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with more fresh, sautéed vegetables like porcini mushrooms. His four-cheese ravioli isn't served with the traditional buttery sauce, but rather with a base made from basil and his tomato mix. "It's a perfect balance between sweet and sour, which plays very well with the Asian palate, where balance is so important. Now, that's my favorite dish on the menu." Olivas' inspiring cooking is an apt choice for Il Teatro; named after the Italian word for theater, the restaurant is a true showstopper. The appeal of the space has been enhanced with the recent reimagining, which empha- sized performance, whether via an open kitchen with chefs at work, or the f loor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Performance Lake. From there, diners are offered superb views onto the light and sound show, powered by music from the likes of Puccini and Shirley Bassey. "Il Teatro is a classic restaurant in Macau—even before I arrived, everyone knew it," Olivas says. "But this new, fresh feel is so open and welcoming, and there's a feeling of treating everyone like family. The esthetic goes along with the food. Even if it's your first time here, it will feel like dining at home." Well, make that a really delicious Italian home. 89 在保留意大利經典正宗風味的同時,Olivas也靈活地把當地口味融入菜式 中。例如在意大利燴飯中,他減少了咸芝士和Parmigiano Reggiano芝士的用 量,加入更多諸如炒牛肝菌等的新鮮炒蔬菜。他的四式芝士雲吞不是配以傳統的 牛油醬汁,而是用紫蘇和番茄搭配來做醬汁:「這是酸與甜的完美平衡,與注重 平衡的亞洲風味非常相配。它現在是菜單裡我最喜歡的菜式。」 Olivas極具創意的廚藝與帝雅廷意大利餐廳可謂相得益彰, il Teatro在意 大利語中意為「劇院」,而餐廳本身就如同最精彩的一出戲劇作品。最近餐廳 進行了裝修改造,空間的表現力和吸引力更加精彩,透過開放式廚房能一睹大 廚們製作佳餚的風采,落地玻璃窗讓食客們可以俯瞰表演湖的美景,欣賞來自 Puccini和Shirley Bassey等大師級音樂作品的精彩聲光匯演。「Il Teatro是澳門 的經典餐廳,即使在我到任前,大家都已經熟知,」Olivas說,「但這種新鮮的、清 新的感覺是如此地開放和溫暖,讓客人像置身大家庭裡的氛圍,與美食十分相 配。即使是第一次來到這裡,也會覺得像在自己家裡吃飯一樣。」嗯,這裡真是 一個洋溢美味的意大利之家。 PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID HARTUNG "It's all about cooking with love and passion, using the best, freshest ingredients. "–nicholas olivas 「關鍵在於使用最優質、最新鮮的食材,以愛與 熱情來烹飪。」 –nicholas olivas 大溪地雲呢拿雪糕配 脆炸香暖金蘋果,帶來 清涼的平衡滋味。 Tahitian vanilla ice cream lends a cool balance to the warm apple fritters.

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