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24 Spring 2017 Applegater Look who's reading the Gater Take us with you on your next trip. Then send your favorite "Reading the Gater"photo to or mail to Applegater, PO Box 14, Jacksonville, OR 97530. Photos, clockwise from top left: —Debbie and Don Tollefson relax with the Gater after touring the huge warehouse where Mardi Gras floats are stored in New Orleans. –Gary and Cyd Ropp use the Applegater as protection from saguaros in Tucson, Arizona. –Pam Newham reads to the lonely statues on Easter Island. —Brooke Nuckles and three-year-old son, Tanner, entertain the sharks at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut. community. We advocate for sustainable farming, organic practices, and the small- business approach to development that allows us to maintain the integrity of our traditional farming lifestyle while building on the opportunity of a growing (pun intended) market sector. After the passage of Measure 91 in 2014, the state of Oregon recognized cannabis as a legal, regulated plant. In 2015 Oregon established rules for businesses to follow, and in 2016 updated farming laws to reflect the changes in the public attitude toward this plant family. Cannabis is now required to be treated like any other agricultural commodity because it is recognized as a farm crop in Oregon. So now, in 2017, groups like OSGG, RDI, and GACDC can work together at state and local levels to promote awareness of our quality products, to improve our recognition in the marketplace, and to use the same tools that establish and allow our local brand to further enhance our quality of life. is is best accomplished with the participation of all of our friends and neighbors. The future is here! These efforts dovetail together to build a strong community. You can help by joining a group like OSGG if you are a cannabis cultivator or have a related venture, by coming to Applegate Roadmap meetings as a business owner, or by sharing your input with GACDC to ensure that your goals as a community member are heard and acknowledged by your peers. All these efforts are designed to create a sustainable environment that includes everyone. From our most senior members with their wealth of knowledge to our youngest members looking for an opportunity to participate locally, we all can be involved in building our vision of the future of the Applegate together. We can define how the world sees us and be a force for sustainability and responsible, managed growth moving forward. O S G G w i l l re m a i n a s t r o n g voice for family farms and sustainable agriculture, will support our rural lifestyle while understanding that growth can be managed. Development through community involvement is the way to both provide for a wonderful future for our children and the success of all of our small, community-based businesses. Please visit us at to learn more. "Pioneer" Pete Gendron President Oregon Sungrown Growers' Guild ■ OSGG Continued from page 20 Groups like OSGG, RDI, and GACDC can work together at state and local levels. Keep those articles, letters, opinions, and "Reading the Gater" photos coming in. You are the Gater! The Applegater Board of Directors

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