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WEEKLY | 04.20.17 C O V E R S T O RY Escape the Fate drummer Robert Ortiz—the band's last remaining original member— talked about career longevity, new music and what he's looking forward to most at Las Rageous. Are you excited to see anyone in particular at the festival? I'm a massive Avenged Sevenfold fan. I saw them at a skate park by Sam Boyd Stadium with, like, 30 other kids. And I've watched them grow from that into selling out House of Blues, to selling out the Joint, to selling out an arena ... and now they're about to go on a stadium tour with Metallica. Vegas supports hard rock and metal but hasn't had a festival like this that has survived. Do you think this can be the one? I hope so. Every city in America has these huge [rock] festivals—Rock on the Range, Rockfest, [Welcome to] Rockville—but Vegas hasn't had that, you're right. … I hope this one can last. It just comes down to what bands you put on the bill, what acts are there. If you put on the right ones, it will ourish over time. What are your observations about where rock mu- sic is in 2017? A few years ago it seemed like it might have been on life support. But I think it's just music in general; there's no real champion. Maybe Adele? (Laughs.) I think a lot of people just like a lot of di er- ent things now, with phones in our hands that give you UNBROKEN CHAIN Checking in with Escape the Fate drummer and founder Robert Ortiz B Y A N N I E Z A L E S K I

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