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You know his sound. Hans Zimmer has composed the music for more than 100 feature films, from The Lion King to Inception to Hidden Figures. Until recently, you had to be Ridley Scott or Guy Ritchie to see Zimmer perform live, but now—thanks in part to a rapturously received Coachella set—the acclaimed composer might well enjoy an entire other career as a touring act. He took a break from rehearsals to talk about storytelling, stage fright and more. What motivated you to play live? After spending far too long in a dark room hiding behind a screen, it's about time I look the audience in the eye. The other part is having endless stage fright and just not letting fear conquer my life. I won't have it. How did it feel the first time, playing those darkened-room compositions for live audiences? Nervous, and weirdly connected. Weirdly like we were happy, the audience and I, as if we had known each other forever. ... It's like they were pen pals somehow. We hadn't ever seen each other's face, but somehow we had this communication going. … Honestly, the reason I wanted to do this was because it felt like these incredible musicians need to be seen, not just heard. That sounds promising. Who are you showing off on this tour? I've got a band of 22 onstage and an orchestra. We're more than 70 people. … Guthrie Govan, who I discovered on YouTube—I just thought he was one of the most amazing guitarists in the world. Tina Guo is an amazing cellist. And before I forget, my friend Lebo M, from The Lion King. Everybody knows that song from the beginning of The Lion King, but if you go to see one of the [Broadway] shows, it's an actor. I'm bringing you the real thing. Does this tour feel more improvisational than scoring? Well, yes and no. It took me a while to figure it out. The big difference is when I'm scoring a movie I'm always thinking CirCle of life 56 0 4 . 2 0 . 1 7 l a s v e g a s w e e k ly With an epic coachella set and a concert tour, composer hans Zimmer has stepped into the spotlight b y G E O F F C A R T E R

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