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主廚Nicholas Olivas至今仍然記得,首次品嚐到經細心烹飪的八爪魚的美 妙滋味。Olivas在意大利生活和工作時,某次去逛西西里島卡塔尼亞的本地魚市 場,其間肚子餓了,在其中一個出售新鮮漁獲的臨時咖啡檔口拉張凳子坐下來吃 點東西,剛吃第一口就被征服了:「那是我人生中吃過最軟嫩的八爪魚,」Olivas 陶醉在回憶中:「他們烹飪八爪魚的方式非常獨特,當時我想,一定要把這種烹飪 方法帶回來。」他也確實這樣做了。六年後,這道漁夫八爪魚菜式被主廚引進他工 PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID HARTUNG CHEF NICHOLAS OLIVAS still remembers the first time he tasted octopus as it was truly intended to be prepared. Living and working in Italy, Olivas was browsing the local fish market in Catania, Sicily. Hungry, he pulled up a stool at one of the stalls that doubled as an ad hoc café for the fresh catch. At the first mouthful, he was f loored. "It was the most tender octopus I had ever had in my life," Olivas recalls, swooning at the memory. "There was some- thing about the way it was cooked, and I thought, I want to bring this back with me." So he did. In the six years since, the chef has imported those same fishermen's octopus to each one of his restaurants. He has then cooked it the same way: boiled in white wine and vinegar for an hour to tenderize, then finished off on a f lame grill for extra crispiness. One of his signature dishes, it now appears on the newly reconceived menu at R istorante Il Teatro in Wynn Macau, where Olivas has just been appointed chef de cuisine. THEATER OF THE SUBLIME 84 經典薈萃 美味「劇院」 位於永利澳門的帝雅廷意大利餐廳,眾所周知是欣賞 壯觀的噴泉匯演的上佳位置,然而高級主廚Nicholas Olivas的精彩出品,更讓餐廳煥發出迷人的魅力。 Ristorante Il Teatro in Wynn Macau may be known as the ultimate viewing area for the resort's spectacular show fountains, but what Nicholas Olivas pulls off in the kitchen is its own dazzling affair. by Mark Ellwood

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