tempted—more than tempted— to use this final column to review the achievements of our Inland members from October 2018 to this moment. Because there were many, and in all the areas central to Inland's mission of education, mutual aid, and guiding our members, and this association, REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT DOUG PHARES A TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE JOINT ANNUAL MEETING BY MARK FITZGERALD On Sunday evening October 6, newspaper executives and industry service providers will travel from all parts of the United States and Canada to Chicago, gathering for the welcome reception at their annual meeting as members of the Inland Press Association or Southern News- paper Publishers Association, or both. No matter what affiliation they had when they went into the reception, they will leave it as members of a new association, and the Joint Annual Meeting they are attending will become the inaugural meeting of a new and transnational advocate for newspapers. The term transformation gets thrown around a lot in all corners of the business world, but perhaps nowhere more often than in the chal- lenged newspaper industry. Some- times those transformations are deep and groundbreaking, and sometimes the term is simply another buzzword. But this Annual Meeting—the 134th for Inland and 117th for SNPA—will be truly transformative, creating from these two longtime pillars of the newspaper industry a new, invigorated and transformed association. The new association was born in a legal manner on the first of October, four days before the start of the Joint Annual Meeting. But it's at this meeting where the real transfor- mation into a merged association will take place. At the same time, Inland and SNPA members will recognize the elements of their associations inside and outside the ballroom and breakout session rooms. There's an emphasis on providing information and insights that can be immediately put to work back at member newspapers. There are forward-looking sessions—especially on the theme of getting and keeping digital subscribers—that never- theless emphasize the practical outcome of experiments being held throughout the industry. And there's a hint of the more assertive public policy advocacy that is part of the mission of the new association in a session reporting on the progress of federal legislation to rebalance the revenue arrangement with the internet giants Facebook and Google. The future is on the Joint Annual Meeting agenda, in the mandate of the new association—and in the labor of newspapers dedicated to advancing their communities and deepening civic engagement. A pocket program version of the Joint Annual Meeting is on page 21. REPORT FROM THE SNPA PRESIDENT PJ BROWNING Winning! This photo of an ecstatic team celebrating a victory in their locker room won first place in Inland's News Photo Contest for Luis Sánchez Saturno of the Santa Fe New Mexican. See the complete results of the News Photo and Newsroom Contests starting on page 11. What's in a name? Big reveal of new association coming at Annual Meeting Come Sunday evening, October 6, in Chicago, NEWCO will be no more. That placeholder working title will be replaced by the new name of the associa- tion created from the merger of the Inland Press Association and Southern Newspa- per Publishers Association. The big reveal takes place at the wel- coming reception of the Annual Meeting in Chicago. BROWNING, CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

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