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May 16, 2018

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The Press-Dispatch Local Wednesday, May 16, 2018 A- 7 Pike Co. Health Dept. food sanitarian report The following are sum- maries of inspections per- formed by Pike County Health Department from January 1 through March 31, 2018. Retail food estab- lishments are allowed up to 30 days to respond and/or correct violations, with re- inspections completed at the discretion of the Food Sanitarian. ROUTINE INSPECTIONS Petersburg Elementa- ry — 1415 Alford, Peters- burg. 1 Non-critical viola- tion: Side door of dump- ster missing. Bob Inn — 208 E. Main, Winslow. 1 Non-critical vio- lation: Mop not hung to dry after use (corrected). Winslow Elementary — 301 E. Porter, Winslow. No violations observed. Quick Pic — 901 N. Main and Factory, Win- slow. 2 Critical violations: Can opener heavily soiled (corrected); prep table not cleaned and sanitized at required frequency (cor- rected); 9 Non-critical vi- olations: Working contain- ers not labeled; trash re- ceptacles soiled; seals of coolers in need of main- tenance/repair; improp- er storage of single serve supplies; apron heavily soiled (corrected); floor tiles chipped/cracked; pe- rimeter of floor and base- boards soiled; gaps in ex- terior door seals; dumpster not closed (corrected). Pike Central MS/HS — 1810 E. SR. 56, Peters- burg. No violations ob- served. Kona Ice — 1911 Bell Rd, Chandler. No violations observed. Cakes and Coffee Café — 618 E. Main, Petersburg. 1 Critical violation: Biofilm in ice machine; 2 Non-criti- cal violations: Wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer be- tween use; equipment in need of cleaning/mainte- nance. TEMPORARY INSPECTION Jenkins for Sheriff — 1202 E. Main, Petersburg. 1 Critical violation: Hand- washing sink not easily ac- cessible; 5 Non-critical vi- olations: Seals of freez- er soiled (corrected); wa- ter in restrooms <100° F; thermometer not present in refrigerator; inadequate lighting over prep coun- ter; tiles and baseboards in men's room in need of repair/maintenance. FOLLOW-UP INSPECTIONS Quick Pic — 901 N. Main and Factory, Win- slow. 1 Critical violation: Prep table not cleaned/san- itized at recommended fre- quency; 2 Non-critical vio- lations: Unlabeled working containers; seals of coolers in need of repair (parts or- dered). All other violations cited at previous inspection have been corrected. Cakes and Coffee Café — 618 E. Main, Petersburg. Violations cited at previous inspection have been cor- rected. Wright's Village Inn — 242 S. State Rd. 57, Peters- burg. Violations cited at previous inspection have been corrected. PRE-OP INSPECTIONS Daugherity Auction Co. — 412 Main, Peters- burg. 1 Non-critical viola- tion: Large gaps in seals of front and back double doors. Additional: 1 Courtesy inspection, 8 Notifications of Non-profit Food Sales. GERMAN AMERICAN CLEAN SWEEP BIRTHDAY 80 th Paul Roy's House Open Sunday, May 20 2PM-4PM (EDT) Family and fiends are invited to attend Paul Roy's 80th birthday open house at Jordan Memorial Park in Spurgeon, Indiana. Join us for cake, treats, old and new memories and fun as we celebrate 1950's style. (Birthday cards only, please.) THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wanted to take the me to thank all of the 903 people who voted for me in the primary. At mes like this, I am humbled at the fact that people have put their trust and confidence in me. A thank you doesn't seem enough. I promise you that if WE are successful in the November General Elec on, you can count on me to be very prudent and conser- va ve in my du es. I will be your servant, and protect the en re coun- ty. I was raised with the value if you give a man your word, you stand by it. I have always lived by that principal. A wise man once said, "Your REPUTATION is who people think you are, but your CHARACTER is who you really are." For those of you who did not support me, my hope is that I can EARN your confidence. With sincere gra tude, Frank Paid for by Frank Coleman for Sheriff COLEMAN VOTE PIKE CO. SHERIFF "Always Do The Right Thing." J K - JAY-KEM, INC. 271 South Clay Street, Jasper • 812-482-3292 Primo Ceramic Grills "Oval beats rounded every time" More Versatile More Capacity Grill, Roast, Bake or Smoke Holds more food than round grills. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Support FOR YOUR THANK YOU! Thank You We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported Charles in the Primary Election, by voting, putting a sign in your yard, and all the kind words and prayers. May God Bless! The Lemonds Paid for by candidate PETERSBURG GARDEN CLUB ACTIVITIES Above: The Petersburg Garden Club arranged Mothers' Day flowers for three nursing homes on Saturday. Present were Linda Middleton, Kay Benjamin, Karen Vinson, Bettie Brenton, Lina Culbertson, Eleanor Gladish, Mary Ashley, Judy Keepes, Diana Barnes, Lou Wyne and Sue Ann Burns. Left: The Petersburg Garden Club met for a lun- cheon at the Presbyterian Church on May 9. The hostesses were Karen Klipsch and Cindy Gaskins. The Clean Sweep 2018 picked up more than 100 bags of trash in Petersburg as 10 teams each picked up at least 10 bags of trash in various areas of Petersburg. Brett Warner, of German American, said the teams were assigned to different areas. Various civic or- ganizations and teams participated in the event and were paid for the bags of trash they collected by German American. Above: the girls' basketball team and head coach Kyle McCutch- en pick up trash along a large ditch. At left: Petersburg Mayor R.C. Klipsch and his wife, Karen, did their part as part of the Downtown Petersburg team. Below: the German American volunteers helping with the event are Laura Bogard, Mary Boger, Tony Cochren, Jeanine Craig, Lo- ri Thyen, Darlene Burkhart, Lori Braun, David Holmes and Kathy Pell.

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