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June 13, 2018

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Local ...........A1-8 History ........... A7 Sports .........B1-3 Opinion .......B4-5 Classifi eds ..B6-8 Church ........C1-3 Home Life....C4-8 Obituaries....... C8 School.......10-11 WHAT'S INSIDE: CONNECT WITH US: NetEdition E-Mail Phone:.................. 812-354-8500 Fax: ...................... 812-354-2014 E-Mail . NEWS TIPS: PIKE PUBLISHING See COUNCIL on page 2 Three sections 28 pages Seven inserts Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Volume 148 Number 24 Phone (812) 354-8500 Petersburg, IN 47567-0068 (USPS 604-34012) $ 1 See WINSLOW on page 2 By Ed Cahill Parents have until midnight on Friday, June 22, if they want to request the Indiana Department of Education to rescore their child's preliminary spring 2018 ISTEP+ ex- am. Letters from the Indiana Department of Education, containing log-in information and steps on how to access their student's current scores through the ISTEP+ Par- ent Portal using a standard desktop, lap- top, tablet or smart phone browser, have al- ready been sent in the mail to parents and guardians. In addition to being able to view their stu- dent's current score through the ISTEP+ Parent Portal on the IDOE's website, par- ents and guardians will be able to review their student's performance level (Pass+, Pass, or Did Not Pass) and their child's written responses to ISTEP+ Part 1 open- ended test items for each content area as- sessed. The ISTEP+ Parent Portal can also be accessed at https://results.pearsonaccess- Parents and guardians who have not re- ceived their student's confidential, per- sonalized claim code can contact their student's school for a new or replacement claim code. Parents and guardians who do not have an email account may also contact their stu- dent's school for assistance in accessing their child's results. According to state law, "A student's par- ent or guardian may request a rescoring of a student's responses to a test, including a student's essay." During the rescore window, a parent or guardian, after reviewing their student's responses, may request a rescore for one or more responses. "A parent may request to have an open- ended item rescored if he or she has evi- dence of incorrect scoring," the 2017-2018 Indiana Assessment Program Manual states. "A rescore should not be requested solely based on the student's scale scores." A quick guide prepared by Pearson sug- gests that parents and guardians visit the IDOE web site at assessment/istep-grades-3-8 -10 for more information about ISTEP+ open response items and the rubrics used to score student responses. "Please review this information careful- ly before deciding whether to request a re- score for your student's response(s)," the guide states. In addition, the 2017-2018 Indiana As- sessment Program Manual stresses, the scores obtained through rescoring will be final. "Parents should also be aware that scores resulting from the rescore process are un- likely to be more than a few points differ- ent from the original score, if the score is changed at all," the manual states. Rescore requests will not be accepted af- ter June 22. Students' final ISTEP+ Spring 2018 exam scores will be available in the Parent Portal beginning July 24. For more information regarding the Par- ent Portal, parents and guardians should contact their students' school and ask to speak with the Corporation or School Test Coordinator. Parents and guardians need- ing technical assistance can also call the Pearson Help Desk at 866 -683-6668. For questions regarding ISTEP+ Assess- ment or the Indiana Academic Standards, visit istep-grades-3-8 -10. By Andy Heuring Winslow voted to move $56,000 from various accounts into their operations and general funds dur- ing their one-hour meeting Mon- day night. The first of three resolutions passed by councilmen Dick Brew- ster and Terry Strobel moved $ 35,000 from the Rainy Day fund into the water department opera- tion fund. Brewster said this accom- plished two things. First, he said the water department had bond payments to make in Octo- ber and this would give them the funds to make those payments. He also said moving this money out of the Rainy Day fund might allow Winslow to receive revenue in that fund. He said Winslow had received an insurance payment of about $ 60,000 and put that money in their Rainy Day fund. Brewster said an audit report criticized Winslow for their use of the Rainy Day fund and he thought they weren't being fund- ed because of that balance in the Rainy Day fund. In the second resolution, they moved $1,667 from the Local Op- tion Income Tax fund to the gen- eral fund. The third resolution moves $25,000 from the Econom- ic Development Income Tax fund to the general fund. Brewster said payroll and bene- fit expenses were being paid from the water fund and it was drain- ing the water fund. He said mov- ing this money would allow Win- slow to pay those expenses with EDIT funds and take pressure off the water fund. DRAINAGE PROBLEM Street Supervisor Dave Gayhart told the council they are going to have to do something with a col- lapsing culvert box at the corner of Jefferson and East Sts. Gayhart said the culvert is deteriorating. If a car goes into that, it is going to be lost. "We have to do some- thing about it." He said he took Strobel there to view it. Gayhart suggested getting a large pipe culvert from the coun- ty highway department, installing it and putting a grate over it. NUISANCES Councilman Brewster said he has been talking with the Pike By Andy Heuring Pike County councilmen voted to pur- chase a new operating system for the jail with Economic Development Income Tax funds during their Tuesday morning meet- ing. Sheriff Jeremy Britton said the system controls opening and closing the jail cells, communications between the cells and the control center, as well as cameras through- out the jail. He said the current system is the original system from 1994. The new system has a touch screen system, instead of knobs and buttons which are now obso- lete and cannot be replaced. He said the new system also provides enough memo- ry for them to store video for more than 180 days, which is now required. Their cur- rent system is only for a few days. "It has caused some issues with things that have happened in the jail," said Britton. He said they requested bids on the sys- tem and opened the two bids received at the April 16 commissioners meeting. Stanley Systems was the low bid at $146,000. Brit- ton said both companies have done a lot of systems in Indiana and both are nation- al companies. He said he was surprised at how low the price was. "I really think they are probably taking a loss on this system to get back into Indiana," said Britton. Britton said the actual locks in the doors can be replaced often by his maintenance staff, but the parts in the control panel are now obsolete and can't be replaced. Councilmen voted 6 -0 to purchase the system from the low bidder. They also were updated on the Comput- er Committee's findings over the last year. County Assessor Mike Goodpaster, who chaired the committee, said the committee has been looking into options for managing the county's technology. County council- men appointed the committee consisting of Goodpaster, Commissioner Assistant Kris- ti Dischinger, Auditor Ron Wilson, Judge Jeff Biesterveld, Sheriff Jeremy Britton and Councilman Max Elliott. Goodpaster said they contacted firms from the local area, regional and state-wide and eventually nar- rowed those seven down to three. A fter meeting with the three, they set- tled on the two firms of Lieberman Tech- nologies in Evansville and Matrix Integra- tion in Jasper. He said the committee was impressed with Lieberman but their price of $15,900 a month was considerably higher than Ma- trix's price of $7,469. So they asked Lieber- man if they could reduce their price. But their reduced price was $ 9,380 a month or roughly $2,000 a month higher. He said the county already uses Matrix to manage the auditor, assessor, treasurer and commissioners' server. They also pro- vide similar services for all of Dubois Coun- ty government. The other option the committee re- searched was hiring a full-time tech per- son. Goodpaster said they checked with two area counties, Daviess and Greene. He said Daviess paid two full-time peo- ple $ 62,000 each plus benefits, because one person couldn't handle the work load. Greene County told him they hired a per- son, who also had an independent business and they were not happy with the situation. New jail operating system to be purchased Parents can ask for ISTEP+ rescoring Fire destroys Perkins residence A quick spreading fire destroyed the residence of Eric Perkins at about 8 p.m. Sunday. Patoka Fire Chief Brandon Truitt said when the arrived the house at 2020 E CR 375 S (Ayrshire Road), Winslow was fully engulfed in flames. Truitt said firemen were told it started as a grease fire. Crews from Patoka and Spurgeon were on scene for more than five hours Sunday night and returned Monday morning when it rekindled. Truitt said the Indiana State Fire Marshal is investigating the cause. Winslow deals with transfers, dogs, drainage and abandoned houses Scout camp merit badge classes Jackson Nunning of Evansville asks area Scouts questions about various types of rock dur- ing their class on geology. Above from (l to r) are Josiah Mackey of Bicknell, Nunning, Michael Smith of Petersburg and Justin Ausman of Bicknell. The camp took place from Monday to Fri- day, with scouts throughout the area participating. See additional photos on pages A4-A5. WINSLOW COMMUNITY-WIDE YARD SALE WINSLOW COMMUNITY-WIDE YARD SALE See page B-7 for details! WINSLOW COMMUNITY-WIDE YARD SALE

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