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September 10, 2017

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The Daily Herald Sunday, September 10, 2017 23 By Lindsay Scharf TV Media Bigger is better: Have you ever wanted to live with the Brady Bunch? Felt like your own family is just too small or bor- ing? TLC has the antidote to just such an affliction. "Counting On," a spinoff of "19 Kids and Counting," follows some of the Duggar children, now married and living independent lives. Season 3 resumes Monday, Sept. 11, on TLC. The headlining Duggar children are daughters Jill and Jessa, who are at similar points in their lives: early adulthood, striving for marital bliss and growing their families. Jessa is married to Ben Seewald and has two children: Spurgeon, who is almost 2 years old, and Henry, who is just 7 months. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, also have two kids: Israel, who is 2 years old, and new baby Samuel, who was born in July. This season kicks off while Jessa is still pregnant with Samuel, and it chronicles her struggles with pregnancy and the birthing process. She expe- rienced some serious complica- tions during Israel's birth, so her second pregnancy is full of concern and anticipation. Also featured this season is Joy-An- na Duggar, who gets engaged to boyfriend Austin Forsyth, and fans get to watch as they pre- pare for their wedding. There are several big family events to look forward to this season, with lots of joy and love to go around. Jessa's husband, Ben, also comes from a large fam- ily. This means his mom, Guinn, has lots of experience with children and babies, so the couples get help with their kids not only from the enormous Duggar clan but from Ben's family as well. Judging from their parents, I think we can expect more children from these grown-up Duggars in the near future. New nuclear family: In this family, no one leaves home, even after the grown-up chil- dren get married and have their own families. "Meet the Put- mans" premieres Monday, Sept. 11, on TLC, airing right after the new episode of "Counting On." The new series features one really big, unconventional family headed by Bill and Barb Putman. This weathered couple has been together for 35 years and they still live under one roof with their four children, all of whom are married with chil- dren of their own — 12 grand- daughters and three grandsons (boy, are they outnumbered!) make up the rest of the Putman crew. While the arrangement may seem a little insane to some — I cannot imagine moving back into my parents' home with all my siblings and their families — it's one that works for all of the Putmans. None of them live there out of necessity; they love living their lives in close proximity. The only downside is the small-ish size of their house (well, it's small for 25 people, anyway). That's all about to change, though, as most of the premiere season is centered around the construction of the family's new 34,500-square- foot home. The season also features the arrival of the 26th member of the family, and the joyous occa- sion causes no small stir in the very full house — a happy stir, of course. In a family that shares everying (even a bank account), you can expect to see the Put- mans pull together and share the heavy load a new baby can place on the shoulders of its young parents. It's not all sunshine and rain- bows for the Putmans, though. Patriarch Bill is dealing with some serious health concerns, and while the family is doing its best to rally around him and keep him upbeat, the un- certain future can sometimes weigh people down. With so much going on, this super-sized family is anything but boring. "Meet the Putmans" premieres Monday, Sept. 11, on TLC. Five plus one: TLC really has a thing for big families, and this one includes five toddlers and a little girl. Never in their wildest dreams did Danielle and Adam Busby think that they'd be rais- ing six children, all under the age of 7, but that doesn't mean they're not grateful for the joy- ous challenge. A new episode of "OutDaughtered" airs Tuesday, Sept. 12, on TLC. Like so many couples before them, the Busbys decided to try fertility treatments after strug- gling to get pregnant. The pro- cedure helped them conceive their first child, so they decided to try the method again. This time, however, they got not one, but five babies. Having so many children in diapers at once presents a lot of big challenges, but the young family still manages to be as normal and all-American as they come. "We don't have it all figured out, and we're OK with admitting that on national televi- sion. Showcasing how human we really are has really struck a chord with people, and I think, in a strange way, we're helping others realize they don't have to have it all figured out either," Adam told People. Find out what they're doing to make their family work when the next episode of "Out- daughtered" airs Tuesday, Sept. 12, on TLC. real talk Jessa, Spurgeon and Ben in a scene from "Counting On" Conan Kid Rock is considering running for Senate in Michigan, but he may not be allowed to use his stage name "Kid Rock." Kid Rock might be forced to use his Christian name, "Deez Nuts." The hackers who hacked into HBO leaked some storylines for the upcoming season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." I hate to ruin it for you, but apparently this season Larry is going to do something antisocial that will end up backfiring on him. A 16-year-old Wichita high school student is running for governor of Kansas. The teenager's two campaign promises are to address health care and get to second base with Ashley in trigonometry. The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Well, President Trump arrived in New York last night and actually slept in Trump Tower. Yeah, when Trump asked for a wake-up call, they just showed him his poll numbers. Kim Jong Un says he's decided not to fire missiles at Guam. Then Trump said, "You mean I learned where Guam was for nothing?" There's some nasty weather moving up the East Coast right now, known as tropical storm Gert. When they heard, people named Gert were like, "Oh, come on, my life's bad enough as it is!" Late Night With Seth Meyers President Trump last night made his first visit to Manhattan since his inauguration. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton visited three manhattans and a Bud Light. In a new interview, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said that he recently realized his signature sunglasses were made for women. Not only that, but his suit is actually a child's Halloween costume. Airbnb is reportedly permanently banning white supremacists from making reservations on the site — because they keep cutting eye holes in their hosts' sheets. An Alabama woman missing for nearly a month said she was able to survive in the woods on mushrooms. Said officials, "Ma'am, you were out there for 45 minutes." Taco Bell has announced that it will soon launch the Naked Egg Taco, a breakfast taco that uses a fried egg as its shell. Coincidentally, "naked egg" is also your body type if you eat breakfast at Taco Bell. Late laughs Bigger is better The Duggar clan grows in new season of 'Counting On'

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