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January 12, 2018

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January 13 - 19, 2018 10 JOHNSON CITY (TN) PRESS Now that you're midway through Season 2 of "This Is Us," with Season 3 already guaranteed, what's the standout memory for you of first seeing the pilot script? I read it and I bawled. It's just the best job. I think it's brought me closer to everyone in my life. I find myself having conversations not just about my own connections with my family and my parents and my brothers, but with other people about theirs. It just elicits an open dialogue about their relationships with their families, and our relationships with one another. Do you feel the series itself has made you more open? I think I've always sort of found myself in the position to do that. I'm comfortable being vulnerable and being an open book, but I think it's allowed other people around me to feel the same way. The show brings up issues, whether they're about loss or grief or joy. I think it's allowed other people to start having those conversations, but I've always been like, "What do you wanna know?" Do your parents watch the show? They do watch, and it's more of a texting situation. We're constantly in communication via text about it. With your acting now as recognized as it is, has that also helped move your music back toward the front burner? I want it to be. I miss it, but this is all- consuming. This is all I have time for right now. The series and related activities occupy so much of your time, how do you balance that with your personal life, especially since you're now engaged (to musician Taylor Goldsmith)? I think I'm still coming to terms with how to best execute that. Mandy Moore OF "THIS IS US" ON NBC BY JAY BOBBIN BY GEORGE DICKIE You threw out the first pitch at Fenway in September. That had to the thrill of a lifetime, no? Oh my goodness, I'm telling ya, I do some great things on the show – and I mean fun, exciting things that are an honor for me – but as a little kid growing up in the shadows of Fenway and really not being able to afford tickets even though they were much cheaper back then, to throw out the first pitch – and then we filmed there. So to run around in left field and take balls off the Green Monster, pitch with Ryan Dempster, who closed out Game 1 of the World Series in 2013, and have him a guest on the show. And drink, by the way. Behind third base, they have the Fenway Farms out there and they get mint and other herbs and make cocktails. It was really one of the best days of my life. And I threw a strike as well ... and I threw it from the rubber. Who was your catcher? Ryan Dempster, but I used Dustin Pedroia's glove. So they were cool guys? As cool as can be, for Dustin to let me use his glove and then Dempster to be our guest in scene. Regular, down-to-earth, sweetheart of a guy. Turns out he's a big bourbon fan, so I sent them my best bottle of Four Roses Barrel Strength as a thank you, and nothing says "thank you" like some of your best liquor. But he made the scene and the day so much better. His entrée to the other people there and the field itself and the stories he told, it's going to be one of our best episodes ever. OF "BOOZE TRAVELER" ON TRAVEL CHANNEL Jack Maxwell THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge surprised Brooke by bringing her daughter Hope back to Los Angeles. Steffy told Bill that Katie now knows the truth and urged him to leave her home ASAP. Wyatt questioned Liam about what was going on with him and Steffy. Bill's inner turmoil over losing Liam was on display at Spencer Publications. Bill implored Liam to not turn his back on Steffy and their unborn child. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Stefan and Abigail had an awkward encounter. Andre deceived Kate. Ciara made a surprising decision about Rafe. JJ felt guilty when he learned about Theo. Lani got stunning news. Steve had strange symptoms. Thinking Eric wasn't interested in her, Jennifer agreed to a date with another. GENERAL HOSPITAL Anna was shocked. Jordan offered a welcome relief. Maxie turned to Lulu. Oscar clashed with Josslyn. Sam pulled back. Alexis reacted. Carly pushed back. Molly called out her mother. Michael accepted Nelle's decision. Franco decided to reconcile his past. Laura shared her news with Kevin. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Bill struggled in his first day at Chancellor. Lily and Cane warmed up to each other. Abby took a business trip to Paris and Victoria asked Lily to go along. Cane was suspicious of J.T.'s delivery at Chancellor mansion. Cane and Lily agreed to take things slow. BY GEORGE DICKIE Vinessa Antoine stars as Jordan on "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC. 3 x 3" ad appalachian funeral home To everything there is a season... 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