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MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM  141 Miller's mood and the company that's visiting. "I like art in all forms," he notes of the unconventional display. "The screens enhance everything in the home." Indeed, they coexist as easily with the sleek chrome and white furnishing as with the abstract millwork, natural stone, and Venetian plaster finish of the clean-lined interior. Technology has enhanced other aspects of the designer's modern abode as well. With the spin of a dial, his wife's luxe, Hydrology-outfitted bath can be awash in an immersive light show of blue (for a calming effect) or orange (for boosting energy). Changes in water functions are controlled digitally, too, as is an aromatherapy feature. By contrast, the attached dressing area—though glamorous, with 6-foot-by-6-foot glossy white tiles and a Tyler Shields Prada photograph—is low-tech. Closet doors slide manually (for now) to reveal an enviable shoe collection. The designer states frankly that his home is highly tailored to his needs and preferences. In the living room, electric shades rise 10 minutes before sunset. Path lighting automatically turns on if he arrives home late from after-work events and leads the way straight to the bedroom. An away button shuts it all down. "The buttons [that are] programmed are pretty detailed," he says. "Flipping switches is not efficient." "We have technology that makes our daily tasks easier and more enjoyable," he adds. "The more we can get the home to work around our lifestyle, the better it is." . TECHNOLOGY ENHANCES ALL ASPECTS OF DESIGNER MICHAEL MILLER'S SOUTH LOOP HOME. clockwise from top left: A refined master bedroom, expansive closets, chic living areas, and a sleek kitchen and living room with stunning city views make for one sophisticated South Loop home.

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