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24 BETH SCHWARTZ Wynn's master hairstylist Claude Baruk is the secret behind the looks in Wynn magazine's regular fashion features. "I was really inspired by the overall feeling of this photo shoot," he says. "From the wardrobe to the locations, everything was modern, yet very classy and elegant, and I tried to complement that with these hairstyles." For Baruk, the most on-trend way to wear hair this holiday season varies little from the pages of this issue. "Softer looks are better for the holiday season, which is all about warmth, family and feeling festive. I suggest soft, loose curls, which look elegant however they're worn." Las Vegas-based writer Jason R. Latham frequently covers Strip nightlife and daylife for Vegas Seven, and his byline has appeared in Vegas magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. For this issue's Back Story, he spent time at Wynn Las Vegas' new Charlie's Bar + Grill to learn the legacy of famed host Charlie Meyerson. "For so long, Las Vegas was known for tearing down institutions and leaving the past behind," Latham says. "Those who knew Meyerson say this restaurant will stand as a tribute to someone who represented this city with poise, class and unwavering commitment to customer service." Kate Springer, who wrote our feature on Pu'er tea in this issue, is a Hong Kong-based journalist who covers travel, food, culture, architecture and urban innovation. Her work has been published in Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, Vogue, CNN, BBC Travel, Travel + Leisure, Food + Wine, Forbes Travel Guide, Fodor's and more. "As a tea lover myself, it was a joy to report this article on Pu'er tea," she says. "While talking to Wing Lei Palace tea sommelier Jacky Zhao, I was surprised to learn that Pu'er was an accidental discovery— and that the tea discs need to be aged in highly precise conditions, just like wine." KATE SPRINGER 作者 WRITER JASON R. LATHAM 作者 WRITER CLAUDE BARUK 髮型師 HAIRSTYLIST 作者 WRITER 為撰寫今期的匠人匠心專題,作 者Beth Schwartz在永利拉斯維加 斯的餅房裡與大廚Patrice Caillot 度過了一個早晨,滿足了她熱愛 探尋生活中的甜蜜事物的心思。 這位法式糕點大師灑落的糖霜和 香料,如同魔法粉末一樣點石成 金,Schwartz得以觀摩這些魔法 背後的秘密,了解大廚是如何運用 最普通的食材—麵粉、牛油、糖 和酵母,來組合變化出非同尋常的 美妙滋味。「大廚問我想不想試吃 一個他的招牌牛角包,」她說:「牛 角包如此酥脆,洋溢著牛油的香 味,像是專門為滿足我的靈魂而烘 焙的。」 Writer Beth Schwartz indulged her fondness for the sweeter things in life during a morning spent at Wynn Las Vegas' pastry shop with chef Patrice Caillot for this issue's Artisan story. As the French pastry artist sprinkled his fairy dust in the form of sugar and spice, Schwartz was treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how the most ordinary of ingredients—flour, butter, sugar and yeast—combine to become the most extraordi-nary of delights. "He asked if I wanted to try one of his signature croissants," she says. "It was so flaky and buttery, and seemingly baked specifi-cally to feed my soul." 永利雜誌的常規時尚專題裡打 造的出色造型,永利髮型大師 Claude Ba r u k是幕後功臣。「我 的靈感源於這次拍攝的整體感 覺,」他說:「從服裝造型到場景, 一切都富有現代感,又極為優雅 和經典,因此我嘗試以髮型來配 合這些風格。」在 Ba r u k看來,這 個聖誕節慶假期最時尚的髮型可 在今期時尚專題的造型中稍作變 化:「溫柔一點的造型比較適合 溫馨、家庭歡聚而且洋溢節慶氣 氛的假期。我會建議在髮型上做 柔軟而蓬鬆的波浪捲曲,即使沒 有時間修飾整理也能看起來很 優雅。」 常駐拉斯維加斯的作者Jason R. Latham經常為Vegas Seven週刊報 導拉斯維加斯大道上的繁華夜生活 和日間活動,並在Vegas雜誌和《荷 里活報導》日報上發表署名文章。 為了撰寫今期的幕後故事,他花了 大量時間在永利拉斯維加斯新開 的Charlie's Bar + Grill餐廳裡探尋 Charlie Meyerson這位著名的娛樂 場管理者的精神傳承。「長久以來, 拉斯維加斯這個地方都被認為是 反對制度化,並且將歷史傳承拋諸 腦後的地方,」Latham說:「但認識 Meyerson的人們認為,這家餐廳將 會是對這位代表著拉斯維加斯城市 精神的名人的致敬,他象徵著這個 城市的沉穩風度、優雅經典,以及 堅持不懈的客戶服務態度。」 Kate Springer為今期雜誌撰寫 普洱茶專題,她常駐香港,是一 位報導旅行、美食、文化、建築及 城市創意的專欄作家。她的作品 曾發表於Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, Vogue, CN N, BBC Travel, Travel + Leisure, Food + Wine, Forbes Travel Guide, Fodor's等雜誌及 電視欄目。「我自己也非常喜歡品 嚐茗茶,因此很高興能報導這個 普洱茶專題,」她說:「在與永利 宮的侍茶師Jacky Zhao聊天時,我 才驚奇地知道,普洱茶的製作方 法是在無意中發明的,而且茶餅 要在極其嚴謹精確的環境條件裡 發酵而成,就像葡萄酒一樣。」

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