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April 11, 2018

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The Press-Dispatch Spring Home and Garden Wednesday, April 11, 2018 D-17 HOME RENOVATION Laundry room renovation ideas To former apartment dwellers or those who have never enjoyed the benefit of a dedicated laun- dry area, even the smallest washer and dryer space can seem like a luxury. The benefits of dedicat- ed laundry rooms abound. However, disorganized laundry rooms can nulli- fy such benefits. Depend- ing on the needs and pref- erences of each homeown- er, laundry room designs can be customized for con- venience. EMPLOY VERTICAL SPACE Floor space may be at a premium in a laundry room, especially for those who want to devote as much space as possible to bulk-size washer and dry- er units. Therefore, uti- lizing wall space is key. Use shelving, wire racks, hooks, and other organiza- tional tools to store items on the wall. Shelves can be tucked into just about any space, and there are differ- ent options that can fit in- to corners or shallow ar- eas. These are a great op- tion for keeping detergent or other laundry essentials nearby. CLEAN DESIGNS REDUCE CLUTTER Simple, clean designs can be an asset in a laun- dry room. If budget and space permits, cabine- try built into the design will help keep items out of sight in the laundry room. Cabinets hung directly above the appliances can store detergent, bleach and fabric softener. Use cab- inets elsewhere in the room as catch- alls for cleaning supplies used in var- ious other rooms around the house. INCORPORATE A SINK IN THE DESIGN Some older laundry room setups have a slop sink to drain discharged water from the washing machine. However, newer homes may have plumbing installed directly through the floor or walls. It is still a worth- while idea to have a sink in the laun- dry room for rinsing out stains, hand- washing items and having a go-to sink for messier cleanup. UTILIZE A TENSION ROD A rod installed between two cabi- nets or across a narrow width of space in the laundry room is a handy spot to hang shirts or pants to prevent wrin- kling. Repurposing a ladder and sus- pending it from the ceiling also cre- ates a spot to hang clothes. CONSIDER LAUNDRY ROOM FLOORING It's important to select flooring materials that will not be damaged by contact with moisture or spills. Vi- nyl, tile and some composite products often make good laundry room floor materials. Resilient flooring that mim- ics the look of hardwood may add a classy touch, and give the appearance of wood without having to worry about damage. To alleviate fatigue while spending long moments in the laun- dry room, invest in a memory foam mat that can be placed underfoot. KEEP LIGHTING IN MIND Lighting can be important in the laundry room. Rely on task lighting, under-cabinet strip lighting and over- head lights as needed for efficiency. Laundry room design can maxi- mize the space available and make it more convenient to launder and sort clothes. Benefits of child-safe home improvements All family members should be considered when home improvements are be- ing planned, especially the youngest household resi- dents who may not be re- sponsible enough to avoid accidents and injuries. According to a recent Vital Signs report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ac- cidental injuries are a lead- ing cause of death among the country's youth — with one fatality occurring ev- ery hour from something entirely preventable. The CDC notes that the lead- ing causes of child injury include suffocation, drown- ing, poisoning, fires, and falls. More can be done to keep children safe, and ma- ny strategies start at home. INSTALL SECURITY SYSTEMS A security system can be just as effective at keeping little ones inside as it is at keeping unwanted guests outside. Alarms can be set to sound anytime a window or door is breached, which can deter curious chil- dren from trying to leave the house without permis- sion. Pair the alarm system with secure locks and high latches that can also stop children in their tracks. REMOVE FALL HAZARDS Safety devices installed on windows that are above ground level can keep chil- dren safe. Stair rails should be secure and in good working order. Temporary gates can block kids from getting on stairways. Im- prove lighting around stair- cases to help children and adults avoid falls, and re- move any obstacles. ANCHOR HEAVY FURNITURE The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commis- sion warns that unanchored televisions and top-heavy furniture can tip over onto children and cause severe injuries and even death. Everyday furniture can be tempting to climb; there- fore, using anchors to se- cure furniture to walls for security is a must. INSTALL LOCKING CABINETS Locking cabinets can keep medications, house- hold chemicals, home im- provement paints and sol- vents, and other potential poisons out of reach. ERECT FENCING AROUND POOLS AND YARDS Install fencing around pools to keep children from wandering close to the water's edge. Towns and cities may require cer- tain fence heights or self- latching gates to keep lit- tle ones safe. Young chil- dren should never be left to their own devices around any source of water, wheth- er it's a pool, tub or toilet. Call the Pros at LAN Concrete Technology LLC 812-481-2756 / Local Contractor / Free Estimates / Warranties "Stabilizing Your Future" FOUNDATION ISSUES • Stairstep cracks on walls • Vertical cracks on walls • Walls leaning or bowing DRIVEWAY or SIDEWALK ISSUES • Uneven concrete pads • Trip points WATER ISSUES • Wet basement • Sink holes in yard • Ground sloping towards home DO YOU HAVE ONE OR MORE OF THESE PROBLEMS? COMFORT With smart temperature management and remote- access options, new technology from Carrier makes it easier than ever to control your home's climate. Carrier's energy-efficient systems can help reduce utility bills without sacrificing comfort. For more complete control and greater peace of mind, turn to the experts at Carrier. 812-354-4273 IN ANY WEATHER This Winter's Forecast: Whatever Makes You Comfortable. To find the system that's right for you, contact your local Carrier ©CARRIER CORPORATION 8/2014. With smart temperature management and remote-access options, new technology from than ever to control your home's climate. Carrier's energy-efficient systems can help reduce sacrificing comfort. For more complete control and greater peace of mind, turn to the ENERGY STAR ® QUALIFIED EFFICIENCIES Rebates up to $1,000

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