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There's no one dish to prioritize. Everything at this French-inspired Japanese dessert restaurant tastes—and looks—like a bona fide work of art. 5040 W. Spring Mountain Road #3, 702-290-7181. (Mikayla Whitmore/Staff) 5. SweetS Raku l a s v e g a s w e e k ly 59 0 7 . 1 3 . 1 7 S av e- R o o m - f o R d e S S e R t S 1. foie GRaS CuStaRd BRûlÉe at SaGe So rich that you might never get more than five bites down, but so good that it's worth paying its lofty price. (Look for it in the appetizer section.) Aria, 702-590-8690. 4. BananaS foSteR BRead PuddinG at lola'S Jim Beam-infused praline sauce tops this dream fusion, swimming in brown sugar- and butter-laden bananas. 1220 N. Town Center Drive, 702-871- 5652; 241 W. Charleston Blvd. #101, 702-227-5652. The Weekly 5 Arts & entertAinment 2. Honey toaSt at CHada StReet Skip the drunken noodles for this towering, delightfully chewy brioche, doused in honey and topped with scoops of ice cream. 3839 Spring Mountain Road, 702-579-0207. 3. StiCky toffee PuddinG at CoRniSH PaSty Similar to Cornish's namesake savory pastries, this warm, buttery treacle pudding, topped with vanilla ice cream or crème anglaise, is almost a meal in itself. 10 E. Charleston Blvd., 702-862-4538.

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