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81 CHARLIE MEYERSON WOULD HAVE BEEN THE LAST PERSON TO ASK FOR HIS PORTRAIT TO BE HUNG ON A WALL. "He never wanted to draw attention to himself," explains the long- time host's son, Jeffrey Prince. "It was always about his guests. He wanted to make sure that for the time they were visiting, they were treated like roy- alty." That said, his father would be "pleased and proud," says Prince, knowing that the lessons he dispensed during life became his legacy, and the friendships he made have forever been enshrined on the Las Vegas Strip. In August, Wynn Las Vegas debuted Charlie's Bar + Grill in the space formerly occupied by Zoozacrackers deli. A portrait of Meyerson, who passed away in 2004 at the age of 88, adorns the wall of the restaurant, and a menu dedication—printed and placed at every seat—recounts his life story, from his service in the Marines during World War II to his tenure working for Steve Wynn at Atlantic City's Golden Nugget and The Mirage. "His ability to make guests feel welcome, respected and cared for is what made him legendary in this town," Wynn writes in the dedication, proclaiming his friend of 40 years "the undisputed all-time greatest hotel executive." 如果CH A R L IE MEYERSON還在生,相信他不會要求把自己的肖像 掛在牆上。 「他一向不喜歡出風頭引人注意。」CH A R L IE MEYERSON的兒子 JEF F R EY PR INCE解釋說,父親主理度假村多年,「一切都以客人為重。他 希望確保客人們到訪度假村的時候,感受到皇家般的禮遇。」然而PR INCE 說,如果父親知道他的人生信條得以傳承,他所結下的情誼在拉斯維加斯大 道上得以永遠銘記,一定會「感到高興和自豪」。 8月份,永利拉斯維加斯在原ZOOZACR ACK ER S餐廳的位置全新 開張了CH A R L I E的BA R + GR I L L餐廳。M EY ER SON於20 04年辭世, 享年88歲。他的肖像掛在餐廳的牆上,也印在放於每個座位的菜單上,菜單 裡記載著他的人生歷程作為對他的致敬 —從二戰期間在海軍陸戰隊服役 一直到在大西洋城GOL DE N N UGGET和T HE M I R AGE為史提芬永利 先生工作。 「他讓客人感到賓至如歸、尊貴舒心的出色才能,使他成為這個城市的 傳奇人物。」永利先生在致辭中讚揚這位四十年的老朋友是「無可爭議的最 偉大的度假村管理者」。 永利拉斯維加斯新開的這家餐館,是以誰的名字命名?我們今時今日 所見到的拉斯維加斯文化,受到他的深遠影響。 Who was the man with the namesake new restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas? One of the most influential people in forming the Las Vegas culture we know today. by Jason Latham CHARLIE'S PHILOSOPHIES CHARLIE的人生哲學

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