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June 13, 2018

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The Press-Dispatch School Wednesday, June 13, 2018 C- 11 Pike Central Sixth grader Breanne Fuhrman was the winner of the perfect attendance drawing for a new HP Chromebook. Pictured are the Human Hungry Hippos cham- pions, Alex Clark and Wren Kabrick from the sixth grade End of Year Activities/Accelerated Reader Party. Congratulations to these sixth graders for making straight in all core sub- jects and all related arts classes for the entire school year. Front row (l to r): Ashlynn Kirk, Jamie Sallee, Hannah Fort, Michaela Gray, Jaidyn Gogel, Olivia Miller, Kyle Schuessler, Jaydon Clark and Ruby Sallee. Middle row Jaden Baugh, Blake Boyd, Austin Henson, Samuel Nelson, Dylan Charles, Taylor Gosciniak, Rya Graves,Karley Kavanaugh, Lexie Onyett and Colton Hickman. Back row: Macey Stilwell, Gabby Collins, Brooklyn Kirby, Skieley Murray, Ella Adams, Graham Mullins, Arri McDonald, Quade Mor- ton, Cobey McKinney, Ethan Meadors and Jonas Martinez. Not pictured- Ad- dy Russell and Tiana Lawrence. Sixth graders with perfect attendance the whole school year, front row (l to r): Zarah Sallee, Jaidyn Gogel, Haylie Fulcher, Ruby Sallee, Brenne Fuhrman and Abby Vest. Back row: Tyler Craig, Jonas Martinez, Chase Ridao, Ricky Culbertson, Dylan Charles and Nolan Sapp. Pictured are the Tug of War Champions, Team Mason from the sixth grade End of Year Activities/Accelerated Reader Party. Front row (l to r): Rya Graves, Kearstan Hartley, Claire Wiseman, Aliya Rainey, Ella Adams and Brooklyn Kirby. Back row: Isaac Shimer, Dylan Charles, Quade Morton, Aid- en McGiffen, Jonas Martinez, and Tyler Craig Student council member Adalyn Nolan, student council sponsor Ms. Sut- ton, Raeleigh Mc Straight A's in all Related Arts Classes, front row(l to r): Savannah Ingle, Haliey Mattingly, Anna Whitehead, Brailey Mills, Kelby Leighty, Ashlynn Kirk, Micaela Gray, Ali Hardin, Ruby Sallee, Jamie Sal- lee and Kearstan Hartley. Second row: Taylor Oswalt, Hannah Fort, Anika Montogomery, Rya Graves, Kyla Schuessler, Jaidyn Gogel, Karley Kavana- ugh, Macey Stilwell, Lexie Onyett, Gabby Collins, Ella Adams, Skieley Mur- ray and Taylor Gosciniak. Third row: Loren Huck, Lorin Hummer, Brooklyn Kirby, Jaydon Clark, Blake Boyd, Same Nelson, Dylan Charles, Jaylen Ham- mel, Jackson Stanton and Marley Ralston. Back row: Zane Gehlhausen, Ju- lian Gish, Cobey McKinney, Ethan Meadors, Colton Hickman, Lucas Tay- lor, Quade Morton, Graham Mullins, Arri McDonald, Austin Henson, Jaden Baugh, Breanna Hunt, Danessa Pride and Ivy Cook.Cracken, Akiayia Scrap- er, and Kylie Jenkins. Not pictured: Cooper Hartke and Jaelynn Miley Above: Top AR Readers from each homeroom class: Wyatt Luff, Kyla Schuessler, Rya Graves (overall reader), Pillar Rudolph and Alex Clark. lynn Miley Left and below center: Sixth graders enjoying their swimming AR party for making their goal all 4 grading periods. 80 students participated in the swim time. Student diving off the diving board is sixth grader Mark Brewster. FROM US AT THE

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