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June 08, 2018

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June 9 - 15, 2018 10 JOHNSON CITY (TN) PRESS Where does your main joy in doing "CBS This Morning" come from? I just love TV. I'm a TV baby. I've had a radio job – I love the intimacy of radio – and I'm an editor-at-large at O, The Oprah Magazine, so I'm in the magazine business, too. TV is definitely my first love, though. I love being on it, and I love what it represents. And even though we're under attack with "fake news" now, I never think that moniker applies to CBS. I'm very proud of what we do here. Do you enjoy the physical set-up of "CBS This Morning," with its trademark round table? You know, people say it just lends itself to conversation, because you can see everybody. You don't have to turn left or turn right. And the way our studio is, the green room (for waiting guests) is right off the set, so you can see in or out ... and people know exactly what's going to happen when they come out. I think that's sort of relaxing to them. What do you think has sustained "CBS This Morning," particularly in recent months? You cannot fake chemistry, you cannot script chemistry. That's just something that either you have or you don't. When Charlie (Rose) left, that was of course a big blow to us. We were trying to figure out what to do, and it turned out that the solution was right here all along. I had never thought, "Great, let's get John Dickerson," because I thought that he was so wedded to "Face the Nation." He was so great at it, and when they told me he was interested (in joining "CBS This Morning"), I was surprised. It was like he just slipped right in, and I believe it's been a seamless transition for us. Gayle King OF 'CBS THIS MORNING' ON CBS BY JAY BOBBIN BY JAY BOBBIN The "Battle Royale" season was filmed before it was announced as the last round for "Face Off." Is it especially satisfying to you that it's an "all-star" contest between returnees from past seasons? It's so exciting to have a lot of fan favorites come back, and that also includes guest judges and challenges. I know I've always said each season has been my favorite, but I have to say this is my absolute, 1000-percent favorite. I actually get to act out a challenge, not as McKenzie, so it's really fun for me. I don't want to get into too many details, so that the fans can be surprised ... but in one challenge, I had to act as if I didn't know any of the contestants. And you will not recognize me. It's a full transformation, and I think even the contestants were taken aback. Since it became known that this season of "Face Off" apparently is the final one, fans have been very active and vocal on social media, objecting to the cancellation. What's your reaction to that? I've got to say, we've always had an incredible fan base ... but this has been so unbelievable! The support and the love and, more than anything, the stories of how "Face Off" has inspired people through the years – how they've changed their careers because of it, and how their children have grown up with the show. And I've grown with the show, too. This has really been more than a job for me. It was a means to communicate with my son when he was six or seven years old, and he went through a period where monsters existed for him. I'll never forget Patrick (Tatopoulos, the production designer and filmmaker who's now Westmore's husband) walking into his room and saying, "If monsters existed and I could go into the forest and just pick one up, I would be out of a job." We all laughed about it, and we opened his closet and showed him (that no monsters were there). And then we said, "Let's go watch an episode of 'Face Off."' OF 'FACE OFF' ON SYFY McKenzie Westmore THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Others waited nervously for news after Steffy went into preterm labor. Liam and Steffy bonded over their new daughter while Ridge was overwhelmed and Brooke tried to stay strong for Hope. Liam was furious to learn Bill was responsible for Steffy's fall. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Theresa laid it all on the line to fight for Brady. Kayla advised Ciara about Tripp. Ciara discovered Claire and Tripp in a compromising position. Hope told JJ about Ben's impending release. JJ made a surprising offer to Theresa. GENERAL HOSPITAL Maxie was moved to tears. Finn had great timing. Drew made arrangements. Oscar stepped up. Mike got the attention he needed. Sam asked for help. Valentin kept his word. Jason had doubts. Kim heard a different side of the story. Lulu struggled with a difference of opinion. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Shauna and Charlie were in trouble after Lily caught Shauna sleeping in her son's bed and assumed the worst. Dina revealed details of past affairs, which offered Jack clues to the identity of his father, but she couldn't remember her lover's name. BY GEORGE DICKIE Marla Adams stars as Dina Mergeron on "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS. 3 x 3" ad appalachian funeral home To everything there is a season... WOODALL-ANDERSON & DUGGER FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICES 108 West Watauga Avenue • Johnson City, TN Phone: (423) 928-2245 Fax: (423) 928-2246 Let one of our professional planners record your fi nal wishes, alleviating your loved ones from this diffi cult added burden should the unthinkable happen. EVERY LIFE HAS A STORY.

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