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B Y I A N C A R A M A N Z A N A Who: Guitarist Mike Sullivan, bassist Brian Cook and drummer Dave Turncrantz. The Chicago trio is comprised of seasoned indie/DIY rock vets: Sullivan played in indie instrumental out- t Dakota/Dakota, Turncrantz slapped the skins in rock 'n' roll band Riddle of Steel and Cook played bass in mathcore heavyweights Botch and post-hardcore band These Arms Are Snakes. Sound: The Cli s- Notes version: Metal meets post-rock. The long version: The band takes the dark, trod- ding, feedback-ridden elements of metal and seamlessly fuses those with the ethereal, emo- tive qualities of post-rock. For a full picture, listen to "De cit" from 2013's Memorial. Throw in some math-rock noodling (a homage to the members' past, perhaps?), and you've got the incredibly dynamic Russian Circles. Six albums and an EP later, they're continuing to expand on a sound they've created. Key releases: Russian Cir- cles' discography is an evolving tapestry of sound. New listeners should start at the beginning, as Enter and Station are the most varied of the bunch. 2011's Empros showcases the band's dark, punishing side (listen to "Mlàdek") while pushing the band's indie sensibilities (see the Spiritualized- inspired "Praise Be Man"). Following that, Memorial expands on the aggro post-rock of Empros by introduc- ing strings, with a key feature from Chelsea Wolfe. And last year's Guidance saw a more polished Russian Circles, as the band streamlines the divide between metal and post-rock. The Latest: Simply put, tour. The band is on the road with metal heavyweights Mastodon and Eagles of Death Metal to support its live album, Live at Dunk! Fest. And according to an interview with Cook at the-, we can expect to hear new tunes in the near future. NOISE RUSSIAN INVASION about long arcs and dramatic structure, and what happens in Act III while I'm in Act I. If you're playing live, if you're not in the moment, you're going to play the wrong note, so you better be completely in the moment and stay completely focused and not think about the next song that's going to hit you over the head. You've worked with some legendary directors. Anyone still on your wish list? You and I actually have a similar thing going on in our lives, which is a great luxury, because what we do is we get on the phone and either somebody is telling you a story or somebody is telling me a story, and every movie starts the same way. The phone call comes in from a director and they go, "Hey, I want to tell you a story." That's sort of a great way of living, and yes there are directors I haven't ever met yet who are probably going to tell me the next great story that's going to get me excited, but I can't tell you who they are. I have more questions, but I'll let you go. I think I have to be good and go back to rehearsal because otherwise the show, which hopefully you're going to come and see … Defi nitely. … isn't going to be very good! And it'll be your fault. For more of our interview with Zimmer, visit HANS ZIMMER April 21, 7:30 p.m., $46-$220. Park Theater, 844-600-7275. Zimmer banjos in Budapest. (Janos Marjai/MTI via AP Photo) RUSSIAN CIRCLES with Cult Leader. April 22, 8 p.m., $15-$18. Beauty Bar, 702-598-3757. L A S V E G A S W E E K LY 0 4 . 2 0 . 1 7 A RUSSIAN CIRCLES PRIMER, TO PREPARE YOU FOR THEIR BEAUTY BAR SHOW

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