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What do you love about playing in Las Vegas? "Well, I experienced the very beginning of Las Vegas, and whenever I am in town and look out at the mountains in the distance from my hotel window, I am amazed at how much has changed in the landscape. What made Vegas so unique when it first got started was the fact that in the audience you would have the top celebrities as well as the general public. And it was very spontaneous back then, so literally anything could happen onstage, which kept things very exciting." You must have known everyone who performed in Las Vegas. What legendary performers were you friendly with? "The Rat Pack were based out on the West Coast and I lived in New York City, so I heard about all their escapades in the newspapers just like everyone else. Louis Prima and I were great pals back in the day, and Louis, who was born in New Orleans, provided a lot of advice when all the resorts started to get built in Vegas in the early '50s. I used to call him "The Chief," because he was a master showman and was truly an electric performer. I have known Steve Wynn for a very long time and he does everything with such dedication and care, so I enjoyed being at Wynn for an extended stay." Your daughter joins you at Wynn. What does that mean to you? "I love the fact that my daughter Antonia has been on the road with me the past few years, and it's a very natural progression as she always loved to sing and perform, and I can recall many times when she was a little girl that I would bring her onstage with me and she would sing a number. She studied at the Berklee College of Music, and I have enjoyed watching her develop her talent as she has gained more experience as a live performer." PHOTOGRAPHY BY L ARRY BUSACCA /GET T Y IMAGES FOR EXPLORING THE ARTS (BENNET T ); COURTESY OF BENEDET TO ARTS ("STARDUST, L AS VEGAS") 74 這幅拉斯維加斯的 經典場景,出自 Tony Bennett這位歌手 兼畫家之手!畫作名為 《星塵,拉斯維加斯》。 A classic Vegas scene, from the eye and hand of singer—and painter!— Tony Bennett. This painting is called Stardust, Las Vegas. 「拉斯維加斯自從建立伊始就是這樣,舞台上 一切皆有可能,因此時時讓人感到期待和激動。」 "When Vegas got started, anything could happen onstage, which kept things very exciting." Antonia Bennett憑著 自身天賦登上舞台, 加入父親最近在 永利拉斯維加斯 舉行的演出。 A talented performer in her own right, Antonia Bennett joined her father for his recent shows at Wynn Las Vegas. 在拉斯維加斯表演,最吸引你的是什麼? 「嗯,我親身經歷過拉斯維加斯剛剛興起的時候。每次置身這裡,從酒店窗 口眺望遠方的山脈,我都會驚訝於景觀發生了這麼多的變化。能讓拉斯維加 斯自從建立伊始就顯得如此獨一無二的,是因為台下的觀眾有普羅大眾,也 會有頂尖的名人,而且這在拉斯維加斯是很自然很平常的事情。真的是在舞 台上一切皆有可能,因此時時讓人感到期待和激動。」 你一定認識所有在拉斯維加斯登台表演過的藝人吧,其中有哪些傳奇明 星是你的好友? 「The Rat Pack長駐西海岸而我住在紐約,所以我和大家一樣,從報紙上 聽說過他們特立獨行的各種事蹟。Louis Prima和我早年就是好朋友,他在 新奧爾良出生,上世紀50年代早期拉斯維加斯剛剛開始大規模興建度假酒 店的時候,他提出了許多建議。我以前稱他為「酋長」,因為他真是大師級的 表演者,演出時永遠活力四射。我與史提芬永利先生相識多年,他做每件事 情都是全情投入而且照顧周到,所以我喜歡在永利多逗留一段時間。」 你的女兒在永利和你同台演出。對你來說意義是什麼? 「我的女兒Antonia過去幾年一直和我一起巡演,對此我覺得很高興。她一直喜 歡唱歌和表演,所以加入我的演出是很自然的事情。我一直記得,在她還很小的 時候我就帶著她登台過很多次,她會在台上唱幾句。她後來進入伯克利音樂學院 學習,我很高興看著她逐漸地發揮才華,在現場演出中積累更豐富的經驗。」

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