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2012 - Issue 7 - November

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DOGS' BEST FRIEND J illian Plaster loves being sent to the doghouse: Along with her husband, Ian Kester, she owns The Dog House boutique in Town Square, which sells everything pooch, including her own line, The Good Dog Food Company. Because of her passion for her four-legged friends (including "son" Trucker, an English bulldog), Plaster is an avid supporter of The Animal Foundation, which takes in 50,000 ani- mals a year. They also provide low-cost neutering, as well as community outreach pro- grams that teach people how to train their pets. "If people would just neuter their pets," she says, "there wouldn't be such a problem." As a kid, Plaster did not seem destined for dog devotion. "I never had a dog as a child," she says. "In fact, I was afraid of them because a big dog chased me when I was little. Trucker changed that for me. Now, my whole world is about dogs." And she knows you can teach dogs new tricks. "Trucker used to grab my bras and pull the underwire out," she says. "He doesn't do that anymore, which proves that you can work it out with your dog. You just need to put in a little time and love." Star diamond necklace ($29,500), bracelet ($18,200), and ring ($7,500); Jasmine diamond bracelet ($14,600); and Evergreen diamond earrings ($17,100), all by Kwiat VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 103

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