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July 12, 2017

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A-2 Front Wednesday, July 12, 2017 The Press-Dispatch Save $4 during the July 4 sale! See page B-10 WINSLOW Continued from page 1 MOOSE LODGE Dining Specials 5pm-8pm 115 Pike Ave., Petersburg OR ORDER FROM MENU FRIDAY 7-14-17 SATURDAY 7-15-17 Buffet with Salad Bar. Only $9.95. 8 oz. Ribeye with two sides $9.95 or Shrimp Basket with one piece of fish with two sides $7.50. Sandwiches, Fish and Steaks Open to the Public Coffee or Tea with special. ment," said Brewster, refer- ring to their ordinance on collecting water bills. Brewster said he didn't believe the town could put a lien on homes over water bills, but they could over sewer bills. In other business, Ben- nett said they had a meet- ing scheduled for July 26 to sign the final papers on tak- ing ownership of the Ger- man American Bank build- ing in Winslow. Councilmen paid the claims of $ 34,720.12 and an- nounced their next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Au- gust 14. By Andy Heuring A Huntingburg man was arrested after a 911 call re- ported a driver all over the road and hitting the curb in Petersburg twice. He was one of three people to be ar- rested in Pike County for drunken driving last week. Jeffrey Michael Harding, 41, of 4616 W. Old Road 64, Huntingburg, was arrested on a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (refusal) at about 10 p.m. Sunday by Pike County Dep- uty Sheriff Jason McKinney. Deputy McKinney said the Pike County Central Dis- patch got a 911 call from a motorist following Harding south on Highway 61 near the Pike-Knox County line. McKinney said he saw the vehicle going south on High- way 61 near Prides Creek Road and while following Harding, saw him drive off the side of the road into the grass twice. He said it took nearly a half-mile for Hard- ing to pull over after McKin- ney had activated his emer- gency lights. McKinney said Harding failed field sobriety tests, but tested negative for alco- hol on a portable breath test. McKinney said Harding denied taking any prescrip- tion drugs. But according to McKinney's report, Harding said he had been at a par- ty over the weekend and a friend put meth in his soft drink. He refused to take a blood test and was trans- ported to the Pike County Jail. A headlight being out led to a Winslow woman being arrested for drunken driv- ing Saturday night. Deputy McKinney said he was driving south on High- way 61 near Pike Central when he saw a blue Ford driving north on Highway 61 with a headlight out. He turned around and stopped the vehicle, which was being driven by Marga- ret Stilwell, 31, of 201 N. Col- lins St., Winslow. Deputy McKinney said she told him she didn't have a license because it was sus- pended. According to McK- inney's report, Sullivan said she was driving her moth- er, who was intoxicated, home. She failed field sobri- ety tests and agreed to take a blood test. She was taken to Daviess Community Hos- pital, where she tested pos- itive for benzodiazepines and TCA. She was then tak- en to the Pike County Jail, where she was preliminarily charged with operating a ve- hicle while intoxicated, con- trolled substance and driv- ing while suspended (prior). A defective taillight led to the arrest of an Evansville man when police stopped him on I-69 at about 10 p.m. Saturday. Anthony L. Scheu, 64, was driving south on I-69, near the 49 -mile marker, when Indiana State Trooper C.J. Boeckman stopped him for a defective headlight. Accord- ing to State Police, upon in- vestigation, Trooper Boeck- man determined Scheu was intoxicated. He was taken to the Pike County Jail, where he tested 0.14 percent for blood alco- hol content. The legal limit in Indiana for driving is 0.08 percent. Scheu was arrested on a preliminary charged of operating a vehicle while in- toxicated. By James Capozella A follow-up on a 3:30 a.m. Sunday call concerning a couple of intoxicated male subjects in front of Amber Manor resulted in the ar- rests of David E. Stanley, of Burney Hollow, West Va., and Joseph R. Farley, of Bloomingrose, West Va. A second call from Amber Manor advised there was a male in their parking lot ha- rassing an employee. Petersburg Police Offi- cer Corporal Kyle Mills re- sponded to the call and also information from a transport van advising there were two intoxicated males in front of Amber Manor. Mills located both subjects "stumbling down the side of the high- way northbound away from Amber Manor." He stated in his report that one male stumbled into the roadway, standing near the yellow line. The second male also stumbled into the roadway. Sheriff Deputy Jason McKinney arrived on the scene as did Deputy Buck Seger and all three officers questioned Stanley, who said the two had been on the interstate with some girls and the car broke wdown. Stanley said they got the car fixed and left the girls on the side of the road. Stanley was unable to find his cell phone and had to lean on the patrol car to keep from falling. He was unable to tell officers how he got there, what the car looked like, the names of the girls, the town he was staying in, the name of the company he worked for or where he worked. Later, of- ficers found his cell phone in his pocket. Dispatch was able to veri- fy his information and found that he had an active war- rant from Gibson County for theft and criminal mischief. Farley was found to have blood on his hands and in the corners of his mouth, which he said came from getting into some briers. Farley was unable to state the location of the briers but said the car had bro- ken down and the girls left them behind. Farley's story changed multiple times and he was unable to name the company he drove for, the type of vehicle or anything about the girls. When asked what he was under the influ- ence of, he stated, "probably marijuana." Due to the difficulty standing, injuries, impair- ment and disorientation, he was taken into custody and transported to the Pike County Jail. Pair arrested near nursing home for public intoxication Three arrested for OVWI in separate incidents Pike County Sheriff's Deputy Paul Collier reports that a 2008 Chevrolet HHR sustained between $5,000 and $10,000 damage in a Ju- ly 7 afternoon crash on SR 64, just east of SR 61, near the Arthur Junction. Kyle L. Dolin, of Green River Road, Henderson, was trav- eling west on SR 64 when he drove off the roadway, ap- proximately 400 feet east of SR 61, and went down an em- bankment and into a ditch. The report states the vehi- cle came to a stop after strik- ing a tree. The driver stated he was going approximate- ly 65 to 70 mph, had just passed another vehicle and was using his phone to look- up directions. Collier reported heavy damage to the front and passenger side of the 2008 HHR, which was towed from the scene. In his report, Col- lier noted the weather was clear and the roadway was straight, level and dry. A July 3, two-vehicle crash on SR 61 at Sarah St. in Pe- tersburg resulted in no in- juries but caused between $5,000 and $10,000 worth of damage, according to Petersburg Chief Chuck Baumgart. The 2:15 p.m. accident occurred when Pa- tricia A. Roark, of Mead- owbrook in Linton, driving a Chevy Blazer, struck a Dodge Dakota truck driven by David Gilmore, of Tower Lane, Petersburg. Gilmore was northbound, turning onto Sarah St. Roark, who was also driv- ing northbound, checked her rearview mirror, so she did not see Gilmore slowing to turn and she was unable to stop in time, according to the report. Roark's vehicle had to be towed, but Gilmore's pickup was driven from the scene. Neither driver was injured and there were no passen- gers, according to the re- port. No injuries in Petersburg crash Henderson driver escapes injury Monroe City home heavily damaged in fire A Monroe City families house suffered heavy damage late Saturday afternoon when an electrical fire in the garage spread into the house. Clayton and Lexi Wise's house at 508 Breckinridge St., Monroe City. Harrison Township Fire Chief Chad Hansen said an electrical fire started in the garage and spread along the roof line of a breezeway be- tween the garage and house. He said the Wises were at home and had smoke detectors in the house, but not the garage. They didn't notice the fire until it had spread to the house. Chief Hansen said the house is still standing, but had significant damage and added he didn't know if it would be salvageable or not. He said they were able to save a lot of personal belongs in the bedrooms. Harrison Township was assisted by Steen Township of Knox County and the Petersburg Fire Depart- ment. Petersburg was dispatched at about 5:47 p.m. and was on the scene about two hours.

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