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LOCAL HEROES Arrive early for these Vegas bands B Y I A N C A R A M A N Z A N A CODE RED RIOT (Saturday, 6 p.m.) Fuse the radio-friendly sensibilities of bands like Foo Fighters and Chevelle with traditional songwrit- ing and Las Vegas swagger, and you'll get Code Red Riot. The hard rock quintet's latest single, "Living Low" straddles the happy medium be- tween the catchiness of Breaking Benjamin and the heaviness of Godsmack—making them the perfect support act for Las Rageous. A FRIEND, A FOE (Friday, 6 p.m.) The band's punishing, downtuned metalcore—with staccato breakdowns in contrast with catchy, extended singing passages—has allowed it to rock both DIY spots (see: house shows and Eagle Aerie Hall) and more traditional rooms (Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, the Roxy in LA). AFAF just released an EP, The Risk in Playing It Safe, which expands on its melodic tendencies, not unlike Rise Against. WE GAVE IT HELL (Friday, 6:25 p.m.) We Gave It Hell calls itself a metal band, but the ethereal melodies and clean vocals at the start of lat- est single "Conversations at the Edge" veer from the guttural yells and heavy chugs all too common in modern iterations of the genre. The quartet is no stranger to big crowds; the band rocked Extreme Thing in 2013 and '14, and it has shared the stage with metal vets After the Burial and Atreyu since. NATIONS (Saturday, 6:25 p.m.) At a glance, Nations separates itself from other bands on the bill because it has two vocalists: a singer and a screamer. That makes for high-energy shows, in which songs like the rambunctious "Dirty Fire" come off in a new light. With a new album set to debut in the coming months, there's no better time to catch this metalcore quintet. cial C O V E R S T O RY WEEKLY | 04.20.17 access to everything. It's not just hip-hop that rules, not just electronic music, not just country. For me, as a guy who has traveled, I think the smaller bands are having a bit tougher time, where the bigger bands are really thriving. But the Internet has given us more ways of making money and really engaging the fanbase. Those die-hard fans are far more in- volved now than they used to be, and they are there. ETF frontman Craig Mabbitt recently said you guys are gearing up to make a new record and you're going to go "outside the box." We de nitely want to take some chances. The beauty about rock now is, the pressure to make a radio song, some- thing that ts in a format, just isn't there anymore. I think our limitations now are only our imagina- tions. So we're just going for it. Our heavier songs are even heavier and more brutal. I wrote a song about the f*ckin' devil … and I wrote another song about the loss of my grandfather and how that af- fected me and my family. When you started the band all those years ago, could you have guessed you'd be the last original man standing? It's weird. But I approach it the same way I did in high school. Escape the Fate isn't mine, but I'm very involved, I'm very much 25 per- cent of the band. We're equal; we're partners. Oritz, far right, and Escape the Fate play Saturday at 6:50 p.m. (Travis Shinn/Courtesy) Code Red Riot by The Progeny Photo LASVEGAS WEEKLY.COM Head online for more of our Escape the Fate interview.

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