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March 09, 2018

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March 10 - 16, 2018 10 JOHNSON CITY (TN) PRESS As Season 2 of "Sneaky Pete" opens, is Audrey still unaware of Pete's real identity? Now, do you think she is from the very beginning? I don't but I'm just saying I think Audrey is suspicious of where Pete Murphy has been. Now, do I think he is Pete Murphy? Probably. But I don't know who Pete Murphy has turned into. ... He could be anybody now, which is who he is (laughs). He's somebody else. How much fun is it playing the character? Oh, it's a great character. I absolutely love the people I work with. I don't think you can get a better group of actors, and I love having a husband that is powerful and old and fabulous and still out there causing trouble. Peter Gerety, I don't think you get any better than him. And my grandkids are just all screwed up and fabulous actors and I love them. Honestly, that's what's so great about it. The troupe of actors is just top notch. Did you meet with any bail bondsmen when you were researching Audrey? No. I did look into it. I looked at pictures and I talked to people who had done that, and I tried to see how sketchy these people were. But no, I didn't spend any time with them. What common impressions about these people did you come away with? I would say that ... there is some trouble in their past and that they're kind of scrappy. Scrappy people. Margo Martindale OF 'SNEAKY PETE' ON AMAZON BY GEORGE DICKIE BY GEORGE DICKIE What is ahead for calculating, manipulative cult leader Terence Anderson in Season 2 of "The Arrangement"? To me, the most interesting thing about the show is these twisted relationships and in Season 2, it's more that that. I mean, things get really dark, and all of the main characters at some point in Season 2 have moments where they really have to take a good look at themselves and what they're all about and what they stand for and what they're willing to do and how far they're willing to push certain things to achieve what they want. So a lot of soul- searching. Good old Terence, his soul is so far removed from his grasp, I think he's doing the best he can, but he in the end goes to some pretty dark places. So as an actor, that's always fun to play. So all in all, this is a fun character to climb into every day? Yeah, absolutely. I love our cast. I love all the executive producers. This is probably the most down-to-earth group of people as a unit that I've ever worked with. You know, we all understand that we're not curing cancer, we all understand that we're just lucky to be working and we actually have a good show. And I wish more people knew that our show was not a reality show, because my friends who don't watch that kind of stuff, they're like, "How's your reality show going?" "Dude, it's not a reality show. How many times do I have to tell you?" And they're like, "But it's on E!" "Never mind, I give up." People who know where it is will watch and if they don't, that's fine. OF 'THE ARRANGEMENT' ON E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION Michael Vartan THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Bill tried to convince Steffy that he's her man and he took her answer as a personal challenge. Ridge went after Bill after he learned of his visit to Steffy. Bill served papers to Katie seeking full custody of Will. Eric tried to track down Quinn. Brooke tried to contact Ridge. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Rafe's secret left Hope at loose ends. Ciara declared war on Claire. Eli made a confession to Gabi. Eric and Jennifer were at odds over Rafe and Hope. Gabi reeled as Eli told her how he cheated on her with Lani. GENERAL HOSPITAL Sam sought Jason's help. Harvey turned his back on Franco. Kiki supported Kevin. Drew had a clever idea. Jordan reminded Curtis that all was not well. Griffin took charge. Ava got time with Avery. Carly had no time for Nelle's antics. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Devon and Mariah learned Hilary's absences were due to her mentoring a girl named Shauna. Jack and Ashley received a video call from Dina, who got separated from her nurse in Europe. BY GEORGE DICKIE Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco star as Drew and Sam on "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC. 3 x 3" ad appalachian funeral home To everything there is a season... WOODALL-ANDERSON & DUGGER FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICES 108 West Watauga Avenue • Johnson City, TN Phone: (423) 928-2245 Fax: (423) 928-2246 Let one of our professional planners record your fi nal wishes, alleviating your loved ones from this diffi cult added burden should the unthinkable happen. EVERY LIFE HAS A STORY. WOODALL-ANDERSON & DUGGER FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICES

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